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Wednesday, July 27


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 92


Insert 92
Vuyo drove to his place
The moment we walked in i went straight to the couch and sat
I was in so much pain and i felt so tired
Vuyo had taken my bags to the room
" ewe mama ndimfumene, noko she's still breathing even though she is not in great shape" vuyo said, he was on the phone
Him: ewe
Him: ulapha, ohk let me give her
He handed me the phone
Me: who is it
Him: mam' Nomcebo
I took the phone

Me: hello
Her: owh nono am so happy to hear your voice
Am glad you are safe
Me: am better mama all thanx to you, if you hadn't called vuyo i wouldn't be here
Thank you so much you are a life saver
Her: ah don't mention it dear, i just couldn't sit around and watch him kill you
Am just so disappointed in him
Just promise me that you wont stay, you don't deserve this
And don't ever go back cause i promise you nono he wont change and if he does change it would be for the worst not for the better
You are the most strong woman i have ever known
But even the strongest of person there's only so much they can take in
You dont wanna loose yourself in the midst of making a broken marriage to work
Me: owh mama you are just my strength, you are like a real mother to me
Thank you for closing the void of being motherless and for caring so much about my well being
Her: i am a mother and i could never allow my daughter to go through such hardship in the name of marriage
Me: i feel like a failure, i feel like some of this is part my fault
What do you do when the person who is suppose to stop you from crying is the one who is making you cry
Why does the road to happiness has to be so blurry and full of thorns
I wish everything can just be perfect
Her: i know nono bubomi ( its life), it is just so unfair and so unbalanced
But worry not, the pain luyolo has caused you will come back to him ten folds worse
It may seem impossible right now but believe me you will get through this
You will pull yourself together, held your head high and find your own happiness
Me: thank you mama, so where is IMI
Her: running around the house
Me: where are you guys at
Her: at your home in mamelodi
Me: ohk am just glad yall are safe, i hope Khitha didn't give you any problem
Her: she understands and is so kind and welcoming
Me: great then, i will see you guys when i get better
I just don't want Imi to see me in this condition
Her: its fine dear, just take your time
Me: bye mama greet everyone for me
Her: i will sisi, just take good care of yourself
Me: i will
I then gave Vuyo his phone back
He talked a bit then hung up
Vuyo: she is such a good women
Me: yeah she is my rock
Vuyo: you are lucky to have her,
So can i get you tea
Me: yep i am famished i can eat a cow
Vuyo: don't tell me he was staving you
ME: not at all, i just didn't wanna eat the food he brought
Looking at how much of a monster he has become i don't think he will hesitate poisoning me
Vuyo: am sorry he did this to you
Just thinking about him makes me more angry
Me: well i kinda brought this to myself
Vuyo: how
Me: i married him, he cheated on me before but i still went ahead and married him what was i expecting
You cant buy an apple and expect to get an orange inside
As the saying goes, You reap what you sow,
Vuyo: don't you dare do that to me, don't ever blame yourself
You didn't do this
that cow just didn't have balls to treat you like the angel That you are
you are like a precious stone, its surprising how my brother can be so blind
Me: ncooh thats sweet
Now can you please go get me something to eat before i die of hunger
Vuyo: geez shawty you look so thin to be calling on food this much
(He Teased squinting his eyes with his tongue stacked out)
Me: mxm nigga you gay
I threw a pillow at him
He dug and ran to the kitchen laughing and all
The following day, we woke up early
Vuyo had skipped work
He drove me to the police station
Yes you heard me right, i went to get my husband arrested for hitting me and holding me hostage
After the police station we drove to centurion
I met with my lawyer and he drew the divorce papers for me
We later went to the doctor
To get my bruises attended to
After the doctor's visit we got some take aways and a bottle of red wine
I actually bought it by force because vuyo didn't want me to buy it
Apparently i was gonna use alcohol as a scapegoat for my problems
His words not mine
We later drove home
We chilled the whole day watching movies and all
We were watching a comedy atleast today i could smile or even laugh
My bloated face was gone, my lips were back to normal although i still had a blue eye and a bit of bruises
I loved being with vuyo
Being with him made me forget about my situation
He made me laugh and i felt more normal
I actually felt like i mattered
Halfway through our movie my phone rang
Shit i left it on the charger the entire day
Before i could answer it the caller had already dropped
I browsed through it and i had dozen of missed calls from Dave, Luke and Sibu,
Still startled my phone rang
It was Luke
Me: hey boo whatsapp
LUU: Am still your best friend you know
Me: huh, an where is that coming from
LUU: how can you not tell me this Peto
So that sucker hit you and then after that he dumped you for that bilton girl
Unomokhwe wento ibhityileyo with a loose panty engu DK
Me: whaaaa... where did you get that
LUU: SO you didn't see it
Me: see what
Luu: girl where have you been living, under a rock or something
Damn check your facebook
Me: owh ohk let me check
I hung up
Vuyo: whats wrong
Me: its luke, apparently am famous on facebook
Vuyo: what are talking about
Me: am yet to find out
I quickly logged in my facebook
And i noticed the picture i was tagged in by Luyolo
I clicked it open and i couldn't believe what i saw

My bartered and swollen face was there with the caption
"When Love Is Gone"
Then another picmixed picture of me, luyolo in the middle then Dk on the left
The caption was
" an upgrade, she was his before and am his after
I love my man"
My heart bled, this was just alot to take in
I mean this girl has already won the battle so why advertise my pain
Why was she so eager to mock me and where the hell did she even get That picture
I read the comments and most people were busy throwing insults, saying how pathetic it was of her to post such pictures
Some had even inboxed me saying how much sorry they were about my situation
I logged out with a already sour mood

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