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Wednesday, June 15


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 76


insert 76
Late afternoon Dave called me
he said i could just text him the address an directions to the house
so i texted him
"he's own his way" i said as everyone was looking at me
uncle: yho i thought wabhubha ke mna uLuyanda
its been to long
Dabs: sonke besicinga lonto
inoba seyindonda endala kodwa ngoku
noko sekukdala emka
my sister couldn't even call or atleast write to tell us about their whereabouts
uncle: maybe she thought that if she communicated with any of you
you were gonna take the baby away from her
Dabs: even so she could have wrote to us
it was just wrong of her
uncle's wife: seyib'hlungu nje into yobana afumaneke kwezi ndaba zii bad
Dabs: ei you can say that again
he didn't have a chance to meet neither of his parents
uncle: this must be really hard for him
Dabs: to think that yena beno Angela bebesebenza kunye all this while
me: well i didn't even know i had a brother untill few days ago
uncle's wife: atleast ufumaneke before the funeral
the elders were left talking while we went to the kitchen
"yhuu chommie i hope u yummy
ulost brother lo wakho
sendimncwasile already" luke said
we all laughed
me: yhuu Luke and then what about vuyo
vuyo: yabo Athe suthetha ikaka please
luu: kalo uvuyo yi main man while your brother would be my roll on
nhlanhla: and you think he would love being your roll on
luu: well omakhwapheni bayayazi indawo yabo
Zintle: ai shem mna soze ndi settle for second best noba sekuthiwani
me: well some people are willing to do that
umtu aze abe proud for being the other chick
Zintle: side chicks must fall finish and klaar
Nhlanhla: we live to share guys
what's the harm in sharing your man
(zintle gave her a dead stare)
Nhlanhla: yhuu ndiyadlala maroza
you know you can never share me
me: so you guys are back together
Zintle: its a working progress
(she blurshed)
luu: yhu awa blursh(a) ntombi ngath' ubona istoki
wena shame dead in love sana
Nhlanhla: ai luke ndikbethe kemna ku baby wam
uyalibala uk'ba you are also dead inlove noVuyo
Luu: what can i say
yile love sana
vuyo: is Khitha still asleep
me: i think so
let me go check on her
luu: inoba ubhatalisela lonke elixesha alicithe pha ehillbrow

we all laughed
me: uzobethwa luke.
I walked away leaving them in the kitchen.
I entered my room and khitha was sitting on the bed facing the window
Me: owh hey you are awake
(she sniffed, thats when i noticed tears streaming down her cheeks)
i sat besides her
me: please don't cry
this too shall pass, its gonna be ohk
Khitha: he called me few days ago
i didn't answer him
i just ignored his call
i should have answered, i should have been there for him
me: you didn't know ohk
its not your fault
Am the worst one here
after the wedding i told him never to contact me again
i just couldn't forgive him
and now i will never get the chance to
Khitha: am gonna miss him
Me: i know, i will miss him too
but i have good news
i've found our elder brother
(i told her all about Luyanda)
Khitha: so all along you have been working for our brother
me: as it turns out
Khitha: wow thats crazy
me: i know right
Khitha: i can't wait to meet him
me: well he's on his way
we kept quiet a bit
"Iminathi is now a big girl
she talks alot and she is very naughty" i said breaking the silence
Khitha: thank you for taking care of her
Me: you still don't want her do you
Khitha: (she shruggled her shoulders) i really don't think that i am what she needs right now
Me: you are her mother
thats all she needs, A mother
Khitha: am afraid i can't be a mother to her
am not ready
Me: khitha what is really the problem
she kept quiet
i decided to let her be
"let me go clean my face so that we can get out of here" she said as she walked to the bathroom
i fixed the bed
then waited for her
she came back applied my cosmetics
then we exited the room
went to the kitchen where the others were
luyolo called he told me that he was coming with mam'nomcebo and imi
because imi has been crying
i told him that it was ohk
he can come with them
time flew
finally Dave arrived
everyone was just happy to see him
although the mood was still sad because of the situation at hand
shortly after
luyolo arrived with imi who ran to me the moment they entered the house
she was so shy, she wanted nobody but me
not even mam'nomcebo
having family and friends around was just great
talking about old stories
and memories was what siezed the moment
for a while we laughed
untill it was time to go to sleep
Dave left he said he will be back the following day.
vuyo left with luyolo
and Luke left with nhlanhla
mam'nomcebo slept with vathiswa
while i slept with zintle, khitha and imi
my uncle and his wife slept on the other spare room
and my aunt slept in my father's room
friday morning
i woke up only with imi in bed
i bathe her then took a bath my self
wore a long skirt and jean jacket
i walked out
and everybody was already pacing up and down
yolo, vuyo, and Dave were busy outside wearing overralls
later that day they set the tent

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