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Unscripted love Chapter 61


And The Two Shall Become One
From the summit you could see the pearly waters and a view of Azura Quilalea Private Island. The entire stretch of the beach looked sleepy in the sun, its colour changing from white to blue, then to a darker shade of blue. Hills surrounded the island, and about midway between the peak of the hill and the waters, sprawled the big stone buildings on the private island that consisted of villas and a main two story building, nestled back in tall trees.
The path connecting the villas ran along well laid gardens, and on this warm July evening, it was my young wife who was thrilling to the panoramic view spread out before her. I walked languidly alongside my wife of seven days, her arm tightly pressed to mine, unable to stifle the blissful grin on her fresh, roundly pert and unblemished face. The new Mrs Cohan was utterly delectable, totally irresistible and very sexy.
The diamond of her newly acquired wedding ring sparkled magically in the crimson rays of the setting sun, as if mirroring the radiant happiness that threatened to burst my heart. Our Love snuggled her head against my shoulder, feeling the warmth of my brown, masculine flesh as we walked together along the gravelled path while debating baby names.
We’d spent our days on the island mostly lazing around at the beach. When we grew tired of being sloths we went snorkelling and scuba diving off the main beach. I thought it wasn’t going to be anything to rave about but the plethora of sea life on view was spectacular. We were even lucky enough to see humpback whales. We were intent on enjoying exclusive picnics and romantic candle-lit beach dinners but the baby seemingly didn’t like the food that much as Our Love struggled with keeping the exotic cuisine down.
While we were thoroughly enjoying our quiet getaway, a media frenzy was buzzing back home. I was actually glad that I was far away from the stress of having to provide evasive answers to the media, family and friends. The wild fire was sparked by my slipup on radio and reporters that spotted the large diamond on Thando’s index finger at the Durban July that we purposefully placed on the wrong finger to throw people off.
News of the engagement took social media by storm and we’d both been inundated by an influx of messages on all social media platforms. I’d also been hounded by two magazines that wanted to splash us across their next cover, complete with a two page spread. I was yet to give them a response but I already knew that Our Love would most probably turn down the offer. Thando hated the spotlight and she never dreamed of gracing magazine covers like me.
True to form, Futhi ensured that her parents saw the articles and Our Love was summoned home. Wanting to use the opportunity to tell her parents that we were expecting, Thando planned a trip home with her grandparents before we jetted off to the island. Her grandmother was hosting the stokvel ladies and she couldn’t make the trip so she had to face her parents alone. Out of fear, she denied the engagement rumours and maintained that the ring was a gift taken out of context. With her parents seething with rage she couldn’t even dream of telling them that she was with child.
Both sets of parents would know soon enough that we were intent on living the rest of our lives together with their grandchild halfway across the world and I could already tell that we were going to be met with a lot of anger and hostility.
I quickly banished my straying thoughts as we made the final turn and entered the clearing of the next villa. Yet while stepping daintily along the gravelled trail, I couldn't stop that lingering curiosity as to whether Our Love was as excited and anxiously eager to relocate as I was.
The small clearing ended at the porch of the cottage, which was now shadowed in the twilight. But the clearing itself was still bathed in hot tangerine sunlight, and the redwood picnic table and chairs seemed to gleam as if waxed with burgundy polish.
With arms encircling each other's waist, we climbed the steps of our porch and entered the large seafront villa. It was nicely decorated with a large bed and a lavish bathroom. Once inside and with the door shut, I drew my young sexy bride to me before she could reach the light switch.
Her lips pressed hard against mine, open and willing to take my tongue as it probed the depths of her unresisting mouth. Small moans of erotic stimulation gurgled from deep in her throat, and her touch seemed transcendent. We stood motionless as Thando pulled her lips from mine and gazed momentarily into my eyes. I had a little surprise for her but I needed her to leave the room. Seeing as the phone in our room was disconnected I asked her to go to the dining hall to place an order for dinner.
"Can't you go?" she asked. “I am so tired from our walk.”
"I have to use the bathroom. You know, number two," I lied.
"Fine," she rolled my eyes, trying not to think about the details of my bathroom comment. "I'll go all the way to the dining hall by myself, my wonderful husband." She said sarcastically.
I placed an order for our dinner and walked back to our villa. As I rounded the last corner I ran into another couple who were kissing passionately in one of the doorways; their door was right next to our villa, in fact. The woman looked to be in her thirties and was attractive with dark brown hair and small breasts.
