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Monday, June 6


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 71


insert 71
i continued paging through those papers
i stumbled upon a big brown envelope
teared it open and my father's ID was burried between bank statements and insurance documents
I took the ID out, went through his life insurance documents
so he did have a funeral cover
In which he had us(me and khitha) covered too
In the mist of all that a medium white envelope fell out
it looked a bit old as it was now not in its pure white state
It had my name encrypted in bold
I didn't waste any time, i just teared it open
inside was a clear baby picture
the baby looked like he was six months old
i still didn't recognise him
but he sure did look a bit like me when i was young
I turned the picture and it was written BABY LUYANDA DAVON RHADEBE 1985
it was the same child my parents were holding in that other picture
With the picture was a letter folded in half
I opened it, my name was written ontop
the letter read:
" to my dearest daughter
by the time you read this then i will be long gone
it means that i have failed to get the chance to sit down, talk to you and explain everything to you.
If you read this then it means i had failed to earn your forgivenes
am really sorry for everthing that happened to you
am sorry i failed to be a father
mostly am sorry i let Nomonde take your twin brother from you
There's alot i wanted to tell you
alot you didn't know about your family
i thought maybe i was gonna get a chance and explain everything to you
the picture in this envelop is your brother
Your older brother, your mother and i gave him away to my older sister
We were so young and were university students and so inlove
we messed around alot since we were attending the same university.
it happened that your mother mistakenly fell pregnant in the mist of all that
She was afraid of aborting since it was illegal back then
and could be fetal mostly
so she had no choice but to keep the baby.
Her family chased her away and stopped paying her fees when they found out about the pregnancy
So since she was homeless i had no choice but to take her to my parents
but they refused taking her in
my older sister who was married by that time agreed to take her in but in one condition
we promised that after giving birth
we will sign the baby over to her
and she will raise him as her own.
And we will have no claim or what so ever on the baby
Because we were so desperate we did agree to her terms
Your mother stayed with her
until she gave birth to a healthy baby boy
She was allowed to stay with the baby untill she was 6 months
After six months my sister took the baby
Her and her husband left the area they were staying in
because her husband had a job overseas
that's the last time i heard from my sister
your mother was so broken
spending time with the baby made her fall inlove with him
so loosing him took its stroll on her.
She became distant
hated me and blamed me for loosing her baby
we faught alot and eventually we broke up
And she went back to her home
few years later she met Nomonde's ex husband and got married to him
When her husband passed away
she and i found our way back to each other
you and your twin brother were the results of that recandled love.
I tried searching for your older brother with no avail
i lost contact with my sister and
this is the only clear photo we have of luyanda
we had named him (Luyanda) and my sister named him Davon
i hope you will find him
Then you, Zimkhitha and Him can be the family your mother and i failed to build.
I have loved you all equally and am so sorry for abondoning you.
My lawyer will contact you in the time of my death
and i have left everything i have to the three of you
again i can never say how much sorry i am for ruining your lives
from your Father"
after reading that letter i sat the for a while too long
i still felt a bit confused and needed my father to clarify some things to me
but sadly he was not there
he was already gone.
Now i was left with the Task of searching for someone i hardly
and i had no idea where to began the search from
I mean i stll had to search for khitha whom i had no idea where she ran off to
I wrapped and folded everything neatly and placed it back to the suitcase
The was still one mistery of how my father afford the house and other staff
i guess the lawyer had a good explaination
i just had to wait for him
I Took the ID and some other documents and insurance staff.
I really had a long day ahead of me
I had never thought that i will oneday plan my father's funeral.
I took out my phone and dailed vuyo's number
it rang for a while
finally he answered
vuyo: elo
me: hey
Vuyo: did you really had to call me at work though
me: damn sorry i forgot today was a work day
Vuyo: i will take that as a sign that you are not at work
me: am not, i got the week off to plan the funeral
vuyo: your father's funeral, yolo told me what happened am sorry
Me: its fine are we still meeting later
vuyo: yep
me: k then

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