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Thursday, June 30


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 86


insert 86
Sibu came out a while later
we went to give his friends the booze
then He offered to walk me home
"i guess i will see you monday at work ke MR MD" i said as soon as we reached my gate
"i guess so, although i wish you could tell me whats bothering you" he said
me: i don't know how many times must i say this am f....
Sibu: you fine, i get it
i just wish i didn't know you as much as i do
i can literally see right through you
ME: Am fine you don't have to worry about me
Sibu: only if it was that easy
ME: just try
SIBU: OHK sharp then see you monday
ME: sure
he walked back to the park
while i went in the house
the guys were back
they were chilling outside near the pool drinking
even vivian was back
the only person who didn't come back was DK
i just stood in the kitchen and watched them through the window
they were laughing and loud
they didn't seem to have any stress
it was evident that they were already tipsy
i finally gained the courage to walk out
Luu: biiatch uvelaphi
i've searched for you everywhere
ME: why were you looking for me
LUU: because you looked troubled earlier
ME: am fine, i just took a walk
i needed some fresh air
LUU: Shame the hangover had you real bad neh
ME: yeah
VUYO: your stuff is in the microwave
ME: my stuff??
Vuyo: yeah your wings, i hope they are enough
ME: Thank you hey, i've already forgotten about those
YOLO: so the special person is my wife
ME: am sorry whaat?
YOLO.: am talking to vuyo not you
me: owh
VUYO: AI bro don't make a mountain out of this morehill
YOLO: So am now exxagarating,
you bought my wife stuff and you expect me to be fine
are you guys fucking
everybody kept quiet
VUYO: bro you need to calm down
you've been at everybody's throat since morning
what's wrong with you
YOLO: do i seem like someone who has a problem
VUYO: no you're just acting like a bitch thats all
Luyolo stood up hurridly, flew to where vuyo
luckily Dave held him before he could go any further
DAVE: Man you need to calm down
you can't be fighting your own brother
pull youself together
yolo just gave Vuyo a death stare
pull out of my brother's grip
he fixed himself
clicked his tongue in annoyance
he walked away with
His veins popping through his forehead
KHITHA: and then, what was that
i shruggled my shoulders also stunned at my husband behaviour
which by the way was uncalled for
LUU: AI Shem something is definatly wrong with your hubby
MANDY: HE almost cut my head off when i talked to him earlier on
LUU: you not the only one
i also asked him where Athe was
but he told me that He is not Athe keeper
VUYO: Something is definatly wrong with him
LUZUKO: Maybe he is tired
DAVE: But he did go to bed mos yesterday
i was half asleep when he exited the lounge
he came back around 8:30 this morning
i went to the kitchen, my mind more confused than ever
how come Dave say my husband went to bed
but i was sure that he never came to bed
or was i that drunk
if so then why did he say he slept in the lounge when i asked him earlier
Something was definatly wrong somewhere
i took out my wings
placed them in a glass bowl
and warmed them up
when they were ready i sat down and ate
i never drank again that day
Yolo was nowhere to be found
around 22:30 pm everbody left
only Mandy, Mam'nomcebo, IMI and I remained
YOLO was still not yet back
we washed the dishes
then everybody went to sleep
i was woken up by cold hands touching me
i realised that it was Luyolo
he had just came in
i checked the time on my phone
and it was just after 00:30 am
"stop it" i said removing his hands from me
YOLO: so you don't want me to touch you anymore
ME: your hands are cold
and besides i am not the one who sent you out all night
YOLO: MXM whatever
He face the other way
"owh and your girlfriend called me today
i just thought you should know" i said calmly
YOLO: wh.... which girlfriend are you talking about
ME: The same girl who left those pregnancy test in my drawer
he kept quiet a bit
" what are you really talking about" he said
i could clearly sense the panic in his voice
i decided to play dump and i remain as calm as i possibly could
Me: i don't know, what do you think am talking about
Yolo: how should i know while you not even making any sense
me: so you mean to tell me that you are not cheating on me
YOLO: no am not
Me: then do you mind telling me where you slept last night
he coughed profusely
my question surely did caught him of guard
me: am still all ears
YOLO: I told you in the morning mos
Me: what did you tell me
YOLO: that i slept in the lounge
me: and is that suppose to be the truth
or its what you want me to hear
YOLO: I have told you the truth
whether you believe me or not, its not my business
now if you don't mind i would like to have some sleep
he covered himself with the blanket
i kept quiet
tears just fell sideways hitting the pillow
i never cried so loud,i just let them fall freely
The truth is I was deeply hurt
But a piece of me didn't wanna believe that luyolo could hurt me like that
I meant I've known this guy my whole life
He is the most kindest person I've ever known
Right then his phone beeped alerting and incoming text
He took it quickly
Few minutes after, he started writing something he had the most geniune smile ever
I longed to know who he was writing to
And who that text message was from
I guess he was in whatsapp because his phone kept on beeping non stop
The sound of it alone was enough to annoy my whole being
I just felt so disrespected
"I think you should go chat with your bitch outside" I blurted out in anger
Yolo: what did you just say
Me: I think you heard me, you are such an ass you know
You accused vuyo of sleeping with me because you are also doing it isn't it
You are a man whore
Before I knew it a hot slap landed on my cheek
I blinked rapidly in disbelieve
Did I just got slapped, I stayed still letting the hotness sink in
My cheek was really burning no lie
But the stubbornness in me refused to allow defeat
With all I strenght I had left within me
I slapped him right back
"You have nerves neh" he said with his hand on his cheek
Me: I am not your punching bag, you will not slap me and expect me to be quiet
Yolo: you insulted me what did you expect
Me: I didn't insult you, I merely stated the fact
Yolo: and I told you that am not cheating on you
What do you want me to do, for you to believe me
You know how much I love you how can you even suggest that I can do such thing
He talked with a straight face, he was so good at lyng I think he was starting to believe his own lies
i wondered why he was lying to me, even worse why did he think that I was so stupid not to see
I Kept quiet and faced the other way
Deep down I knew that I was loosing him

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