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Saturday, June 11


Unscripted love Chapter 60


Not Even Death Will Do Us Part
The dim light of the moon blanketed the room that was now lit by dozens of small candles that flickered in the soft breeze from the open windows. A silver bucket was resting near the foot of the bath, a bottle of appletiser nestled in the crushed ice. Two delicate crystal champagne flutes rested next to it; Levi popped open the lid of the bottle, filled the glasses with the effervescent liquid. Everything seemed to be in slow motion as Levi extended his hand to give me the glass.
Thick, fluffy towels were stacked on the floor next to the tub and a creamy sheepskin rug adorned the tiled floor. Several more candles decorated the ledge of the tub and marble countertops. Bubbles were floating upon the surface of the bath, broken only by the area I occupied near one end of the oval tub. Visible from the shoulders up, foamy lather covered the swell of my breasts and streaked the line of my long slender neck. My eyes reflected the candle flames surrounding the tub, the warm light creating a faint sheen of gold dust on my cheekbones.
Levi walked to the edge of the tub and lowered himself to a crouch, unable to tear his eyes away from the water lapping against my skin. I suddenly regretted telling him that he couldn’t bath with me after he went through so much trouble.
His hand reached out and brushed a tendril of hair away from my face, the back of his fingers caressed my cheek and down my neck. I raised my champagne flute to him with a smile, and offered him a silent toast.
Lightly, he touched the rim of his flute with mine. The crystal note spiralled into the air as our gazes met and we sipped. I watched the firm skin of his throat as Levi swallowed and desire leapt into the air between us. The water parted as I bent my knee, the rosy flesh exposed to the warm air. I leaned forward and set my glass upon the rim of the tub and his hand moved to touch my skin, wanting to feel the tender knobs of my spine as they marched down the center of my back. I closed my eyes and sighed softly at the touch of his warm, strong hand.
Levi plunged his hand into the warm scented water, sliding it over my shoulders and down my back, the velvety texture of my skin under his palm. The scent of my skin sent a jolt of arousal through his entire body, evocative of sweet honeydew melon and cucumbers, the smell of summertime.
I leaned forward in the tub, my head tilted forward to expose the nape of my neck, inviting his kiss. Levi set his champagne flute down and kneeled, leaning forward to brush his lips against the soft fragrant skin of my neck, his other hand slid down the skin of my arm. “Come inside,” I finally said, unable to ward off his attempts at getting us both naked and doing things that were forbidden especially if we just had to wait one more day.
Chuffed that he’d managed to break down my resolve, he stood and kicked off my slippers, tossing them into a corner with his socks. I leaned back against the side of the tub and watched him, my eyes lingered on his shoulders and arms. He unbuttoned his shirt and my breath caught in my throat as he tossed it on the countertop. His dark skin against the pale colour of his trousers sent a shudder of anticipation through me, my fingers itched to touch the lean muscles, run my fingers over the smooth skin covering his chest. A dark line of downy hair lead down into the waistband of his trousers, and the only thought I had was to follow that line with my lips to where it lead. His eyes were locked on mine, the colour deepened with desire.
Levi unzipped his trousers and stepped out of them, following with his boxer briefs. My gaze travelled down his stomach and over the taut skin of his pelvis, and my nipples grew hard as I saw his fully erect cock resting against his abdomen. Levi stepped down into the tub, feeling the heat of the silky water he lowered himself into a sitting position. His arms gathered me to him; feeling my soft breasts against his chest caused Levi to sigh in satisfaction. His hands plunged into my hair and Levi brought my mouth to his instinctively, tasting my lips and teasing open my mouth. I slid my hands up his chest and shoulders as his mouth explored mine leisurely.
His hands released my hair, slid down my back and cupped my ass, drawing my body closer against him. Our long passionate kisses intensified and I could feel his heart thumping loudly in his chest, keeping pace with my own. I parted my legs and floated astride, nestling his throbbing cock between my thighs, feeling the tip of his head against my swollen clit. An indrawn breath escaped my lips as Levi shifted his hips slightly, rubbing the tip over the slippery flesh. His hands squeezed my ass as his lips travelled down the line of my jaw and over my throat.
