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Monday, June 27


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 82


Insert 82
after my not so good results news
life went on
everything was just fine
luyolo and i would see pastor SMITH from time to time for couple's therapy
and he reassured us that everything was fine
mandy was quiet and helpful around the house
but i still kept mam'nomcebo though,
i just didn't wanna leave Mandy alone with Imi
truth is i still didn't trust her
three months had gone by
and it was gonna be our three years wedding anniversary soon
actually only a month was left
it was a tiring friday afternoon
i had just knocked of from work
so i was busy packing my files
a light knock sounded on the door i figured it was my brother
so i ordered him to come in

Dave: hey ready to go
me: done and ready
lets go, i am so tired
Dave: yeah sitting for a long time can be tiring
he took my laptop bag while i took my handbag and some files
and i followed him out the building
i got in my car and he got in his
i drove out while he followed me
we were going to my house
i had invited him for dinner
nothing fancy just dinner
we arrived at my place, i parked my car and walked inside
mam'nomcebo and mandy were watching tv
me: hi guys
mandy: hi
nomcebo: ewe sisi
Dave: molweni
mandy: hello
nomcebo: molo bhuti
they exchanged their greetings
then randomly talked about the weather and what not
i went to my room to put my bags away
i then took a quick shower
i wore a skinny jean and a vest
let my weave loose the brushed it neatly
i wore my slippers then exited the room
when i got to the lounge Dave was already drinking
juice and cake
me: mama is my husband still at work
Nomcebo: hayyi sisi uye wabuya kwa early
then he instructed me to cook enough pap
he said he was going to buy some meat and charcoal
me: and imi, is she asleep
Nomcebo: he took her with him
its been a while behambile now
noba sebeyabuya
me: ohk then did you cook the pap
nomcebo: yes i did dear
me: ohk
i went to the kitchen
decided to make some salads and chakalaka cause am sure my husband
was planning a braai of some sort
when i was done
i took out my phone and called yolo
he answered in the first ring
him: baby
me: hey niphi
him: at the front, we are coming in
is Dave here
me: ewe
him: ohk then
we hung up
few minutes later the kitchen door opened
it was yolo, he was carrying imi
he was followed by Khitha and Luke
i was surprised to see them
"hey baby" yolo said he came to me and kissed my lips
me: hey love, kunini nilindiwe
him: sorry we are late
me: its fine,
me: hey bitches, why didn't you tell me you were coming
luke: ai wethu we are still allowed to surprise you
Khitha: yeah we wanted to surprise you
me: where's Vathiswa
Khitha: she went home for the weekend
me: k its great to see you ladies
Khitha: is our brother in
me: yeah he is in the lounge
Khitha: k let me go say hi
she went to the lounge while Luke loaded the booze they were carrying in the fridge
me: hey my princess
come give mommy a kiss
imi got down from luyolo and came to me
i picked her up
me: nibuyaphi nah
imi: tata yena uthenge inyama eninzi ( daddy bought alot of meat)
me: iphi ngok (where is it now)
imi: i pha phandle ku vuvu(thats what she called Vuyo)
me: owh, umama ebek'khumbula (mommy missed you)
imi: ndakhumbula, mna nditye istoki, omnye usisi ebehleli emoteni yatata undinikile
(missed you, i ate a lollipop, some lady who was in daddy's car gave it to me)
she said in a baby launguge
me: owh


i looked at Luyolo who looked away instead of comfirming Imi's story
he cleared his throat
"imi lets go take your sweets and snacks in the car" he said taking Imi from me and they exited the kitchen
Luu: iyhuu uImi akanamfihlo sana
usisi waphi ngok lo umthengele istoki
Me: i have no idea but i smell a rat
Luu: maybe its someone who was hitch hawking
Me: then why didn't yolo just say so
Luu: i have no idea but i promise you
next time he will surely remember to leave Imi behind after this
Me: like hell he will.
Luu: ai iigirlz azikho right shem
they go around buying lollipops for other people's kids out there
am sure abo mother christmas
we laughed
vuyo showed up carrying meat
vuyo: angel
me: hey you, its been a while
vuyo: yah ne, i've been busy
me: i see
Vuyo: so how are you
me: am great, and you
Vuyo: never been better,
can you please spice this meat for me
i know how good you are in this things
me: ohk place it on the table
vuyo: is dave in
me: yep he is in the lounge
Vuyo: k let me go get him
he walked out while i took out the spices
and Luke helped me prepare the meat
we prepared everything with Luke
the other's were in the lounge
Dave was outside with the guys
when we were done they came and took the meat away
we went to join the others in the lounge
we talked and laughed while drinking storm dumpies
mam'nomcebo wasn't drinking
she said someone needed to be sober
to take care of Imi
we turned on the music and enjoyed the evening
imi is 3 years i made a mistake on a post i posted a while ago and said she was 2
sorry for the mix up

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