She was pressed against the door by a tall well-built black man with a shaved head and dark skin. His silk button down shirt covered what was obviously a chiselled chest and his biceps strained out of the sleeves in toned dark curves. His big hands were on her ass and his thick lips were locked on the woman's mouth. Her one leg was wrapped around him while her hands were up his shirt exploring his washboard stomach that peaked out occasionally as the fabric rode up from her assault on his flesh.
Neither of them seemed to notice me as I padded past them and slid the key card into our electronic lock. The light flashed red and the door would not open. I tried the lock again - red light. I looked over at the public display to my right as the woman was now trying to open up their door as well, her back turned to her lover. But the man kept distracting her, running his hands along her hips and waist and grinding his cock against her ass.
I felt myself blushing and tried the lock again. Red light. I lightly knocked on the door, "Levi? The key isn't working, can you let me in?" I looked back over at the couple who finally noticed me; their exhibitionism ended with an embarrassed look from the two as they pulled apart and straightened their clothes that screamed tourists.
"Don't mind us, we're just having problems with our room key," the woman told me.
I smiled, "Me too." I turned back to knock on the door, calling louder, "Levi! Can you let me in? The door won't open!"
Levi yelled back, "I'm on the toilet still!"
Oh great, I thought, feeling even more embarrassed as I glanced over my right shoulder again. "Well, hurry up!"
The tall dark man gave a sexy lip-sucking kiss to the woman and stepped back, "I'm going to go get a new key. Be right back." He looked at me, "Do you need me to tell the front desk you are having problems too?"
"Oh, no thanks," I responded in a sing-song voice. "We'll get it taken care of later. Thanks, though."
The big man winked at the woman with him and walked toward the front desk, leaving the brunette and I standing there awkwardly by our respective doors. There was a long silence and then then I finally introduced myself, "Hi, I'm Thando."
"I'm Carol," she responded with a wave. “The man who abandoned me here is Keith. And what's your husband's name?"
Carol checked her watch and looked impatient as she made small talk.
"How did you know I was married?" I asked, paranoid.
"Your ring. I noticed it. It's very pretty." She said. Well that was a dead giveaway.
"Thanks." I chirped, feeling like a dunderhead.
"So.... I guess we're going to be neighbours," Carol forced a little chuckle.
I looked around, "Well, we will be for a couple hours anyway."
“We should maybe meet for drinks later.” Carol said.
“Sure. I take it Keith is your husband?” I asked, noting her ring.
She shook her head. “We are both married but not to each other.”
I tried so hard to keep a straight face so I wouldn’t appear judgmental but I was judging them. Carol went on to tell me all about her marital woes even though I hadn’t asked and she did not know me. I didn’t mind seeing as Levi wasn’t opening the door.
I’d set out everything out the way I wanted in the short amount of time I had. The cleaners had stripped the bed of its used linen and replaced it with the new ‘so-soft’ sheets as requested. To add more allure I sprayed the linen with my perfume knowing that it would wreak havoc with Our Love’s senses.
To complete the seduction I replaced the white light bulb in the bedside lamp with a soft glowing red one. The bedroom complete, I turned my attention to my own preparation. I tossed my clothes and changed into black pants, a short sleeve black shirt and a black cap I’d chosen and had hidden at the bottom of my suitcase. The cop’s uniform was accompanied by a belt with a toy gun and handcuffs. While packing for the impromptu pre-honeymoon I’d observed Thando packing an arsenal of lingerie and I headed out and got something I thought she might like.
I finally opened the door and asked her if anyone had called the police. My question as well as my uniform was met with a fit of laughter from both of us. I was actually planning on leading her inside the room, tossing her on the couch and giving her a sensual lap dance but we were hauling like hyenas and we couldn’t stop laughing as she grabbed her phone and started taking photos.
“You are insane.” She said when she finally recovered. “And you look deliriously sexy, baby. I love it. Okay, I am ready for the dance now.” She sat on the couch as though she knew that’s where she was supposed to end up. I pressed play and Zain Malik subverted the airwaves.
The mood quickly changed from playful to carnal. I enjoyed the look of surprise, and then of appreciation on her face as I began to dance. It was an erotic dance full of love and lust I felt for her. I moved sensuously and rhythmically. She sat back on the sofa to give me more room to move on her and her eyes never left my body.
She reached out to touch my hip; I felt the warmth of her hand through the material. Her hands were warm, but they made me shiver. My touch at her waist was all she needed to fly into action. Our mouths met in a tangle of heat and wet, duelling tongues as we tried to get closer to each other. My hands went to her nape pulling her up to me, her hands on my hips pulling me into her space. Gosh, that's what I wanted - to be in her space, consumed by her.
