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Wednesday, July 27


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 91


A day had passed and i was still locked like a prisoner
I had just woken up, it was an early morning, i just didn't know what time it was cause i had no phone
The noise that filled the house disturbed me, it felt like people were fighting
I badly yerned to know what was happening
I then heard glass breaking and shatering on the floor or wall
" rhaa uyinja mntaka tata, i didn't know you can be this cruel
Do you wanna kill her over a bitch 

I mean how can you mess with that thing, Dikeledi of all people
You and i know how much of a gold digger that girl is
Ai bra uSnayi" someone yelled
And judging from how loud his voice was it was clear that he was almost near my locked bedroom
" and what does any of this had to do with you, this is my house, Athe is my wife and i decide how to run my house and handle my wife
I think this mam nomcebo of a woman must go, why did she call you
She is busy poking her nose where it doesn't belong, she is leaving this minute" yolo answered on a high pitch
" can you open this door now or else i will break it down" vuyo said
could clearly hear his voice now that's how i knew it was him
Yolo: open what door, what do you want from my wife
Don't think i don't notice how you stare at her when ever you come here
Are you sleeping with her.
Vuyo: you can say anything for all i care
But all i know is that i must get in this room one way or another
So either you open the door or i break it down, either way its your call
Yolo: the nerve, who died and made you Athe's guardian
Vaya joe or you will not like what i will do to you
Vuyo: i think you are failing to realise that am not asking you to open, am telling you
Yolo: hee ye san vaya maan, khavaye ndoda
I then i heard the sounds of the door banging
" do you wanna kill him, leave him alone damiit" a female voice cried out

For a while the banging and moaning continued
After a long while someone unlocked the door
My eyes were already pasted there
I couldn't wait to see what was going on
The door swung open and vuyo rushed in looking all bloody
" omg you are bleeding, what are you doing here" i exclaimed in shock
Vuyo: relax its not my blood, and am here to get you out of this hell whole
Mam Nomcebo called me and told me what was happening
Me: where is she
Vuyo: safe with Imi, we need to get you out of here
I think my brother has gone crazy
I tried sitting up, my body and chest were still in pain
Vuyo: what the hell.. ( for a moment he stood speechless )
What did he do to you, can you walk or should i carry you
Me: its fine, i can walk, just get my suitcase in that closet its already packed
VUYO: owk
I got up from the bed as quickly as i could
Vuyo took my suitcase and held my hand with his other hand
we walked out of the room
We bumped into DK who was busy nursing a bleeding luyolo on the floor
" mxm barren bitch" Dk said scornfully
I just kept quiet and pretend not to hear her
"I will get you two arrested for assult
How can you even get your lover boy to assult my baby daddy
You have no shame dating brothers
You are just a low life slut" she continued
Me: says the trash who is pregnant for a married man
DK: IF only you can give luyolo the divorce he wants, why don't you wanna sign those papers
He doesn't love you anymore, just get that into your thick skull and sign the damn papers
me: owh so he lies to you
DK: he lies about what, he nolonger loves you
He has a new family to build now
A real family, he has a chance to raise his son now not someone else's baby
Just sign the papers so that he can marry the person he loves and adores which is me
Just let us and our baby be happy
She slowly brushed her tummy rubbing the pain in my face
DK: you should have seen how hard we fucked that day of the braai
He chose to sleep with me instead of you right under your nose
Akasakuthandi sisi just leave him for me
We made love almost the whole night
He screamed my name while you were in the next room
The problem is i know how to satisfy my man more that you ever will
After all you are only but half of a woman
Me: how typical and low can you get, how can you call getting fucked in the toilet making love
Such a shame
And wena ( POINTED AT LUYOLO) your ring is on the bed, you can go ahead and marry your floozy
You will hear from my lawyers soon
Vuyo lets go

DK: hamba vele bitch
" Atheee.. athe wait" yolo called out
I never turned back, i just held on tightly to vuyo's arm and we walked out
I was holding tears back
I was so hurt with what DK had said, i just couldn't cry infront of her
I refused to give her that much to boost about
We exited the house and went to vuyo's car
Me: my phone and laptop is still inside the house somewhere
Vuyo: don't worry, let me go get it
The minute vuyo left the hard lump on my throat melted
How did luyolo gave that girl so much power to disrespect me
Infact she knew everything about me
I felt like the the few years i wasted on this man was not worth it
I should have never returned the first time i left
I hope and prayed that someday DK experienced the same shame and pain she has brought into my home
How can you take pride on another woman's sweats
I build this house, i practically turned this house into a warm home now this girl is warming her way into my bed
But then karma is such a bitter bitch
Vuyo came out, i quickly wiped my tears
He got in the car, handed me my phones and laptop
He then drove out

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