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Monday, July 11


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 70


Chapter 70
My head felt like a marathon because million thoughts were running through it. I started sweating. I couldnt think properly.Maybe my brain had overheated and blown a fuse.
For some reason I have come to believe that nothing would ever send me to a frenzy. That's cause i have been through a lot. I quickly got into my car and drove off to the police station. Allan had sent me a message to bring my bank card so we could make bail.
When I got there Allan was sitting on the bench.
"Where is he. What the hell happened?" I asked clearly freaking out.
" calm down Ria. He is in the holding cell. We need to bail him out. I dont have any money with me. I just hope you do." He said.
" i aint bailing him out without knowing what happened" i said sternly, a bit more composed than i was before.

" he got arrested because Amanda claimed he raped her."
I paused for a moment. Rape? Like for real? Amanda of all people. It must have been a joke.
"We both know he didn't do it Ria. She is just being bitter" Allan added.
I just stood there in silence. I couldn't fathom it.
" well since it looks like you know what was happening between them you can start explaining it to me. They were dating weren't they?." I asked looking at him.
"They were not Ria." He replied.
" well I'm not bailing him out. Let him spend the night in here or the weekend for all I care. I'm sure he was busy with her all those times he claimed its the research " I said walking out. Allan called after me but I left. I was raving to myself. I didn't even understand what I was saying. He disappointed me. I couldn't even tell anyone about this, not even my own mom. I texted Christy and told her what happened. I just said Mordecai was arrested. Within some time, she buzzed at the gate.
I explained everything to her and she hugged me. I did talk about Amanda when I was with her so she kinda knew her. However she was mad that I didn't bail him out.
" I couldn't bail him out because its not allowed after hours. Rape is a serious offence and he will only get bail in court on Monday. There is nothing I could have done." I said.
We didn't talk much about the issue but went to sleep. Christy called Allan and told him she would be sleeping over at my place. She said she left the baby with the nanny who was a stay in.
Saturday morning I was woken up by Christy who said breakfast was ready. I was really hungry. My mom said she would bring the boys because their dad promised to take them somewhere. I just said ok and let her be.

" do you believe he raped her? Christy asked when I have just started eating.
" No, i dont believe he raped her. He didn't. They have been doing it behind my back. Behind her husband's back. They have been enjoying it. She made him laugh while when he came back to my house, he would just frown and as if that was not enough for him. He would want sex every 2 seconds. He would get on top of me and sweat. He would sweat on top of me Christy. Not make love but sweat. Between me and you, the girl just wanted money. I'm sure its a deal gone wrong and she cried foul because Mordecai doesn't have the money she might have wanted and he is going to go to jail for it and i will gladly watch him. " I said throwing my hands all over the place.
"Wake up and smell the coffee Ria. He is your husband and right now you don't even know his side of the story. You are holding a gtudge against him. Just because he did you wrong 100 years ago. You are still crying foul. He is a good father and a husband . he might not be perfect but you know he is. So just go and be by your man' s side. Isn't what the' through good and bad times' were all about in your vows?." She shouted.
" enough!! Christina. I have heard enough. OK? No more lectures. I'll go be by his side. " I said and walked out.
I'm sure Allan put her up to this. My boys came and I didn't tell my mom what had happened. I still believe she hasn't forgiven Mordecai because would always tell me that he might do it again. So telling her would just be adding fuel to a fire.
I told the boys dad had an emergency that he had to attend and won't be around for the weekend. Christy left in the evening and I was left with my boys who couldn't stop asking me million questions. I started wondering what would happen if their father was to get sentenced.
Monday morning I woke up a bit late. The schools had closed so I decided not to take the boys to pre-school. I called in sick so I couldn't go to work.
I decided I was going to court around 11.
I was going to bail Mordecai out. Just when I was done dressing up and preparing to take the boys to my mom,Mordecai entered.
" Ria.I swear I didn't do it. I swear on my mothers grave,I didn't rape her. And when you were not coming to see me, I thought maybe you believe that I did it. I can't lose you over this.im being framed Ria." He said the moment he saw me
I just stood there and looked at him. I could see the truth in his eyes. He didn't do it. My husband didn't do it.
I went to him and hugged him. Ag he stinked but I kept on hugging him. He needed it.
" everything will be alright, I promise " I said.
I told him I was going somewhere. I ran him a hot bath and left the boys with him. I was going to meet somebody whom I hired to investigate Amanda.
When I came back he was playing snakes and ladder with the boys.
" we need to talk, boys please go play some games with your playstion " I said smiling and they immediately ran to the play room.
They were not allowed to play games every now and then and when they got that chance they would get so excited.
Mordecai sat on the couch next to me.
" you were dating her Mordecai, weren't you" I asked calmly.
" I swear I wasn't Ria. We kissed once and it never got anywhere because I stopped her and that's why she is mad. This is all because she has been seducing me and I always shut her off. Please believe me" He pleaded.
" how is it possible that in the world full of lust and betrayal. You are the only man I have slept with?. Should I feel like a dumbass,knowing that u go on and on doing all these things you call mistakes. Should I feel like a dumbass because I am able to cheat on you yet I don't. Maybe I should. " I shouted.
" oh hell no you won't " he shouted back.
He took me offguard. What the heck.
" I'm sorry. Ria I didn't sleep with that girl. I swear I didn't. The sooner you believe me the better. I need you on this one. Together we can solve it." He said calmly.
My phone rang and I answered it. I listened to what the person was saying then said thanks. I was waiting for this phone call since I didn't get much from the meeting I had during the day.
" here goes. Your alleged victim was never a lecturer but a student who was just a mere tutor who made you believe she was a lecturer. How? I don't know. Either way this seem to have been planned because mandla is not the fiancé and Amanda is actually your ex wife's sister. Lucy!
"What?" Mordecai shouted kinda taken aback.
Lucifer was back and she striked when we least expected it.

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