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Monday, June 20


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 78


insert 78
walking with my husband was just great
we went to the shop he bought airtime for both of us
me: you didn't have to buy it for me
yolo: i know, but i wanted to
me: thanx anyway
yolo: you welcome, i don't wanna go to the house as yet
i hope you don't mind if we walk around
me: not at all
its not like i have anything to rush back to
he held my hand
his fingers fitted perfectly
into the spaces inbetween my fingers
he held tightly on my hand
"i miss you, you know
the house even though its full of people it still feels empty without you" he said
he sniffed a bit
yolo: baby i am so sorry
i acted like a jerk and an asshole
i should have talked to you before inviting mandy in our house
i don't know maybe i am the weakest man ever
but i couldn't let her live in the streets
i feared for the worst
i feared that if something happened to her i would have never forgave myself knowing that i could have helped
i love you baby and i still value your decision as my wife
so i decided to kick her out
if that is what it will take for you to come back home then i will kick her out
i will do anything for you
and hurting you is not in my mission
what am trying to say is am sorry baby
i am so sorry
Me: its fine, i understand why you made that decision
you have a good heart,
you are a good person its in your nature to do good
so i understand why you invited her in
and its ohk
she can stay
yolo: but i need you, i need you to come back home
me: and i will come back ohk
after all this i will come home
you just have to promise me one thing
yolo: anything
me: promise me to never take any major decision without talking to me first again
yolo: i promise i will never do that again
we both smiled with tears in our eyes
he kissed my forehead
me: can we go to the nearby KFC i can use an ice cream right now
yolo: lets go
we walked to kfc
talking about everything and anything
he kept asking if i was ohk
well according to him i was bottling my pain inside
so he suggested we talked about how i felt about my father's death but i avoided the topic completely

"there's plenty of time for us to talk about that baby" i said avoiding the topic
yolo: ohk then if you say so
we got to kfc he bought 2 ice cream cups and hot wings only because i forced him to buy em for me
we went to chill under some big tree and i indulged in my wings
yolo: Dave seems like a good guy
me: well he is a great boss, that much i know
yolo: so how does it feel to know that you have a big brother
me: great in a weird way
i guess am still getting used to the idea
atleast now i have someone to report you to whenever you give me a hard time
yolo: lol that's great, i'll consider myself warned
me: you better
we chilled a bit longer
messing around
kissing and taking pictures
i loved and enjoyed every moment i spent with him
i really loved my man
yeah there i said it
later we walked back to the house
it wasn't crowded anymore
only close friends and family remained
the tent and chairs were all gone
most cars had left
it was better than when we left
me: its finally over
yolo: yeah it is, tomorrow it will be like it never happened
me: accept the pain will still be there
yolo: it gets better with time
me: now we wait for the lawyer
then we can all go back to our life
Dave was busy talking with khitha
"look at them, their nose look the same" yolo said
me: neh we all took our father's nose
but Dave's lips are mom's
his ears too
yolo: its funny how both you and khitha look more like your father
and the guy looks like your mom
me: yeah thats funny shame
yolo: but he smiles like you only yours is more unique
i hit his shoulder playfully
"can you two stop gossiping about us already" khitha said
me: lool how did you know that we were talking about you
Dave: well thats because you two are lousy gossipers
you talked so loud we heard everything
me: good thing we only talked about the basics
Dave: you are not allowed to gossip about your boss
you are fired young lady
(we all laughed)
khitha: speaking of which, so Athe you gonna still continue working for our brother
Me: yep whats wrong with that
besides i love my job so much to just quit
yolo: i hope awuzugeza ke pha just because you are the boss's sister
me: dont worry i can be very profesional
Dave: not that there's anything wrong for you to be my little sister around the office
Khitha: hold on big bro we don't wanna be bias now do we
Dave: for you girls i can be anything
i can even be bruce lee if i have to
me: i hope you heard that baby
(yolo just chuckled)
yolo: so is there any lady in your life
Dave: not at the moment
running a company takes all my time
so i don't have time to go out on dates and stuff
besides i haven't seen a great woman yet
me: well boss you haven't seen a great lady because you are always at work
Dave: well the last time i dated,
the girl saw me as an ATM machine
she demanded money everytime she saw me
then she cheated on me
we talked the day away

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