Our Love grabbed my shirt and all but ripped it open before she tore my pants off. I loved this side of her. When her behaviour was animalistic it was hard to keep from creaming in my pants like a teenager. The tables were turned when she told me to sit on the sofa and she slid out of her skin tight dress and thin jacket as she moved to the music.
She moved on my lap, rubbing herself against my crotch; we were only separated by the materials clothing the most sacred parts of our anatomy. She rubbed her pussy over me as she gyrated on me; I could feel her moving over the entire length of my cock, from the base to the top. I was planning to treat her, to cater to her pleasure, but I was caught up in the feeling of her moving over me and her scent engulfing my senses.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I discarded the last layer separating us one piece at a time. I was on fire for her when I turned her around so she could get a good look at herself in the full length mirror. I settled her onto my cock until I was buried inside of her. “I want you to watch yourself,” I said as I nuzzled my lips against her neck.
Her expression was twisted with pleasure as she thrust her hips up and down my shaft. Her tight pussy and soft, curvy body were my new sanctuary. There were no worries or cares in these moments – just me and my wife chasing the most amazing high I’d ever known.
She leaned into me and brought her legs up on the couch, placed them on either side of me. She plunged into me, over and over, harder and harder. She gasped with each thrust as she fucked me, rougher than usual while she watched our most intimate connection. She picked up the pace, breathing hard and worked herself in and out of me so hard the slapping of our bodies sounded over the Pillow Talk melody and the sounds of the waves crashing against rocks. She moaned a string of meaningless syllables as she writhed and squirmed against me as she came undone with a loud moan of pleasure. I was right behind her, groaning long and deep with my final powerful trust into her.
I lifted her up and carried her to the bathroom and eased her feet down in the shower. Her skin was dewy with sweat by the time the warm water hit our bodies. While I caught my breath, she shampooed my hair and lathered my body, her soft fingers dipped around every ridge of muscle.
When she was finished I gave her, her evening bath. The tenderness I felt when I layered her caramel skin was like nothing I’d ever known. I loved it. I loved taking care of her. I loved her.
I wanted to become the man she needed, who could head up a household and offer protection and security. More so now that the wheels were rolling. Sundowns and the club overseas were in their final stages of negotiations over the numbers. Soon, the whole country would know of the first South African born soccer player to sign with Arsenal. I was overjoyed. My dreams were at the tip of my fingertips and I was going to live them with the woman of my dreams.
Thando running out of the shower and bolting towards the toilet bowl had me breaking out in a light jog behind her. I held her braided hair up as she expelled the little she’d had for lunch. I wanted us to stay on the island forever but I was so glad it was our last night because we couldn’t find anything that my baby could stomach. Vomiting looked painful and it left her throat sore and scratchy from stomach acid.
I covered her with a towel and handed her mouthwash to rinse her mouth. She went to the room and slithered under the covers while I washed the toilet and wiped the floor. In my past life you wouldn’t catch me cleaning. Ever. Especially at a resort, but my wife had OCD and this was the least I could do.
There was a light knock on the door. I robed and received dinner. I thought it would be best to wait a while before we ate but Our Love wanted to eat. As I fed Thando her dinner while she fed me mine I could only hope that the prawns wouldn’t send her running to the bathroom. My hopes were dashed when she hurled out of bed and grabbed the bucket we’d purposefully left next to the bed. Her dinner surged up her throat and into the waiting bucket before she finished the meal.
Worried about her well-being, I stepped outside and called my mother for advice while Our Love was taking a nap.
“What do you want?” I inwardly shuddered at hearing her hostility.
“Well hello to you too, mom.” I groaned and walked over to sit on the railing because I could tell that this was going to be a long phone call.
“Isn’t there something you want to tell me?” mom hurled and my heart stopped beating momentarily. Did she know we got hitched? How would she have known if we hadn’t told anyone?
Playing dumb I said, “I don’t know what you are talking about. What have you heard?”
Mom: Are you engaged?

Her question was met with a beat of silence. “No, I am not engaged.” I wasn’t engaged, I was married so it wasn’t a lie.
“Levi. Michah. Cohan. I swear I will cut your balls off and feed them to the dogs.” She hooted.
Me: Mom, please calm down. Nobody is engaged so relax.