Levi could feel my hard nipples brush against the swell of his chest as he lifted my body up slightly in the water. Bubbles clung to the tops of my breasts as Levi tasted his way down, the scent they released filled his senses. I brought my knees up and kneeled on the bottom of the tub, straddling Levi, my hands slid up his shoulders and over the corded muscles of his neck, my fingertips brushed over the nape of his neck and ears. His lips branded my flesh as they travelled down, and I tilted my head back and closed my eyes, shivering in complete abandon to Levi.
His hands slid up over my hips and narrow waist, sliding up to cup my breasts in his strong hands. My hips shifted the tiniest bit and the head of his cock slid over my clit once more, forcing a moan from me. I murmured his name, my hands slid over his neck and into his hair that was tied up, feeling the hardness of it under my palms. His lips travelled down over the swell of my breast, brushing the tip of my puckered nipple with his lips, and Levi heard my indrawn breath in response. The hot water lapped sensuously around our bodies, bubbles clung to our skin as Levi flicked the tip of his tongue over my nipples, one after the other. His hands squeezed the fullness of my breasts as he drew his tongue over them, pausing to take a nipple into his mouth and suck on it.
A low moan came from deep in my throat as Levi sucked on the hard tip, using his teeth to nibble at the velvety point. His thumb rolled over the other nipple and Levi pinched it between his finger and thumb, lightly twisting it. My nails dug lightly into the skin of his shoulders as Levi reluctantly released my nipple from his mouth, only to plant a trail of hot kisses down my stomach.
My hands slid down under the water to wrap around his thick cock. He groaned softly against my mouth as I shifted my hips, rising up slightly, my fingertips rolled over the tip of his sensitive head and I held it against my entrance. Levi entered me in one long thrust, both of us cried out involuntarily with the contact after so much time had passed since we were last connected in the most intimate way. I clenched my inner muscles around his cock and lowered myself, impaling myself on his shaft, sinking Levi deeply inside of me. Levi leaned his head back against the rim of the tub, feeling my nipples rub the smooth skin of his chest. “I missed being inside you, love,” he breathed.
My hands rested on his shoulders and I bent my head to meet his lips again, gazing deeply into his eyes as I arched my hips up and then back down the length of his cock, slowly rocking upon his lap, savouring the feel of him massaging me from within. Levi felt my lips on his chin, over his jawline, slow sensuous kisses on the line of his neck. I licked the hollow of his throat, tasting the unique taste of his skin, feeling his hips arch up to meet my downward thrusts. The heat built as we moved together as one, the water lapped at our skin and swirled between us.
His hands gripped my ass tightly, pulling downwards as Levi thrust upwards, he felt himself completely engulfed by the heat and slippery interior of my pussy. Levi grit his teeth, fighting to make it last, feeling my lips and tongue sliding around up the side of his neck, my breath warm and fast in the cup of his ear.
"I love you," he whispered, and I quivered at the breath puffing against my skin.
My hips thrust down upon his lap again and again, a slight circular motion and increasing the speed, sliding Levi in and out of me, clenching my inner muscles around the length of his cock.
Levi lifted me into his arms and stood in the tub before getting out of the tub and laid me down on the sheepskin rug. He paused for a long kiss upon my lips before his strong hands turned me over onto my stomach and raised my hips into the air. He ran his hand up my back and into my hair, rubbing the natural strands between his fingers before sliding a hand under me to cup a breast in his hand.
I moaned in response, my nipple hardened instantly in his palm. With his other hand, Levi guided his throbbing cock towards the entrance to my pussy once more, teasing me with the tip, brushing the head over my clit and made me gasp. In a hard thrust Levi slid inside me, a soft groan escaped his lips. I relished the feel of Levi filling me with his cock, sliding in deeply.
"Yes, baby," I whispered, lost in euphoria.
His hands pulled my hips back into him as he thrust forward, deeper and harder. My fingers clenched the sheepskin run as Levi pounded into me, thrusting back into Levi, feeling that edge sweep towards me once more. One of his hands left my hips and slid around my waist, his finger and thumb pulled on my clit, rubbing it between his fingers, and I shuddered as I felt the build up to my orgasm. Hearing Levi cry out before feeling his hot, slippery juice explode into me made me whimper in frustration. Levi shuddered, waves and waves washing over him as he came.
