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Wednesday, June 8


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 72


Insert 72
as expected i spent my whole tuesday on my feet
By the time i was done with everything i was dead tired
my body wanted nothing but rest
I went to the hotel
told them i was checking out
so they refunded me half of my money
I took my stuff and drove to my father's house
i just thought it was best that i stay there just for the time being
i had ask Vathiswa to stay
i didn't wanna be alone in a dead man's house
Yeah am that much of a coward
"anything specific you want for dinner ma'am" she asked
me: nothing specific, just cook anything i really don't mind
Her: ok then
i continued getting myself comfortable in the room i was gonna sleep in
The house had five bedrooms,
a shower,a bathroom and a toilet.
Then the was a wide passage heading to the lounge, dining room and kitchen
So the house was way bigger than yolo's house
It was beautifully decorated
one would say an interior designer was hired to decorate the place
And Vathiswa just knew how to keep it spotless
you could fairly see your face on the ceramic floor
I was busy getting ready to take a shower when my phone rang.
It was vuyo
i figured he had already knocked off because it was almost 18h00
i answered wrapping a towel on my body
Me: hello
vuyo: hey so where are we meeting
me: i think you should come to my father's place because i am so tired to go out right now.
Vuyo: owh ok so where is your father's place
Me: Mamelodi, i will text you the address right now.
Vuyo: ohk then i will be there in no time
Me: see you when you get here then
Vuyo: sho
I hung up and went to take a quick shower
after showering i wore a long black body hugging dress with long sleeves
i brushed my weave and let it loose then wrapped a doek.
I applied an eye liner and a lipgloss.
Then wore my rebok flops
i looked simple nothing fancy.
When i was done with everything
i took my laptop and just browsed through.
Checked my emails, responded to some.
DAVE our CEO had also sent me an email asking if i would be able to drop by the office tomorrow because he needed my input on some project.
I replied to his email, telling him that i will drop by when and if ever am free.
A light knock sounded on my door.
Me: come on in
(it was Vathiswa)
her: sorry to interupt you but there's a guy in the lounge
he says he is here to see you.
Me: ohk tell him i will be right there.
Her: ohk
she walked out.
I finished up with my laptop
then put it away.
I quickly fixed myself then exited the room.
I went to the lounge
vuyo was sitting on the two seater couch, a tray with a glass of juice was on the table infront of him.
"hey you" i said with a smile


am so sorry about your father" he said as he stood up and offered me a hug.
"thank you" i responded
"look at you, you so different and you lost a bit of weight" he remarked as we broke the hug.
Me: well if you wanna get slim trust stress s'hlasela mafutha for everyone.
Vuyo: you look more beautiful though
i guess stress loves you.
Me: yeah right as if that is possible.
Vuyo: well it is, you are just an example of that
i mean look at you, you are glowing
me: mxm thanx for pulling my leg.
Vuyo: am serious.
Me: thanx then.
I sat on the three seater couch.
I was still all smiles it was great seeing vuyo
its been a while since i last saw him.
" am i that much of a joke nah" he said
Me: no lol why would you even ask that
Vuyo: coz you are busy smiling alone
who knows maybe you are smiling at me.
Me: don't worry its a friendly smile
vuyo: if you say so then
"can i get you anything ma'am" vathiswa asked standing near the door.
Me: just juice thanx.
Her: ohk
she walked out.
"wow i didn't know your father had a house and a maid" vuyo exclaimed
me: i also didn't know
i just found out yesterday
and it seemes like there's alot i didn't know about him or my family
vuyo: what do you mean.
Me: did you know that i have an older brother
Vuyo: woow really, thats new
who is he and where is he
Me: i don't know.
Appearantly my mom and dad dated before my mom married your father
and they had a baby boy which they gave away to my aunt while he was still a baby.
Vuyo: yho that's new to me
me: well i have to find him
his name IS DAVON OR LUYANDA and thats if he still calls himself that.
I have no idea where to start looking
vathiswa brought my juice and i thanked her.
Vuyo: why don't you ask your husband am sure he knows something since he was raised by your mom.
Me: you may be right Yolo could know him.
Too bad i really don't wanna talk to him.
Vuyo: so he still doesn't know where you are.
Me: yep and i really would appreciate it if you don't tell him either.
Vuyo: fine i won't
but you know you will have to tell him right
you guys need to sit down and talk this out
Me: well not now
vuyo: but then you have to eventually
(i rolled my eyes)
we continued talking about anything and everything with vuyo untill Vathiswa called us to the dinner table
we dished up and ate, just the three of us
i had told Vathiswa to join us

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