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Monday, June 27


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 84


insert 84
A while later the ladies joined us in the kitchen looking all refreshed
Luu: yoh i am so tired and still sleepy
Dk: ai Lucas you love sleeping neh ebile you slept for hours
Luu: haska i don't love sleeping
andingo Lucas futhi mna
my name is Luke
and my friends call me Luu, and since you are not my friend just call me Luke hhayi oLucas endingabaziyo
Dk: owh am sorry Luke

LUU: worse ke wena awlelanga
Khitha: aibo Luke she slept with us
Luu: nilala gxitha nina kanene, i saw her sneaking in the room around 8h00
ukuba ebephi uzazi yedwa
Dk: i was coming from the toilet
Luu: so when you come from the toilet you sneak around, for the why
DK: i just didn't wanna disturb/wake you guys
Luu: haike sisi you will fool those who get paid on the fourthy night hhayi mna
Yolo: aibo LUKE yeka omnye
Luu: ndithule, but she should not be afraid to say that
Vusi was fucking her all morning
i heard the noises
i just don't know whether they did it in the bathroom or toilet
Mandy: sies Luke maan
Luu: What??, its not my fault that she was screaming so loud
you should be glad dear atleast you got the morning glory
Me: but i thought you said you and Vusi are not an item
Dk: and i was telling the truth
we are not dating
Luu: so you mean u Ta'mavula had a free cake
or should i say a one night stand
Dk: you know what am leaving,
ke maswabi but i wont listen to this nonsense le saleng gabotse
mandy can i go get my bag in your room
Mandy: yeah sure go ahead
she stormed out leaving us in silence
Luke had a smirk on his face
i was also holding laughter shame
"i guess i should also go, i will see yo guys later" Vivian said
me: ohk girl see you later
mandy: later girl
khitha: don't forget to come with what we talked about
vivian: you really love them
Khitha: damn right i do
vivian: i will come back with them then
loyo/vuyo: uvaye grand Viv
vivian: k guys
yolo: don't forget to tell Luzuko to come with my speaker neh
vivian: i wont, see you later then
she also walked out
me: so hows the hangover kuni guys
khitha: eish its bad, i feel like am caring someone's head
Luu: mine is worse shame, and now i just agetated it by talking too much
me: lol serves you right, you talk too much shame
Mandy: worse you just amburshed the poor girl
am sure she won't even come back later
Luu: i just stated facts, she shouldn't have gotten fucked in the toilet/bathroom if she didn't want people talking about her
she degraded herself to a cheap slut
yolo stormed out of the kitchen
Khitha: and then?
Me: don't look at me, i also have no idea whats going on
Vuyo: i think i should also go take a bath
i don't want wanna hear you girls gossiping about other people
Luu: but i didn't gossip about her
i told her in the face
She just couldn't handle the truth
Vuyo: see you later guys
Luu: can i go with you
Vuyo: and now whose degrading himself
Luu: definatly not me
i will never allow myself to be fucked in the toilet shame soze
but to get a chance to see this handsome face of yours for the next 30 minutes then yes i can degrade myself
me: you really are crazy shame my friend
Luu: am not your friend my friend
me: whats that
Luu: indian shop owners on fleek
they call everybody "my friend"
Me: Dk should have slapped you shame
Luu: never, not even in her wildest nightmare can she slap me
i will reboot her yellow face mna cha
vuyo: i will se you guys,
tell luyolo i will be back ne angel
me: ohk, please undiphathele ama hotwings when you come back
vuyo: ohk
He took his car keys ontop of the fridge and walked out
we gossiped even more while sipping on the remaining dumpies
Mam'nomcebo and Imi woke up later.
We cleaned the house then washed the dishes
in the matter of hours the house was squeaky clean
we cooked some more pap, then made salads again
i went to my room my husband had just came out of the shower

"is there something wrong" i asked as he was busy getting dressed
yolo: no, uhm why do you ask
me: you look irritated and worked up
yolo: ah you are just seeing things
am fine
me: ohk then
so if you don't mind me asking
what lady was Imi talking about
yolo: wh...what lady
me: the one she said gave her a lollipop
yolo: i have no idea,
maybe she was talking about the lady who was selling at the shop
me: but she said the lady was in your car
yolo: ah you know how much Imi loves ranting senseless things
me: owh so what she was saying wasn't true
yolo: yess!! Can we now drop this
me: yeah fine no need to bite my head off
i went to my sideboard drawer
i needed my headache tablets
but to my surprise i was met by a pregnacy test kit which was used
it showed positive results
for a moment i stare at it
was this a hallucination or was the Devil mocking me
"baby what is this" i said to luyolo pointing in the drawer
he came to me
he also stood there dump stricken
"are you pregnant" he said
me: is that suppose to be a joke
you know my situation
this thing is not mine
i stormed out leaving the test in the drawer
this was not funny at all

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