He withdrew and I sighed at the loss of him filling me up inside. Levi slid down beside me, gathering me back into his arms and holding me close, his heart beating wildly. I curled up close beside him, sliding a thigh over his leg and wrapping my arms around him, my damp hair draping across his chest and my head resting in the crook of his arm. We stayed like that for a little while before we jumped back in the tub and spoke about whatever came to mind.
When the warmth of the water grew cool as we lay there Levi buried his face in my hair, murmuring sweet nothings in my ear. I listened to his heartbeat, sliding my hand up and over the taut skin of his chest. Levi slid his hand slowly up my arm, feeling the coolness of my skin. He stood, pulling me up and lead me to the bedroom after we blew out the candled he’d lit up. Sliding between the cool sheets, Levi gathered me against him once more, pulled the sheets and down comforter over me. I curled up against his warmth, drowsy with contentment and fell asleep in his arms.
The following morning, as we showered after our morning jog, I asked, "Are you ready for your shave?"
Thando: I think so but you better be careful, I don't want you to cut me.
Me: Go lay down and I'll be with you in a moment. Put a towel under your ass so we don't get the bed wet.
When I came out of the bathroom, armed with one of the new vibrating safety razors, a can of shaving cream and a pan full of warm water she still looked uneasy.
"Are you sure about this?" She asked.
"Relax. Just lay back, close your eyes and enjoy." I directed.
She did as I said and let out an almost imperceptible sigh as I covered her entire groin with a very warm, wet, hand towel. When I removed it and started to apply the shaving cream that I had warmed in the water, she smiled and opened her legs a little wider.
"Ooh, I like the feeling of that."
I did too but I had a job to do. I carefully spread the cream all over the fine layer of hair around her pussy. I couldn't help but think how much it looked like whipped cream and thought of what would happen if I actually covered her with whipped cream and lapped it all up. Now and then I 'accidentally' let my fingers slide along and into the lips of her vagina.
Carefully, I swiped the hair and shaving cream away, rinsing the razor in the pan of water between each stroke. Soon, I was rewarded with a wonderful sight; a beautiful, completely hairless pussy. It looked delicious. With the washcloth, I wiped away the last vestiges of the shaving cream and then it was my turn to get a trim.
Still nude, Our Love armed herself with a comb and a pair of scissors and told me to lie down on the bed. I lay back and enjoyed the erotic pleasure of her soft hands, pulling, pushing and prodding my sensitive dick back and forth as she trimmed the hair around it. After just a few minutes of this I couldn't help it and I could feel my cock getting hard. I opened my eyes and looked up at her to see her reaction. As she worked, she was peering intently at my crotch, her tongue clenched tightly between her teeth and sticking out the side of her mouth. She was so intent on what she was doing I don't think she even noticed I had an erection and that my dick was hard as a rock in her hand.
She was standing alongside of me, with one foot on the floor and the other knee on the bed, right by my waist. My hand eased over to her and began caressing her buttocks, then slowly slipped between her legs.
When I put my finger in her wet box, she looked at me and smiled, opened her legs a little, closed her eyes and enjoyed what I was doing to her for a moment before she pulled the towel from under me, carefully placed it on the floor, dipped her head and took my hard cock into her mouth.

I had long since learned that she was an expert in the art of fellatio. At the very bottom of her downward stroke she could override her gag reflex and take my stiff dick down her throat. At the top, she liked to suck on the knob like it was a lollypop, running her tongue all around and along the sensitive bottom of the shaft while holding it up with her hand. I let her have her way, watching her head bob up and down, up and down, up and down.
As much as I was enjoying this, I knew that it wasn't a one-way street. At my urging and without missing a beat, she straddled my face with her delicious pussy well within reach of my tongue. I lapped greedily at the love nectar she was producing while she did her best to make me forget everything in my life except my hard cock slipping in and out of her mouth.
