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Wednesday, June 22


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 80


insert 80
saturday came
the saturday that everybody was enxious about
we all gathered in the lounge at my father's house we were waiting for the will and testaments of my late father to be read out
the door bell rang and Vathiswa got it
she appeared with a stern looking young man dressed in a black formal suit and a white t shirt with black formal pointy shoes which smelt expensive
everthing about him was just expensive
he wore eye glasses
the moment he appeared at the door i had already analysed everything about him
not forgeting the black briefcase he carried in his left hand
"good day everyone" he said as soon as vathiswa had asked him to take a seat
"good day" we said in sync
him: my name is PAUL BALOYI from CNK ATTONEYS
me: owh hi paul am ATHENKOSI we talked on the phone
and this is KHITHA my younger sister, Dave my older brother and this is dad's sister
and this is my husband
i said pointing at everyone
paul: its a pleasure meeting you all
As it stand i was the late mr Rhadebe's lawyer
before he passed away he had me drafting a will of how his asserts should be devided between the beneficiaries
i assure you everything here is legal and aunthentic
me: i hope you did get all the documents you requested for
Paul: indeed i did
(he gave us copies)
in your hands you are holding copies of the will of mr Rhadebe
but before i read it mr rhadebe had also written a letter which i am suppose to read before the will
my i read it
me: you can go ahead
paul: this is the letter writen by the deceased
and it reads as followed
"to my two most precious daughters and my son whom i never get a chance to meet
i write this asking for forgiveness to all of you
i am sorry for not being the greates father i should have been
i have asked paul to not read the will untill you've found each other
my last wish is for the three of you to be together
i want you guys to be the family i was never man enough to build
luyanda my son am sorry i never got the chance to meet you
sorry i was never there to raise you
i hope that you can forgive me and take care of your younger sisters
you are now the only one they have
i just want all of you to be happy
and i love you"

paul: now because i can see that you all found your brother i can continue reading the will
he read everything that was written in the will
the house was left to the three of us, but was under my name
each one of us was left with one of his three cars
and in his retirement money he never collected we got R150 000 each
and we got R50 000 each from the insurance money
my father had diveded everything equally amongst us
as to ensure that there never is bad blood between us
i never knew my father had so much money
actually i didn't know he was even working untill khitha told me that he was an IT SPECIALIST at eskom
obviously the was a lot i didn't know about my father
it was clear now thats where i got the brains from
we signed few documents
after everything Paul had to leave
he refused staying for drinks
saying that there's somewhere he had to be
we sat chatted a bit
and we actually had agreed to give my aunt 20000 grand each
and there was nothing i was gonna do with my money accept for investing all of it in the bank
and i was gonna continue with my work
even though i had money.
i still had my dowry money, my mom's insuarance money now my father had decided to add to the pile
if only money could buy happiness i was gonna be richly happy
the three cars were two bmws 3-series one black and one white and a white mercedes C-class 2012 model
the cars were not new from the box but the was still in great shape
without even a single scratch
Dave decided to take the mercedes, while i took the black BM and khitha took the white one
Dabs: i understand that you have a husband and a house
and nawe Dave you also have your own house
what will happen to this house.
Dave: i also have no idea
me: i think Khitha should stay here and we still need to maintain Vathiswa
i will pay her salary, she needs the job
Dave: don't worry lil sis i will pay the salary
me: ohk then you are the boss
Dave: so khitha you don't mind staying here right
Khitha: not at all.
Me: well then its all settled
we talked a bit
later i had to pack my stuff
i was going back to my house
i won't lie i missed Yolo like crazy
so i couldn't wait to be in his arms
i took a bath
wore a floral loose dress which stood below my knees
then took my bags
Khitha came in
"i hope you left my favourite dress" she said as she threw herself on the bed
me: ai with the money you have am sure you can buy any dress you want in the world
Khitha: but i want yours
i love that dress plus it looks great on me
me: sorry you ain't getting it, it was a gift from my husband so nop i cant give it to you
Khitha: uh ohk then
me: please Khitha don't give Vathiswa a hard time
and don't turn this house into a circus
Khitha: you don't need to worry
i promise i won't
me: good then
she helped me carry my bags to the car

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