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Monday, June 6


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 70


insert 70
I parked my car near the gate.
I got off and entered the gate.
This place was so neat and clean.
It was just so breathe taking.
Green grass surrounded the whole vacinity
finally i reached the door.
Rang the door bell.
A lady who seem to be on his late twenties opened the door.
Looking at her dress code i figured she was the maid
She gave me a warm smile
Her: hi you must be Athenkosi am Vathiswa
Me: owh nice to meet you
Her: please come in
She paved the way and i walked in.
I followed her to this beautifully decorated lounge.
Everything was just eye catching.
A 3 seater couch sat in between.
A 2 seater on the left side, and a 1 seater on the right.
A round glass table sat on the centre.
A grey and black glass room divider was on the other side and beside it was a stand which had a huge plasma tv.
My eyes wondered around the place.
It seem a bit expensive
thats why i was so confused
how did my father afford such a place.
I sat on the 3 seater couch.
"you look so much like him" she said.
Me: what?
Her: you are the splitting image of your father.
Me: owh thank you i guess.
Her: you welcome,
can i get you anything to drink.
Me: no am fine, i just had coffee few minutes ago.
Her: ohk,
i hope you didn't get lost on your way here.
Me: i did, i don't know mamelodi
its my first time here.
Her: ohw.
I still can't believe you are here.
Your father talks about you alot.
Me: owh he did.
Her: yep all the time, he always tells me that i remind him of you.
He really love you.
Me: i guess he did in his on way.
Her: i know he does
why do you keep refering to him in past tense though
Me: uhm how long have you been working for him
(i tried avoiding her question).
Her: since he moved here 4 years ago.
And since i started working for him not once has he ever gone missing
this is unlike him
am afraid something could be wrong thats why i called you.
I burried my face on the floor.
"is everything ok" she asked.
Me: huh.
Her: you seem troubled is everything fine.
Me: its...its my father
(i kept quiet)
her: what is it, do you know where he is.
(i nodded my head)
her: where is he please tell me.
Me: he...he uhm mlungisi was involved in a hit and run accident and he didn't make it.
Her: omg what, noooo you kidding, this cant be true.
Me: am afraid its the truth
i went to identify his body yesterday morning.
Her: nooo.
He was fine when he left the house.
I told him to take one of the cars but he said he wanted to stretch his legs.
She cried, i really didn't know what to do
i wasn't that good in comforting people.
I just brushed her back.
Her: he was a good man, so humble he gave me this job to help me pay my university fees.
He didn't deserve to day, who ever did this deserves to be punished.
Me: i hope the police will find them and bring them to justice.
Her: they must find them.
Me: anyway i need his ID i must go to home affairs to acquire a death certificate.
Her: i will take you to his room.
We walked down the passage
and entered his room
it seemed neat and clean
A huge bed, a closet and a mirror
it was just perfect
She took a chair and climbed up the wardrobe
"his ID must be in here" she handed me a suitcase
Me: thank you
Her: let me go finish up cleaning the kitchen hope you will be fine
and if you need anything just shout
Me: ok, thanx again
Her: you welcome
She walked out
I sat on the chair
emptied the suitcase on the bed
It was full of old papers, documents, old pay slips, bank statements and a photo album
Out of curiosity i opened the album.
I was greeted by the picture of me and my late twin brother.
I knew this picture because my mom had it too.
We were a week old on that photo.
I paged along.
Mainly pictures of us (me, my late twin and khita) when we were young were in there.
Then pictures of my dad when he was still young.
Well people were right
i did look a lot like him, especially my eyes and mouth.
There were few pictures of my mom while she was young.
Pictures of them together.
A picture on the last page caught my eyes.
It was a picture of my mom and dad holding a baby.
I looked closer i didn't recognise that baby.
What was more shocking is that both my mom and dad looked much younger on that picture.
This was just confusing
could it be that my parents knew each other before my mom dated LUYOLO'S father.
If they did then how did my mom end up with yolo's father
And who the hell was that baby
i stared at that photo for the longest time.
Million questions raced through my mind.
And the two people who were equipped to answer my question were both dead.
But i really needed to know who that baby was.
I turned back the picture.
And it was written "1985 our little boy"
so the baby in the picture was a boy.
So where the hell was he.
Why didn't my parents tell me that i have a brother
not just a brother, a blood brother
someone i shared the same mother and father with.
Unlike khitha who was my half sister.
This family was just full of secrets that still needed to be revealed

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