I had to concentrate to be sure I gave her as good as I was getting. I was able to slide my tongue between the lips of her pussy and plunge it deeply into her snatch repeatedly, almost in cadence with her taking my cock down her throat. On an impulse, I used the handle of the vibrating razor to caress the area between the lips of her cunt while I nuzzled, licked, tasted, sucked and generally lost myself in her depths, savouring both the exotic nectar and the smoothness of her skin. I was pushing my nose hard against her clit while my tongue drove itself deep in her cunt.
I think she had an orgasm almost immediately but I was so lost in my own feelings of ecstasy I was not sure. My mind was awash with the sensation of euphoria that comes with an outstanding climax as I spewed my load.
She was holding my head captive with her thighs, her cunt pressed hard against my mouth. She stopped nursing on me, raised her head, closed her eyes and concentrated on my tongue pushing in and out of her. She was grinding her snatch against my face. When I knew she was close, I wrapped my arms around her waist to hold her in position, found her clitoris and sucked it between my lips. Each time I caressed it with my tongue, she quivered and let out a little moan. Very soon, she was jerking so hard it was all I could do to contain her with my arms. I knew I had done my duty when she let out a loud sigh, released my head from the grasp of her legs and wilted on top of me.
She was almost in a stupor as she swapped ends and unhurriedly settled on my swollen cock. With her hand, she poised the tip of it at the lips of her vagina and carefully lowered herself, bit by bit, down on it. The sensation of warmth and encasement as it slipped slowly into her was ecstasy. She began to post up and down and I knew she liked to watch my face as she brought me to the edge of jubilation. She was smiling as she rode, hands on my chest and watching my face. It wasn't long before I succumbed to the sensation of my sensitive flesh sliding up and down within the sleeve of her soft nana. My thumb moved over her clit, her eyes were on my face as she cried out my name. Her body vibrated under my hands.
I could feel my second climax that glorious morning building like a storm on the horizon, growing, swirling until it was overpowering and finally exploded out the end of my cock, shooting cum deep into her. I thrashed in her grasp, my body trembling in delicious pleasure, the edge of the world rushing towards me as I burst into an orgasm, a long low cry tore from my diaphragm with the intense pleasure of it. My body gave her every drop of semen that it had stored in my balls. I was done for, spent and almost comatose with sexual gratification and pleasure.
“I love you,” she said softly as she collapsed into me.
“I love you too.” I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her against me, kissing her soft lips. “Call in sick baby, you can’t go to work on our wedding day.” I said when I pulled back.
She laughed and asked, “Are we seriously going to do this? Maybe we should wait for a week just to make sure that we’ve both thought about it and it’s something that we really want to do.”
My brow furrowed and I propped myself up with one arm to look down at her. “Have you changed your mind already?”
Thando: No. What do you mean by ‘already’?
Me: I mean you change your mind all the time, it’s really hard to keep up. I don’t need time to think about this, my mind is made up.
She wrapped her arm around my neck and pulled me back down. “I want to marry you. I’m just not really sure if skipping tradition is the best idea in the world. Besides, every girl wants a wedding.”
Me: You will get the big wedding one day and we will follow tradition but we would have signed already.
I reached for her phone on the pedestal and gave it to her. “Call Jean and tell her that you are sick.”
She pulled back a little and met my gaze. “I can’t baby. We are interviewing two people this morning. I should get going or I’m going to be late.”
I offered to drop her off. Before long we were on the way to her workplace and we’d agreed that we were going to the Magistrates court during her lunch hour and she had to do everything in her power to convince Jean that she was sick so she didn’t have to go back to the office after we tied the knot.
Feeling playful while waiting at a red robot, I quickly texted the answer to an easy question posed by DJ Wicked which would put me in line to possibly get a call back to answer a series of questions in a bid to win R10 000. To my absolute horror I so happened to be the first to text the first correct answer and I got the call back. I spoke to a lady off air who asked me a series of questions about myself before I was live on air. I put myself on loudspeaker and gave the phone to Our Love.
“We were pleasantly surprised to hear that Bafana Bafana player and Sundowns captain, Luvuyo Nobanda will be taking a stab at answering ten questions in sixty seconds in order to win R10 000. Luvuyo, how are you this morning?” DJ Wicked asked excitedly.
