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Wednesday, July 27


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 90


Insert 90
I was still roughly packing my clothes in the suitcase when the door flew open again
It was luyolo
" owh still packing i see, but if i were you i would stop because you are not going anywhere
I am not about to loose you again
I love you dammit, why is it so hard for your pathetic skull to grasp that" he hissed, his teeth tightly pressed against each other
His vein popped more visible
I look at this figure that stood before me and i saw more of a monster in him than i ever did this past few years
" why did i ever get married to this guy, what did i even see in him" i wondered to myself
" did you hear what i just said" he said well it was more like yelling this time around
The yelling brought me back to life
I slowly stood up with an ounce of anger filling my veins with each struggle
By the time i had completely stood i was already boiling with anger
I faced him with my lips quirved
Me: look at me, do you not see, how could you not see how much you' ve broke me
How dare you take my heart right out of my chest and still expect me to be alive
He looked down avoiding eye contact
Me: you can't stand how my face look like do you,
And funny enough i also couldn't stand my self this morning
It took me an hour to recognize the person who was staring right back at me from that other side of the mirror
You painted this picture
This is your hand work
How am i....
" am sorry, its just that you drove me into this" he cut me
I looked at him in disbelief, did he just blamed me for dissembling my bones last night
Did he just gave lame excuse for hitting me
Me: wow, just wow....you know what am done
You are such an Ass, why are you even here right now
Ain't you suppose to be attending to your newly found wife
Him: you are my wife, well you still are legally
Me: and you have no idea how much i hate every bit of that
I regret ever getting married to a pig like you
He lifted his hand as to slap me, i didn't even move and inch
I was not afraid, i was ready to take another beating from him as long as i get to walk out of that door in the end
" gosssh why do you keep testing me" he hissed putting down his hand
Me: just let me go, is that too much to ask
Him: you are my wife and you are not going anywhere
Me: so you mean i should share my house with your pregnant side dish never just let me to take my daughter and leave you in peace
Him: hey sisi i think you need a wake up call,
She is not your daughter remember
IMINATHI is Khitha's daughter not yours, right now you should focus on having your own daughter
If you were able to get me a baby i wouldn't have gotten my side dish pregnant in the first place
Now just take a chill pill cause you are going nowhere
He opened a drawer took a key, then he went to the door took out the key
" what the hell are you doing" i screamed limping to the door
Him: what does it look like am doing, i told you that you are not going anywhere and i meant it
So you gonna stay in hear untill you decide to stop acting crazy
Me: you psycho, you can't do this
Him: least i forget
He took the two phones on top of the bed and i was almost at the door
I held on the door handle when he grabbed my weave and pulled me back, i painfully hit the floor
I screamed in pain but he never cared he just walked out locking the door behind him
I laid on that floor crying uncontrollably for a whole hour
I was locked in my room with no phone
I couldn't even escape because the windows had steelproofs
I just sat there feeling so helpless and inferior
A very big part of me wanted to end the pain i felt and the misery i was in
Suicidal thoughts started creeping in
I felt like the world had defeated me, i feel like i had no one
I stood up went to the bathroom
I took one of Yolo's razor
I went back to the room, sat on the floor again
Let out my one wrist, i was ready to cut it when a cute lil voice called me just outside my door
"Mama, mama vula" she knocked repeatedly
That angelic little voice alone was enough to bring me to my senses
What the hell was i about to do, how could i be a coward and so selfish
Why was i taking the easy way out
I mean if i die now i would be letting Imi down, i would be giving luyolo a win in a silver platter
I would be letting him get away with hurting me

I tossed the razor away got on the bed and tried falling asleep
I must have have fallen asleep cause i woke still alone in the room
On top of my sideboard was a plate of food and a bottle of water with an empty glass
And some few pills with the ointment i figured those were for my bruises
I sat up
I didn't feel hungry so i just drank water
Then took the pain meds
The meds drugged me right back to sleep
I woke up in the late afternoon i quickly went to pee
Then walked back to the bathroom
I quickly remembered that i had a laptop
And i could use it to send an email to my brother
So i went to where i keep the laptop and it was gone
The bag was gone, luyolo must have taken it while i was asleep
Cause earlier he didn't take it
Its times like this where you wish you had a secret emergency phone stashed somewhere in your room
If only i knew that i might end up being a prison in my own room, kept captive by my own husband then i would have had one
I wondered what lie did he fabricate about why i was locked in my room

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