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Monday, June 20


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 77


Insert 77
saturday came and the funeral went as planned
it was sad saying my final goodbyes to my father
but then his time was up so we had to let go
i had khitha and Dave by my side
through all that
so i knew that i was not alone
my father was put to rest exactly at 9h00 am
the cemetery was cramped with people
after everything we went back to the house
the funeral cover had women who cook and serve food
so when we get back we washed our hands by the gate
then we walked in
there was a long line of people waiting for food
i just walked inside the house
then straight to the room i was sleeping in,
threw myself in bed
i felt to tired and so drained
i faced upwards
tears streamed sideways
right down my ears they went
"knock knock" a male voice sounded at the door
i just kept quiet
i heard the door opening
"i brought you something to eat" for a moment there i thought my ears were deceiving me
i knew that voice even in my deepest sleep
how come i didn't see him at the cemetry
i quickly wiped my tears
then i sat up straight
me: omg SIBU what are you doing here
"you need to eat something nana" he said carrying two plates of food
me: thank you, but am not hungry
sibu: you are, you just don't know it yet
me: i think i know my own stomach
sibu: try just one spoon and we will take it from there.
Me: ah wena when did you even get here
i didn't see you at the cemetery
sibu: i arrived late last night
you were occupied so i didn't wanna disturb you
me: and how did you know i was here
Sibu: i saw you walking in here
me: owh
Sibu: now lets eat

he sat down
handed me the other plate
i took it and placed it on the sideboard
sibu: do you want me to feed you now
me: no i wanna go wash my hands first
Sibu: ohk
i went to the bathroom and rinsed my hands
i went back to the room
sibu was already eating
i took my plate and ate four spoons
after that i couldn't force it anymore
so i put the plate away
Sibu: atleast thats better than nothing
me: i tried
after sometime he also placed his plate away
me: you also didn't finish your food
Sibu: well am already full
me: yeah right
he looked at me for a while
i just looked away
i couldn't keep up with his gaze
" am really sorry about your father" he finally said
me: its ohk
its over now, we just have to pick up the pieces and move on
Sibu: you have to stay strong
me: i will try
anyway how did you hear about this
sibu: facebook and besides i was already here
i have a deal i need to seal
me: ohw, you look a bit matured now
Sibu: well bhabha i am mature
i am a shareholder in the biggest IT company in JHB
ME: am happy for you
Sibu: look at you
you've also grown into a beautiful woman
still as shy as ever and lil bit fierce though
me: lol thank you
sibu: what do you know she smiles
me: mxm you are still too forward
Sibu: and you still melt my heart
that line just ruin the mood
we both kept quiet
things were getting awkward
"umh i have to go, i need to check up on my baby" i said breaking the silence
Sibu: you have a baby but i th...
"noo i mean Iminathi, khitha's baby" i said cutting him off
sibu: owh ohk
me: jah uhm see you aound
i took the plate of food and walked out
i went to the kitchen and my friends were there
they were eating
"finally she shows up
where have you been" luke said
me: i just needed some fresh air thats all
Luu: i reserved a plate of food for you
me: ncooh thanx
you shouldn't have though i've already eaten
Luu: no stress i will eat it
Sindy: you eat alot shame
i don't know how you still have that flat tummy
luu: this is not a man made figure ketana
its not a herbex figure
my stomach is flat by nature CiCi
Nhlanhla: haha herbex figure though
Zintle: lol luke is crazy shame
me: ligeza eli
i place the food in the fridge
luu: this food is delicious
it tastes nothing like funeral food
me: lol how do funeral food taste
Luu: usually its tasteless and it has no salt
Zintle: thats true, funeral food taste horrible most of the time
me: well then i guess those women knew what they were doing
luu: the neighbours are busy dishing take aways
me: lool luke stop talking shit for once
we all laughed
my phone beeped
it was a text message from luyolo
he was asking where i was
i told him i was in the house
he sent another text asking me to come out.
I didn't hesitate
i walked out and they were sitting under a tree
it was him, vuyo, Dave,Sibu and few other guys i didn't know.
Luyolo stood up and met me half way
him: hey
me: well here i am
him: i just wanted to see if you were ohk
me: am fine
him: cool i was hoping to talk to you after all this
me: we can talk later
him: you don't look ohk though
me: like i said am fine
anyway did you see Khitha
him: yeah she is in my car
she said she needed to be alone
me: and imi
him: she went with mam'nomcebo to her house
she lives few streets away from here
me: ohk then
him: do you mind walking with me to the shop
me: not at all
i went to wear comfortable shoes
and we walked to the shop

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