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Monday, June 20


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 79


insert 79
its two days after the funeral
things are slowly returning
back to normal
we had washed the blankets
spring cleaned the house
but most of my family and friends were still around
the following day i was to return back to work
even though Dave said it was ohk if i needed a while longer
vuyo and luyolo had gone to work since it was a monday
we were having breakfast in the kitchen
mam nomcebo was feeding the forever troublesome IMI.
Dabs: idzoo this lil angel is a handful
mam'nomcebo: ey she is a troublesome young lady
me: you should see her during her bed time
its a struggle to get her to sleep
dabs: most kids go though that
just be happy she is healthy and strong
me: am always grateful
Dabs: Khitha you need to see a proffesional
i think you suffered a post birth depression
after Imi's birth that's why you developed such hatred for her
The table went dead quiet
all eyes were fixed on the table
things were getting awkwards
i cleared my throat
"i don't mind taking care of imi"
i said breaking the silence
Dabs: no Angela your sister needs to come to term with her situation
we don't want imi growing up hating her mother because she refused raising her
if you keep continuing with this
your child will grew up to hate you
am not saying take her away from Athe
am just saying you need to learn to love her
i saw how you are with her
hell Khitha you can't even look at your own baby let alone touch her
and this insanity needs to stop
tears welled up in Khitha's eyes
she quickly wiped them away
Dabs: i didn't mean to be hard on you or anything
but you need to hear the truth
yesterday i told you to come to my room so that we can talk about this but you refused
you need to face your problems and stop running away from them
are we clear
Khitha: yes Dabawo
i know i seem selfish right now
but imi is my child
i have the right to do whatever i want with her
even giving her to charity if i have to
she was just a mistake and seeing her is a reminder of my previous life
something i wanna forget about
Dabs: damn right you are selfish
you are the most selfish person i ever knew
right then my phone rang
saving me from this awkward argurment
"excuse me" i said getting up the chair
i went outside

me: Athe hello
caller: hi can i speak to ATHENKOSI RHADEBE
me: this is she
caller: my name is PAUL BALOYI your father's lawyer
it has come to my attention that he passed away
and i was instructed that in time of his death you are the person i must call
i need to meet you and your siblings so that i can read your father's will
Me: owh when do you want us to meet
Him: this coming saturday if you are free
me: ohk i will talk to the other's then get back to you
him: ohk i will be waiting for your call
me: k bye
i hung up
then went back to the house
the kitchen was now cleared there was no one at the table
only Vathiswa was busy washing the dishes
" owh where did everyone go" i asked vathiswa
vathiswa: to their rooms i think
the argument got out of hand
me: owh ohk
"owh ma'am can i talk to you" vathiswa said as i was about to exit the kitchen door
vathiswa: but only when and if you are free
me: am free now we can talk
i sat down
she also took a seat
"i was wondering since your father is no more if i will be able to continue working here
i really need the job" she said
me: well you will continue working here
you just have to give me the details of when and how my father was paying you
then we will take it from there
vathiswa: thank you ma'am
that is such a relieve
me: owh and can you drop that ma'am thing
you can call me ATHE
vathiswa: ohk ma'... I mean Athe
me: is there anything else you needed to talk about
vathiswa: no ma'am ... I mean Athe that is all
me: ok then
and i hope you don't mind staying in
vathiswa: not at all
me: ohk then
her: thank you so much for making me maintain my job
me: you welcome
i stood up, exited the kitchen
i went to my room and khitha was there
she was in bed playing with her phone
"the lawyer called we are meeting with him this saturday for the reading of the will" i said
as i thew myself on the bed
khitha: owh good
me: she was right you know
khitha: who
me: Dabs
khitha: owh please Athe not this again
me: khitha you need to get proffesional help
otherwise Imi will really grow up hating you
khitha: but its not like she will grow up in a bad environment
i am sure you will not ill treat her
me: but...
Khitha: but nothing, can we please drop this topic its getting on my nerves
me: ohk then ndithule
we both kept quiet for a bit
me: so what happened
how did you end up in a in a hillbrow
khitha: its a long story, a story for another day
me: owh ok
but i really wish you can open up and talk to me
we are sisters and sisters look out for one another
khitha: and when am ready we will talk
me: know that am always here for you
just remember that
khitha: ohk
we talked about other general things
it was nice talking with her although
she was so uptight with her personal life

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