Mom: But I saw the pictures all over the net. You gave Thando the family jewels that you were supposed to give to your wife on your wedding day! Levi, how would you feel if you woke up one day and read about your son’s engagement in the papers? I am your mother, you were supposed to talk to me!
I stared intently at the horizon as my heart sank at her deep sense of entitlement. “When I told you that Thando is pregnant you changed your tune. You went from being her number one supporter to calling her a gold digger that purposefully got herself pregnant to trap me into a relationship. How do you think that made me feel? You think you can just run your mouth and I will still come pining to you like a loyal dog! That’s not how life works, if you want a working relationship with someone then you have to think before you say shit that could taint the relationship forever.”
Mom: We were in shock! You have been behaving like a dog, fucking every bitch in sight for the last twenty five years and you didn’t get any of them pregnant!
I shook my head in disbelief. “Besides the fact that I am not a dog that fucks every bitch on site, Thando did not plan any of this. I am the one that wanted us to stop using condoms. She didn’t want this. I sure as hell did not want this right now but we are making the best out of the situation. I gave Thando the ring as a symbol of my commitment to her and our child.”
Mom: A symbol of your commitment? That’s an engagement! I don’t understand why you are denying it. Levi, you have done unspeakable shit over the years and I have always let you get away with it because you and Zain blame me for your father’s death and I did all I could to get you to forgive me. I haven’t been a mother to you, I’ve just been a woman begging for forgiveness your whole life.
I have shown over and over that I would do anything in this world to keep you safe, that I love you the same way I love the son I gave birth to. Yet still you push me away and you don’t involve me in major life decisions, I am always an afterthought. I thought you knew my heart.
Now that you've shown your hand all I feel is numb. My heart still beats, but against a chest that feels hollow. Perhaps this is shock, I'm really not sure. All I know is that I kept on pouring in love, hoping for the day I would earned redemption for my "crimes" based on nothing but false perception but I won’t do that anymore. I did not kill your father so I will not allow myself to be persecuted for his death anymore.
Listen, I am not your keeper and I cannot make you talk to me about your decision to propose. If you want to run off into the sunset and get married to a woman that you have been dating for four months then be my guest. Do not consult me when life slaps you in the face and you have to vacate honeymoon and join the rest of us on honeyearth.
Since you have chosen to be a man then be a man. I will no longer be giving you a monthly allowance, all the bills for the upkeep of your house are now for your own account and I will not chip in to pay for staff or deliveries for your restaurants. I suggest that you get your fiancé to find you a maid because I will not loan mine to you anymore. Bring back the credit card and my secondary bank account that you have been using to pay for shopping sprees for your beloved fiancé. That is the last holiday that I will be paying for. Men and husbands don’t ask mommy for money so when your well runs dry be a man and figure it out all by your damn self.
While you are busy making plans with your fiance I want you to ask yourself if you have taken enough time to see if Thando really loves you or the things you give to her. I am not stupid, you have never come to me asking for truckloads of money before and I know you use it to pay for her debts. I’ve checked your bank statements, the amounts you spend on her are obscene. You are the very same person who must now go and shower her family with more money for supposedly damaging her when you are the one who is going to cover most expenses for the baby.
Using the term ‘gold digger’ was wrong of me but I want you to use your mind and make sure that you are not being used as a cash cow. Has Thando ever asked you how you pay for the upkeep of your restaurants? The running costs for the apartment and your house. Your car and her car. Insurance for both cars. These lavish five star resorts and hotels. Flying around first class. Has she even asked to contribute or does she sit there like a bird waiting for you to bring the fat worm.
Now that I actually think of it… wasn’t she pregnant before? Does the damages rule apply to a second pregnancy seeing as it’s a fine for damaging a person? In my mind i-
“DON’T YOU DARE GOT DOWN THAT ROUTE.” I stood up and paced up and down the porch. “Do not bring up her first pregnancy when you know that she was raped. I suggest that you climb off your high horse because we both know that you had nothing when dad found you. You failed to keep your legs closed and defiled your marriage bed yet you have the audacity to look down on me and tell me that I fuck everything that moves. Guess what? The apple did not fall far from the tree.
Don’t get it twisted. The money you now seek to hog is my money that my father left me when he died chasing after you while you were whoring around. You shouldn’t have received a cent and it sickens me that you are enjoying the spoils of my father’s labour with that man. Just because Thando is always on my neck about getting over the past and building a relationship with Joel doesn’t mean that I have forgotten. Don’t you dare start with me or Thando when you are sitting on a pile of your own unspeakable shit.” I barked. I was livid, every other emotion pushed from my being.
