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Thursday, July 14


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 89


insert 89
i woke up the next morning not able to move or even turn
luyolo was nowhere near me
i decided to stay in bed
i called the office and told them i was sick
mam nomcebo knocked lightly on my door and i ordered her to come in
she entered still in her nighty
"owh sisi did he hurt you" she said running to my side of the bed
her: yhuu owh bawo yintoni ngomyenakho
we need to get him arrested
he wanted to kill you
look at you
she looked at me sadly
i tried answering her, but opening my mouth was just as bigger mission
my lips were on fire
my cheek bones felt like they were broken
"am ohky,,,,,you don't have to worry" i managed to say
her: we need to get you to the hospital sisi
me: no, just get me pain meds and oils to clean myself from the pharmacy
i don't need a hospital
her: but sisi...
me: please mama
her: don't get me wrong but i need to say this
i don't think your husband loves you anymore
i mean a man who loves you will never lift a finger on you
even worse beat you to this pulp
i don't care how much you may have wronged him
a man should never lift a hand on his wife
i think now its getting out of hand
i was already in tears
what mam nomcebo said made sense
luyolo was no longer mine
her: please don't cry sisi
i didnt mean to make you cry
me: luyolo has disrespected me in more ways than one
he took away my womanhood
he took away my dignity
mama luyolo brought his mistress into my house
her: intoniiii (she clapped once in shocked)
aibo sisi, who?
who is this mistress and how can he ridicule you like that
rhaaa uyanya umyenakho shem
me: its some girl named DIKELEDI
she was here the weekend of the party
her: the nerve of your man
how can he disrespect you like that
ai sisi this is a lot to handle
me: whats worse is the fact that the girl is pregnant
with his child
her: iyhuu you have it hard shem
how can one person go through such hardship
why is he disgracing you like this
i prayed things never works out between him and the girl she got
we kept talking with mam nomcebo
later she left my room with the money for my meds

i got out of the bed
went to take a quick warm shower which actually took longer than how it was suppose to
i patted myself dry
and limped to my room holding the wall for balance
i stood infront of the mirror
dropped the towel
my chest had visible red bruises
my chest was really damaged
even breathing air seemed impossible
i just looked like a hot mess
my left eye was also closed
my lips were swollen
and my cheeks were worse
my face was just disorientated
my whole body was just something else
i wondered why was all this happening to me
when was i gonna find peace
why was i born to suffer
this burden was much harder for me to carry
i hated DK for doing this
how can a woman rejoice in another woman's tears
how can she find pleasure in my pain
i mean she was also a fellow woman like me
she was suppose to consider my feelings before tearing every bit of myself esteem into shreds
GOD please hear my pain and end this suffering
was this really a price to pay for being in a marriage
then i guess marriage was not for me
i was just not strong enough
later that day i was still in my room
my husband came back home caring two big suitcases
i watched as he entered the room dragging those suitcases
"we need to talk" he said searching for something in the closet
i never responded
" i think IMI is a grown girl now, we don't need a nanny" he continued
me: what now
him: we need to release mam nomcebo from her duties
besides imi is now old
me: and where is that coming from
him: I need the room, DK needs a place to stay
her parents kicked her out and she has no place to stay
and since she is caring my baby i think its only fair i let her stay here
me: am sorry what, you are bringing your pregnant roll on into my house
and who did you discuss that with?
Him: Athe please don't make this a big deal
you always make everything about you
just stop being selfish for once
am doing this for the sake of the baby
i can never allow my baby to be born in the streets
me: so am selfish,
you mean that i should keep quiet while you plan on bringing another woman into my house
really now, should i laugh and clap for you
him: you should be considerate, the is an innocent baby involve her
you need to stop being heartless for once
and think about the well being of my unborn child
i paused
i could feel the hard lump in my throat

me: why are hurting me like this
is it because of the i cant give you the baby you badly want
has your love for me disappeared
am i not the girl you fell inlove with anymore
what changed
he looked at me and clicked his tongue
me: at least you should respect me enough to talk to me first before making major decision
him: as if you are easy to talk to
me: so who's bags are those
him: have i not been clear, DK is moving in with us
me: so she is already here
Him: yes she is in the lounge, that's why you should talk with mam nomcebo ASAP
so luyolo forgot my conditions
i had told him that next time he takes decision he must consult with me first
but it seems like he is not ready to do that
i stood up
took of the ring from my left finger and placed it on top of the bed
him: and then
me: fine i will take mam nomcebo and imi with me
we are leaving your house this minute
him: but i didn't say you should leave
me: you didn't need to, bringing your sister her was the first sign that i wasn't wanted
now having your mistress has just proved how much i am not needed here so am leaving
" owh and i want a divorce so you will hear from my lawyer" i said taking out my clothes in the closet
him: a divorce, you must be crazy
i will never give you that divorce
over my dead body!!!!!
then he walked out slamming the door behind him
i just continued packing my clothes
i was leaving
and for good this time

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