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Monday, June 27


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 85


insert 85
I left my room in a bad mood
walked to the kitchen
i went straight to the fridge took out one dumpy, gulp it all at once
Luu: aibo peto whats wrong
i put down the bottle and everyone was staring at me in amazement
i wanted to ask them about the test but i couldn't stand to embarrass myself like that
i didn't wanna make my self a laughing stock

i longed to answer luke but i felt tears threatning my eyes
so i placed the bottle on the table and exited the house
i just needed to get some fresh air
before i knew it i was almost at the park
i went to a chair and sat down
why was this happening
and whose pregnancy test was that
and why would somebody even leave her pregnancy test in my drawer
i buried my face in my hands and let the tears fall freely
"hey you" A voice enterrupted my sobbing moment
i was so broken that i didn't even recognise the voice
The person sat besides me and brushed my back
somehow the scent of his cologne was familiar to me
i wiped my tears in descret
then lifted my face of shame as to see who was this misterious stranger
"owh my god you really are crying" he said
Me: no am not, and what are you doing here Sibulele
Sibu: i was with my friends over there(he pointed at some group of guys who were chilling under a tree) when i saw you sitting here
you looked troubled
me: i mean what are you doing in pretoria are you still busy with your deal
Sibu: yep and it went through
meet your new shareholder and MD
me: what do you mean my new shareholder and MD
Sibu: didn't Dave tell you
we signed a contract two days ago
i will be starting monday morning
me: you kidding me right
Sibu: not at all
Me: wow congratulations Sir
Sibu: thanx, we are celebrating with my friends over there
Don't you wanna join us
Me: am sorry i have to pass
am not in any mood for crowds
there was a bit of quietness


Sibu: you still didn't tell me why you were crying
me: i told you that am fine
Sibu: you know you can't fool me right
Me: and who said i was fooling you
Sibu: i know you nana
Me: i guess you use to know me,
people change and they grow
Sibu: i know that, but you are still My Athe and i know you enough to tell that you were crying
me: Fine, i just wanted to let off some steam
Sibu: trouble in paradise
Me: No, i just had a terrible morning thats all
Sibu: i see, but you know bottling things inside is not healthy
Me: and i am not bottling anything
Sibu: since you fine then i bet you wont mind taking a walk with me
Me: where are you going
Sibu: tops, my friends need some refill
Me: fine lets go
He held my hand and pulled me up
then we walked to Tops since it was a walking distance from the park
"your hands are still soft and small" he said
i remembered that he was holding my hand
so i yanked it out
"and you are still as sturbbon" he said
me: Am not sturbbon
Sibu: of'cos you are, you are the most sturbbon girl i ever met
me: well i don't think i am
Sibu: thats why i always say i know you more than you know yourself BHABHA
Me: and i thought you will be married by now
Sibu: i will get married as soon as i find the lady i lost
Me: lol you are not getting younger yaz,
i hope you remember that
Sibu: i know but the person am waiting for is worth the wait
Me: yeah right its either that or you gay
Sibu: we both know am straight as a Ruler
Me: you just enjoy being a bachelor neh
Sibu: i guess so
Me: but you are right, don't rush into marriage
we don't want you breaking some poor girl's heart
marriage is really a deal breaker
Sibu: well if you are with who you suppose to be with then its not
It only hurts if you with the wrong person
Me: i don't think there is a wrong or right person
there's just no such thing
Sibu: then you haven't love whole heartedly yet
Me: trust me i have, i love Luyolo whole heartedly there's no doubt about that
anyway what do you know about loving whole heartedly
you are a bachelor for God Sake
SIBU: i know a whole lot than you think
Me: enlighten me
Sibu: i will, just not now, maybe someday
Me: ohk then
we got to Tops he got in
i remained outside answering my ringing phone
it was a number i didn't know
i answered in a calm voice
Me: hi
caller: jah girl, i hope you got the parcel
me: what parcel, and who are you
caller: someone who has something that you will never have
Me: what are you talking about
caller: if i were you i would start packing
unless you can settle for being second best
or maybe you don't mind Sharing
cause i sure don't
Me: Sisi do you know who you are talking to
caller: Yeah the So-called mrs Mdingi
although am not even sure that you deserve the Tittle
Me: and who are you
caller: don't worry you will meet me soon enough
that test is just the begining
Me: what the he.....
She had already dropped the call on me
i didn't even recognise her voice
right there i was shattered again
what kind of a woman who calls another woman and scorn her
am sure this girl didn't even know me
yet here she was calling me and boosting about lord knows what

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