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Saturday, July 9


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 88


few weeks had passed by
with it the moods of my husband
he was like a new born baby, one minute happy and the next so fussy and angry
besides his anger, was forever quarrels
i stared at the mirror for the longest time
it was already 3:00 am in the morning and my husband was still not yet home
i threw myself in the bed and wiped my tears
i could hear her sister snoring in the other room
what was happening to my home

not so long ago we were so happily inlove
everything seemed fine
if only i were able to give him the baby he badly desires
i threw the positive pregnancy test against the wall
it hurts so much, it should be me
this was suppose to be mine
i wail even a bit louder placing my hand on my face
right then my bedroom door flew open
my husband walked
i could smell the cheap perfume from miles away
i slowly wiped my tears
as if he had done nothing wrong he walked up to me and kissed my forehead
"sorry am late" he said coldly
i look at him
and i saw no trace of the man i married
i had no knowledge of this stranger who has just walked in my room
i think the anger i had swallowed me whole so i just released one hot slap in his face
Him: what the hell
he looked puzzled
fine wrinkles formed on his forehead
me: how dare you
how can you disrespect me like this
you come home drowning in cheap perfume
and tell me you sorry you are late
who the hell do you think i am
i see you must mistake me for a fool
he didn't say a word
instead he loosened his tie
before i knew it he came to me
held me roughly by my nighty
he pinned me against the wall
then he delivered more beatings than my tiny body could handle

i screamed and cried in pain as my husband kicked me mercilessly
i literally felt my bones shattering into tiny pieces
mam'nomcebo hit harder at the door
asking yolo to open up
but yolo wouldn't barge
infact its like he didn't hear her
he just continued beating me
tried as hard covering my face
"bitch, am gonna teach you a thing or two about manners today
i see you have gotten used of the idea of just slapping me
now fight back, since you have such energy fight back dammit" he shouted
i was busy screaming and asking for forgiveness whilst still on the floor
his foot stamped harder at my stomach
i was so sure that my husband wanted to kill me that morning
to be continued
‪#‎sorry‬ for the mini skirt guys i have lost the phone i use for facebook
please bear with me

i was so tired of screaming
my whole body was in pain
just for few minutes he stopped
i lay there still
i was so sure that my bones were broken
i took a deep breathe
but breathing alone was just as painful
him: look at what you made me do now
i laughed at that statement sarcastically
he was so unbelievable
me: what i made you do, really
are you kidding me
him: athe you are so disrespectful and hot headed
you talk to much
you raise your hand at me
its like you have forgotten that i am the man of this house
me: how can i respect a man who doesn't respect himself
you don't respect our marriage
you are a cheater and an excuse of a man
i can smell her perfume on your clothes
just save me the heartache and tell me who is she
him: who is who
me: the woman you are coming from
who is she
is she the one whom you impregnated
does she even know that you are married
does she know that she is a home wrecker
mmh who is she yolo
and why is she so determined to take my happiness away from me
i paused
tried to sit up but my torn ribs wouldn't let me
tears fell continuously
not because of the physical pain but because the emotional pain was more intense
him: am not cheating on you or even got someone pregnant
were did you get such nonsense
me: yolo i am not a fool, i have eyes
i saw all the changes
the morning sickness you have been having
and your forever changing moods swings
please just tell me who is she
him: well you are right i did get someone pregnant
and it was just a mistake
me: mistake,,really now
a mistake is where by you step on someone foot accidentally
not this
do you have any idea of what you've just did
i sobbed from the top of my voice
i felt the dagger Peirce through my heart
this man was killing me alive
i always knew that he got someone pregnant but i was just not ready to hear him say it
me: who is she
those were the only words i had managed to say
he breathed heavily
"am so sorry i have never meant to hurt you
i was so desperate for a child and i got lost in the moment" he said
me: save me the speech
i need not to know of the details
just tell me who is she
he looked away
me: omg the pregnancy test
how did it get to my house
did you bring her here
did you bring your whore in my house yolo
when....and why, why bring her in my house
who the hell is she, do i know her
he nodded his head
him: i never meant to break your heart like this
me: just tell me the name dammit
him: its...uhm..Dikel..uh..its DK
ME: what!!!?
did i hear you right, is that the same DK who was at the braai
him: yyyyess
me: no, no i refuse
i refuse to admit that I've been a fool
owh my GOD what is happening in my house
nooo please you have to be kidding
this is a dream, its just a horrible nightmare i need to wake and everything will be alright
him: am so sor...
me: save it
i cried so much
this couldn't be real
i just didn't want it to be real, the must be a logic explanation

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