I chuckled. “I didn’t actually think I was going to get through because my general knowledge is horrible. Luckily bae is with me so she will help me.” My statement made Thando burst out laughing while shaking her head.
DJ wicked: Unfortunately for you, you now have to represent all the soccer players out there and show South Africa that soccer players have brains and their general knowledge isn’t limited to sports. Luckily, you have someone to improve your chances. So who is bae?
“Bae is my fiancé, Thandolwethu Khoza,” I said without thinking and immediately regretted it because I knew some reporter was listening and my slip of the tongue was going to turn into an article within the hour. I wanted to play it down but there is no explaining ‘my fiancé’ away. There was pandemonium in the studio as the co-hosts and producers of the radio show latched on to my statement and hammered me with questions of when? Where? How? Can you give her the phone so that we can congratulate her?
Not wanting to embarrass me by snubbing them like she always snubbed the media, Our Love spoke to them briefly before I informed them that she was really, really shy so they had to stop firing questions at her.
“Fair enough.” The co-presenter said. “Congratulations once again guys and before we delve into the quiz I must just say that I’ve had a strong suspicion that the two of you were those friends that needed a drunken night of wine to act on the feelings you’ve clearly always had for each other. The video you uploaded for the DJ Coffee We Dance Again challenge was too adorable, you are exceptional dancers and the little routine was too cute.”
“Thanks, that sweet of you.” Thando and I chimed at the same time which made everyone laugh.
“They don’t just finish each other’s sentences but they think of the same sentences.” Another co-presenter gushed. “We want the invite to the wedding guys, there is a seshweshe in my closet that is ready to wear. I am ready. I will wait for the invite.”
DJ Wicked jumped in. “Let’s get into the quiz to see if they can win R10 000 towards the wedding shall we?”
“Yes, please.” I was glad the chaos had died down and that Our Love didn’t seem upset by the personal questions.
“Okay, you know how this works. We will ask you ten questions in sixty seconds, if you answer all of them correctly we will deposit ten thousand rand in your account. Both of you can answer to increase your chances of winning some money towards the big day. Ready?”
Me: Ready.
DJ Wicked: Thando, are you ready?
Thando: Yes.
My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach when he said, “Your time starts now.” I could already see the barrage of tweets ridiculing us if we failed dismally at this quiz and I immediately regretted acting without thinking of the consequences.
“Which City is known as the City of Wind?” The first question was posed and I couldn’t hear myself thinking with my heart hammering against my ribcage beside the fact that I had no clue.
“Chicago.” Our Love’s answer took me by surprise and it was correct.
DJ Wicked: Complete the saying, ‘never judge a book by its…’
Thando: Cover.
DJ Wicked: Which tennis player has been suspended for two years for failing a doping test at the Australian Open?
Thando: Maria Sharapova.
DJ Wicked: Correct. ‘I did a laugh in the middle of a deathly scene just to see how far I’d taken it’ is the opening line to which one Black Coffee’s hit songs?
Thando: We Dance Again.
DJ Wicked: Correct. Spell acknowledgement.
Thando: a-c-k-n-o-w-l-e-d-g-e-m-e-n-t.
DJ Wicked: Correct. Which Hollywood a-lister has been cast to play the role of Muhammad Ali in the remake of his biopic?
Thando: Will Smith.
DJ Wicked: Correct. Bangkok is the capital city of which country in southeast Asia?
Thando: Thailand.
DJ Wicked: Correct. Which South African rapper has been nominated for a BET award alongside AKA and DJ Black…
Thando: Cassper Nyovest.
DJ Wicked: Correct. Arsène Wenger, Mauricio Pochettino and Guus Hiddink can each be associated with which sport?
“Soccer.” I finally answered when Our Love looked up at me.
DJ Wicked: According to Forbes, who is the highest paid female athlete?
“Maria Sh-“
“It’s Serena Williams now babe.” I interjected. “Serena Williams.” I gave the answer.
“Congratulations, you have won yourself ten thousand rand. Or rather Thando won the money seeing as she answered eight of the ten questions corretly. Is it safe to say that she is the brain in the pinky and the brain duo?” DJ Wicked joked and we all howled.
“I think it’s safe to say that.” I conceded through giggles.