There was silence before my mother calmly said, “Your father created a trust fund which you can only access when you obtain your first degree. When you obtain a degree contact the trustee and make the necessary arrangements to get your money. I have let you abuse and destroy me with your words for years but I am no longer going to stand for it. You are dead to me. The courier will come and get my cards, leave them in the guard house.” She wept.
“Mom, I did not mean what I said. You were being insensitive and it just came out.” My plea was met with the beep indicating the end of the call. I slammed my fist into the railing in frustration. I couldn’t be cut off. I liked the lifestyle that I had and liked the fact that I never had to worry about money. I wasn’t so sure I wanted to find out what it would be like to live on a budget when I never had to before.
“Fuck!” I screeched. I didn’t need her anyway, I was going to get my big break and get my own damn money.
I jumped when Our Love walked out into the porch with the sheets wrapped around her body. “You okay baby?”
“Yeah, I’m okay. Just a little frustrated. Soccer stuff, you know how I get worked up.” I said vaguely.
Thando: Oh, okay. Carol from next door invited us over for drinks. We didn’t agree on a specific time so I think they’ll just show up later or something.
Me: I will never really understand how you always end up making friends wherever we go. I suppose it’s a character trait I want to learn from you.
Thando: We’ll have to do that when we are all alone in a foreign country.
“Ja, I suppose.” Relief washed over me when it appeared that Thando wasn’t eaves dropping on my exchange with my mother. I promised her the truth but she was a hormonal pregnant woman and the last thing I wanted her to know is that my mother thought she was a gold digger and I was a dog.
“So, what’s happening in soccer that’s frustrating my beloved husband?” She looked up at me and I pulled her body flush against me. The feel of her breasts on my chest stiffened my cock.
“I love you so much baby.” I really did and nobody was going to pollute my mind with their negative thoughts.
Thando: If you are starting off with a disclaimer then it’s huge.
She yelped when I spanked her ass through the thin sheet. “I tell you that I love you and you think it’s a disclaimer. We aren’t at the stage when those three words only come out of my mouth when I’ve done something wrong or it’s your birthday.”
Thando howled. “Are we going to get to that point where you tell me that you love me twice a year?” She asked through giggles.
I shrugged. “I don’t want us to get to that point. You are all I have left in this world. Luckily for us, I know exactly what we need to do to make sure that we do not get to that point.”
Thando: Hmmmm and what do we need to do?
“Have copious amounts of sex. Simple.” We hooted so loud I threw her over my shoulder and carried her inside before anyone walked out of their villas to complain about the noise. I dropped her on the bed and crawled over her.
I tucked her hair behind her ear and smiled down on her. “I am glad we are going home tomorrow, I hate seeing you suffer like this.”
Thando: Something tells me that I won’t be leaving the vomiting and nausea behind so I have to be a big girl and soldier through it. I wish I could call my mom and ask her how she handled pregnancy related ailments.
I rolled off her and grabbed my phone that was next to her head. “We have to rely on Google for now.”
Thando: For now? So you reckon our mothers will get over us getting pregnant and get on board?
“They will. Your dad will be calling, asking when we are bringing his granddaughter over.” I said and scanned the page that popped up.
Thando: That would be the ideal situation.
“Apparently ginger ale and crackers will do the trick. Let me see if I can get some for you.” I actually needed some time alone and this was the perfect excuse.
I rolled off the bed and picked up the uniform pants lying unceremoniously on the floor. I left Our Love tittering in the room from sheer disbelief that I actually left the room dressed like a stripper cop. She was yet to find out just how wild and rowdy I could get. She was yet to find out a lot of things about the man she married.
I was forced to get to know my mother’s fury when I presented my card to pay for the huge bill we’d run up over the seven day period and it was declined because I had insufficient funds in my account.
I excused myself politely and walked to the corner to call my mother who answered almost immediately.
“Did you empty out my bank account?” I sneered.
“No, I took my money back.” Mom countered.
“We are going to miss our flight if we don’t settle the bill within the next thirty minutes.” I informed her.
Mom: Not my tragedy.
Me: This is not the time for you to be teaching me a lesson. I have contractual obligations that require me to be in South Africa tomorrow.
Mom: Again, not my tragedy.
I sighed. “I am sorry.”
“That’s nice.” She said sarcastically then laughed only adding fuel to my wrath.
"You think this is funny?" I snapped.
