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Wednesday, June 1


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 6


Insert 6 (Revolving)
It is said that pleasure and business do not mix, probably because they’d give the same results oil and water gives us. I’ve been told in my profession that I have a heart of stone, ruthless and nothing but an empty vessel with dead flowers. Yet I do have a heart, however my job requires me to not feel, but act out the Proverb “Monna ga a lle”. I think I have my morals and values jumbled up, been happily married for the past 5 years but here I am defending a men, a fellow disciple but most importantly a brother, he is divorcing his wife for another and somehow sitting here makes me question the man I am, is it really business?
Twirling Johnny Walker in his mature state, trying to intoxicate my nerves, in order to stomach the man I am or actually because I am defending someone who goes beyond my barriers of life. He is actually striping her naked in front of his mistress, taking everything from her without a doubt and his the one who is in the dog box, a brute of a man, a smooth sailor in an ocean of lies. I wonder to myself as I prepare my defence in what world am I bringing my daughter into, one where man are just boats ridden by any captain even when the owns name is visibly engraved, bolded and classified. In who’s care am I putting the lives of innocent souls, to be packed in every destination their father’s desire leads them?

Be nurtured by broken homes?
Children are meant to stay with their mothers no matter the circumstances or am I actually becoming feminine for a moment here?
Has Johnny Walker confused my genes?
Looking at her records, she being admitted in a phycological ward numerous times, heavens knows that he had pushed her to the edge but I am expected to use this women’s sorrow to tear her apart, destroy her and actually rip her off her blessings. As I look, at my rare view on the room divider door window while pouring myself a double on the rocks. Karabo Mogotsi, my reflection looking back at me.
After all it is just business, throwing my manly body on my chair yet again I enter the war room my thoughts, I hear Kamo’s voice deep within, her calling out in agony or is it that me, because I am defending the vary person that tents the reputation of man, I mean honourable man out there work for, those that do their level best to make sure that the rib that was taken out of them is protected no matter what!
But my wife’s voice keeps on persisting pain screaming out of her. I snap out of my thoughts and I actually hear her. I jump out of chair like I’ve been I am a bullet fired from a pistol.
I head to the living room, only to be terrified by my wife’s rapid screams, her crunched up on the floor , my acceptance…

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