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Sunday, July 3


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 68


Chapter 68
Mordecai's POV
Something was happening with Ria. I felt it yet I didn't want to pressurize her.I wanted to give her some time and hopefully she would explain to me what was up.
I couldn't concentrate at work. My head was all over the place.
" having a hard day already Mr M?" That was Amanda standing next to me.
Amanda was among the young lecturers in my department. She was one of the people I got along with here. Me and her were practically friends but I haven't told Ria because she was still convinced I would cheat on her. Amanda was a good looking woman so it was even going to cause more problems. I was not planning to cheat on my wife. Not ever.
" well days can't be the same miss Seboko." I replied looking at her.
" speaking of which, I won't be Miss Seboko but Mrs Ndlovu soon because he proposed " she said showing me the ring.

" oh that's beautiful. Congratulations hey. Can't wait for the invitation "
" as long as Ria and the twins are coming" she said sitting down.
Well what Amanda talked about most of the time was meeting Ria and the twins. She kinda believed she could be Ria's friend or something and knowing my wife, all she would get from her would be a cold shoulder.
I brushed Amanda off by saying Ria would most definitely come. As if that was not enough. She suggested that maybe we should have dinner with her fiancé and my family. I wasn't ready for that. How was I even going to ask Ria for this?. I actually sounded like a man who was scared of his own wife. I was actually trying to be a man keeping his family together.
I went back to class although I was in no mood for a lecture at all. When I was just about to began, my phone rang. Which I immediately answered.
As I was going out of the class one of the students shouted" but you said no phones allowed in class Mr M".

I chuckled and walked out.
Me: sorry babe. I was in class. Do you miss me, Mrs Martins?
Ria: I miss you all day, everyday. Um babe can we do dinner tonight?.
Me: um do you want us to go out or cook in or invite your family?
Ria: I don't know babe. I just need to do something I haven't done. Maybe go to a restaurant I have never gone to. Or eat with people I haven't met. I just need to clear my head.
Me: oh well I think I'm just gonna invite some colleagues.... Or not. Well i mean I'll find a restaurant we haven't gone too around Pretoria.
Ria: colleagues are fine babe. See you when you come back.
I went on with my lecture then went to tell Amanda the kinda news she might have been waiting for.
" oh my gosh, for real? Mandla would be delighted I'm sure. Let me call him " she walked out excitedly. I wondered what the big deal was all about. I went home early and took the twins from pre -school. They were actually excited to see me pick them up before 4pm. I was going to prepare the dinner. I found my wife sleeping. I doubt if she even went to work. I didn't ask though. The twins woke her up.
"Aiden have you actually realised mommy sleeps a lot these days" Adrien said to his brother as they stood next to their mother.
" I was about to say that. She is like that lazy hippo from the nursery book who slept a lot" aiden said and they all giggled.
" OK boys go and change now" I said and kissed their mother on the forehead who was giggling with them.
I prepared the dinner with the help of my wife who seemed to be in a better mood than before.
At 19h00 Amanda and her fiancé as well as another colleague of ours Jason arrived.
" you didn't tell me your wife was this beautiful Mr M" Jason whispered to me.
" don't even think about it Mr " I smiled.
The dinner went well although it comprised of Amanda asking us million questions. Like how we met and all that. To her it seemed like we had it all. I never told her my father was a rich man which was probably making her wonder how we could afford a mansion with our salaries. Ria answered most of her questions but never disclosed that I ever did her wrong since we met. She just make it sounds all extra perfect. I was glad. These people were better off without knowing my life. The night was successful. The twins we're playing PlayStation while we had the dinner. They actually ate before the guests came and they were more than happy to play games. Those two would have definetly ask our guests million questions. That is what they loved doing. Asking questions.
Our guests left around 10 and the boys were still playing games.
" oh my gosh you let 5 years old kids play games for three hours? Babe that is illegal " Ria said when we were cleaning up the table.
" it was just a once off thing. All work and no play makes john a dull boy" I said.
After tidying up, we tucked the boys in.
" babe I wanna tell you something " Ria said holding my hand.
" what is it babe" I asked sitting her down on our bed.
" I have cancer" she blurted.
"What?" I mumbled.
She looked at me with tears in her eyes.
" oh my God! Oh no. This is not happening Ria. No! It can't be happening" tears were already flowing down my eyes. I tried wiping them but it just got worse. I felt like a defeated man.
If this is what life is all about then I don't want it anymore!!!!.

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