Anger boiled deep in my system, as hot as lava. It churned within, hungry for destruction, and I knew it was too much for me to handle. The pressure of the raging sea of anger would force me to say things that would lead to irreparable harm, or to express thoughts I'd suppressed for decades. I knew I had to get out everyone's way before I erupted in my furious state. So I grabbed our bags and stepped out of the lobby. Thando followed sheepishly behind me.
“What’s wrong?” she asked.
“Mom wiped out my bank account.” I said and dropped on a chair outside the reception area.
“Where are we going to get twenty-five thousand rand? I only have five thousand rand in my account.” Thando sat back on her chair and looked at the sky as if the money was going to fall on our laps like the manna from heaven she was reading about and saw fit to discuss with me.
“Do you have a credit card?” I hated myself for asking.
Thando: I do, but it’s maxed out.
“Gees! How must debt do you have? You got paid like two days ago and you are already in the red.” I snapped.
Thando huffed, “Some of us weren’t born with silver spoons in our mouths and we have to take care of our families. We are not the descendants of white privilege.”
I wanted to cry as rage filled my belly. I felt my ears getting hot. I scowled at her then spat out "I am not going to dignify your statement with a response."
She glared at me with hatred in her cruel dull eyes. “Solomon is the only person I know who would have that kind of money.”
Me: What makes you think I would accept help from a man who wants to fuck you? Just walk me through your thought process.
Thando: I am trying to help!
Me: Well, you are not helping!
Our heated quarrel continued. It was definitely a war of words. Our voices rose above the sacred silence. Both of us at each other’s throats like savage hungry dogs fighting over ascendency.
“Why are we arguing?” I roared.
“Because you are being an ass.” She spat.
“I’m mad at my mother and I am taking it out on the wrong person. I’m sorry.” I said and placed my hand on Thando’s thigh.
“Why are you fighting with your mother?” She grumbled.
“She heard about our alleged engagement on the news so she is hurt.” I told her.
Thando: Understandably so, any parent would be furious. I just don’t understand why your mother has access to your bank account.
Me: It’s a very long story.
Thando: Summarise it.
“She subsidises my lifestyle. She says I must stand on my own two feet if I want to run off and be a husband.”
Thando: I agree with her. You are way too old to be getting subsidies from your mother. I don’t really know how your finances are structured but we need to find a way to live within our means.
“I suppose. Let’s talk about our expenses when we get home, we’ll also draw up a joint budget. For now, the descendent of white privilege will call his banker and ask him for money from his short term savings pocket that was set up by his aunt. I will pay an arm and a leg on fees but I don’t really have a choice seeing as my mother has gone on strike.” I said and made the quick call.
Our Love gave me a weak smile. I kissed the top of her head and whispered, “We’ll be fine. I make a healthy sum so we don’t have to cut back that much.”
“It’s not that. I’m just wondering how your mother will react if she found out that we are married if she’s already doing all of this now.”
I looked back up at her, saw her eyes were getting heavy. I wasn’t sure if she was about to cry or tired from the long night with Carol and her crazy boyfriend. “Nobody has to know that we’ve jumped the broom. I have asked Kagiso to help me draft a letter to your dad to get the ball rolling on lobola and inh what what.”
Thando laughed. “What does Kagiso know about inhlawulo? He’s Sotho.”
“He knows more than me so that’s a start. I’ve decided to cut the Cohans out of the process because they simply don’t understand it nor see the significance of this whole thing.” I decided.
Thando: Won’t the Cohans feel left out?
“That is not my tragedy.” I mumbled, my fingers twiddled over Thando’s stomach and I could see the tiny embryo in my mind. Seeing the tiny dot and hearing the heart beating was surreal and I fell in love instantly. It made me wonder if my father felt the same way when he saw me for the first time.
“When you head off to see your family I am going to visit my dad. I want to see where he stays, meet my siblings and get to know them. Keagile wants to name the baby Bokamoso by the way. I like it but I forgot what it means.” I said and continued to skim my hands over her belly, loving the feel of it under my fingertips.
“Bokamoso... that’s nice and unique. That’s the first name we agree on.” Thando said.
“Bokamoso it is. Now we need to agree on her Zulu name.”
We both fell silent as the reality of having a child hit us. A name was the first of many decisions we had to make together as parents. In that moment of peace, I couldn't have been happier or more content. I continued rubbing lightly on her with my fingers, soon I heard my phone beep. Indicating that the funds were in my account and signifying the end of our honeymoon. Now we had go back home and figure out how to live on honeyearth.

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