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Monday, June 6


The Journey Of Life .Revolving Chapter 7


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One of the most things that weakens and cripples a man entirely is seeing the women he loves the most in unbearable pain. I froze right there, looking at her in a foetus position, laying there helpless immediately I went cold.
I went on my knees, next to her side trying to put her in a safe position. She held on to my hand and for her a moment there I felt my bones crack!
I told her to stay come and breathe like they taught her at those pregnancy lessons she liked going to her, rushed to my study to get my phone and with immediate effect I dialled the ambulance and they said we’d rush over and I should give the 30 minutes. I stayed by her side and placed a pillow by her head to balance her while I kept rubbing her tummy. I’d breathe with her from time to time yet she did not make it easy at all because my knuckles were feeling the pain, this better be a girl with the way Kamo is so feisty.
“This is your entire fault” she murmured in between the deep breathes. 
I got the message loud and clear because at some point I kind of couldn’t feel my hand. 
I heard knocking at the door and I gently pulled my hand went to open and God had answered the cries of my hand. The paramedics rushed to our living room where I directed them and they found her on the floor. Two helped my wife and another stayed with me while asking me questions about the pregnancy and how far long she was, if she had, had a miscarriage before this pregnancy. I answered their questions as they carried her out and she continued to squint in pain and my insides squinted as well to the rhythm of her pain, its John’s fault though. I wanted to follow behind with my car but she did not let me, her screams frightened the living soul in me that worships the ground she walks on and I couldn’t let the women who has shaped the man I am go through a couple product alone.
In the midst of everything mind you, I have court tomorrow defending that man yet here I am bringing my weakness into this world, so cruel yet filled with love and its internal conditions. But now here I was, few minutes into fatherhood. Believe in me, I salute you women out there and to my fellow brothers don’t be like me back up your hands always. On the way to the hospital, I had to make few call, notify our parents and close friends that the dear gift we’ve waited is about to land. 

We arrived at the hospital and they quickly rushed her to the ward while I stayed and filled in the forms, but in that moment I was shaking about to pee on myself. The pen walked on narrow roads, I couldn’t be still someone tapped me. 
“Bruda, I’ll finish up” my best friend eased up on me.
I did not think twice, I just walked with my mind jumbled up and the look on my face was indeed puzzling. Was I ready?
When we grow up we always reminisce about being parents and how we’d always protect our offspring yet now here I am about to be a runaway father. Although I bet she’s going to be beautiful and immediately I find her on the bed, sweat dripped from her oval face. My acceptance, I bet she was crying but even through her worst she looks so extremely beautiful and from that I found my strength. I manned up, “I got this bra” I murmured to myself as they instructed me to wear scrubs because it is about to get amazingly bloody. I’d rub her back from time to time, even though my ears were hearing her vulgar French words. The centimetres increased and the time to anoint me as a father had arrived. All I remember was Kamogelo’s last heavy and forced breathe and there she was, crying and complain like her mother. 
12:30 am, 1st June.

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