“I’m on your instagram page Luvuyo and I am gawking this picture of you in Mauritius and the two of you are stunning. I don’t think I’ll be able to eat a burger for the foreseeable future after seeing Thando slaying us in a one piece swimsuit.” A co-host chirped.
“Thanks? We try.” Thando blushed.
“She is gorgeous. She has brains and she sounds so sweet. I can see exactly why she managed to get the legible bachelor to put a ring on it. Unfortunately we have to let you go but we must get the two of you in studio soon for a proper interview. I have a strong feeling that many will fall in love with your love story.” DJ Wicked rounded off and we went off air where I gave them Thando’s account number.
“You are so crazy!” Thando squeaked and swatted my arm as soon as we got off the phone. We were parked outside her office block and I really didn’t want her to leave.
Me: I am so sorry I slipped up baby. I just got over excited and it came out.
Thando: It’s okay. It’s a white station so I don’t think my family members will hear about it.
Me: I had no idea that you were such a smarty pants. Windy City? Really?
“I told you I’m smart but you don’t believe me,” she clowned. “I have to go, it’s a minute to eight.”
I drew one of her hands to my lips and kissed her knuckles before she got out of the car. I did that again after sliding on a princess cut diamond ring that had been passed down three generations of Cohan women that afternoon. She then signed on the dotted line before a Magistrate and legally became my wife.
I’d always thought that I would be nervous and breaking out in a cold sweat on my wedding day but I was surprisingly calm. I had no reservations and I didn’t question my decision to make Thando my wife in this manner. For me, the most important wedding guests are family members and in our situation both families were going to fight tooth and nail to ensure that the wedding did not happen at the time when we wanted it to happen. We silenced the voices and listened to our own. I just knew without a shadow a doubt that hers was the face that I wanted to wake up next to for the next eighty years. Two more years of dating, a wedding with a herd of people that would be there to gauge the depth of my pocket by scrutinising the décor, venue and food and uncles fighting over cows weren’t going to change that.
Our Love looked stunning in the knee long white dress I’d picked out for her and I wasn’t looking too bad in my Ralph Lauren suit that had been hanging in my closet, waiting for the perfect day and the perfect event. Thankfully, she’d managed to get the rest of the day off and we thoroughly enjoyed the wedding reception for two at one of my restaurants that I booked off for the day and transformed into a floral heaven. We chatted while listening to my friend, Nakhane, in the background.
When she finished her meal she set down her fork and stood up, breaking into a smile. When she walked over to my side of the table and put her hands on my cheeks, I looked up at her and rested my hands on her hips.
“You never cease to amaze me,” she said softly. “Every day with all the little things you say and do, you make me feel special and beautiful. I’ve never felt so content before and I just want to thank you for making me your wife even though we are going to be the only ones that know that we are married for a long while. I promise I am going to love you the best way that I can and I will give this marriage everything that I have.”
My heart responded to her closeness, fluttering hopefully and I uttered these words above the noise of my beating heart, “Thank you for choosing me to be your husband. I promise I’ll always fight for us, for you and our children. I promise I’ll always be honest, even if honesty could break us. Even if the truth is harsh and unloving, I’ll give it to you, because I’d expect the same in return.
I promise to hold no secrets in my heart, I promise to share it all with you. I promise not to bring up things from the past and torment you with them. I also promise you my ultimate love and devotion. I will be faithful. I will share the covers, the pillows, and half of the bed even though you don’t. I will never complain about your snoring, even when it drives me crazy and keeps me up at times. I will do a thousand little things to remind you that I love you every single day even on those days when I ask myself why I married you in the first place.
Just like it all started with just me and you to the exclusion of all others I promise to keep it that way, it’s just me and you, forever and always. Nobody and nothing will come between us, not my family, side chicks or even Zembe. Not even death will do us part because if we truly live on in the afterlife or get reincarnated I will find you and I will be on your neck until you agree to be my partner. I love you, Mrs Cohan.”
“I love you too, Mr Cohan.”
Our wedding day was so unorthodox which was almost expected because everything about our love was unscripted. Neither one of us knew what the future had in store for us but I just knew that I would have more reasons to smile and laugh with my very own family.

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