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Monday, July 11


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 4



Yeah neh!  Timing is everything. Talk about wrong time, wrong place and wrong person.

I don’t know if I was shocked,  or surprised or pissed off or bored.  One thing for certain,  I didn’t like what I saw,  or should I say Who was stepping inside my house. What a total turn off.

Here I was so much looking forward to some time out only to have this uninvited and unexpected visitor throwing himself in my house. Yeah.. you guessed it...
My eyes was met by ooh so happy twins holding their happy meals, followed by their dad holding McFlurry Ice Creams and some MacDonald packages. Holy crap! What on earth is Kevin doing here?  I looked at Mamo, then DK  then back to Kevin and shook my head. The kids just passed me with huge smiles on their faces and headed to the Lounge. Mamo helped Kevin with the packages and she and DK disappeared into the Kitchen.

Kevin came closer to me . I could smell booze all over his body. Hee banna! He opened his arms trying to hug me. I moved backwards avoiding him to even touch me..It was like a stranger in front of me.  I just opened my mouth without thinking.

Nna: And wena?  What brings you here?
Kev: Is that a way to greet your Husband?

A way to greet who? Or What?  Excuse me! You better be kidding me. I giggled,  folded my hands and looked right into his face,  waiting for him to explain and then tell him to take his black ass out of my house so that I can go ahead with my plans.

Kevin came closer to me again.  This time I didn’t move. He kissed me on my cheek and wrapped his arms around me.  YAAA  neh.  Five months is a very long time. A lot can happen in those months. I must say, the man in front of me smelled disgusting,  looked thin, miserable and ugly.  It was as if he last shaved three months ago and had a bath a week ago. Okay okay...  I’m exaggerating a little. He was smelling alcohol and just looking plain.. nothing that shouted Oh here is my Oh so handsome Ex-husband or Lavo... I was sad to see the father of my kids looking like that. So messed up. He looked nothing like the Dark-Chocolate I fell in love with... Nothing like My Morris Chestnut..The guy who used to make me drool just by looking at him.

I swear, the man in front of me was a total turn off. I could not even stand the awful smell of booze from his body. I moved away from him.  I went closer to his study and leaned against the wall.  I wanted to be far from the Kitchen and the lounge. I didn't want the kids or my helpers to hear our conversation. Kevin followed me and also leaned against the server opposite the entrance. He was looking at me with some sort of disgusted eyes.

Kev: The kids have grown so big. Oh and the helpers seemed too happy to see me.  Wish I could say the same about you. You really don’t seem happy to see me.. why?
Nna: Am I supposed to rejoice? For what Kevin?
Kev: At least pretend to be happy to see me.
Nna: I’m not going to pretend. Anyway I asked you a question and you didn't answer me.. Where do you get of,  coming here,  taking my kids,  drunk as you are, and driving off with them without talking to me first? And Why didn’t you call to say you were coming?
Kev: Ooh do I now need to set an appointment to come see my family? Or spend time with my kids?
Nna: Don’t patronize me Kevin. We have an arrangement for that. The kids are only coming to your home next weekend. This is my weekend with them.

Kev: Why are you so worked up? I don’t have to wait for my turn to see them. I know where they live and I can come see them whenever I want. Do you have a problem with that?
Nna: No. I don't. I'm just surprised that you haven't been here for over Five months, and the last time you were here you didn’t even get inside the house. You asked your brother to come in and fetch some of your belongings. Now suddenly you just rock up and want to play the Husband and happy Family? Really Kevin?
Kev: Haaha Obonolo, Relax! You know very well that you are not worked up because of that.  You are pissed off because I ruined your plans.

Nna: Oohh really! You? Ruin my plans? How so? Don’t flatter yourself brother. I just don’t appreciate being inconvenienced. You can’t just badge in here unannounced and expect a round of applause. You don’t live here. You must call first.
Kev: Get off your high horse lady. Yes I might have lost my memory but, but as far as I know, this is still my home, everything in here still belongs to me,  including you.  So you can’t tell me when to come, or ask me reasons why I came.

Nna: Oh is that so?  Well you are partly right about some things. But You are wrong about one thing,  I do not belong to you, brother. And you are welcome to stay in “your house” with your family, as for this Lady, she has plans tonight, places to go people to see. So make yourself comfortable and suit yourself.
Kev: Haahaaa.. Mrs Tau, Sorry to disappoint you. You are not going anywhere.  Not tonight. So I suggest you go upstairs, take off that slutty dress and put on some decent looking clothes. You and I have to talk.

What! Like, did this half drunk man ordered me around and spoke to me like that?
No He didn’t. I just didn’t hear him call my dress slutty..This man got some hell of a nerve!

I moved towards where he was standing and asked Him to get the hell out of my house before I chase him out. He told me that he was not going anywhere so I must just forget about it. We got into an argument shouting at each other until Mamo opened the kitchen door and went to the lounge,  probably trying to make sure that the kids were not hearing us arguing. I told him that I won't be entertaining him. I was going out and he should leave and come back tomorrow in a sober state. He continued saying I wasn’t going anywhere.

Mamo called me from the lounge and told me that the kids refuse to go upstairs to take a bath and sleep. They keep asking for Lavo. I was pissed off with Kevin. So when I got to the Lounge I just shouted at them and told them to go with Mamo. I told them that Lavo left and promised them that I will call him back once they are cleaned up and ready for bedtime stories. The kids wouldn't want to hear any of what I was saying. They wanted Lavo and that was it. I didn't want Kevin to bathe them in his state. So I went back to where I left him. To ask him to tell them something else and make excuses for not going to be able to bathe them.

A O ne o mpeile kae motho! Kevin was not there.  I called his name and no answer. I went to check the garage.  To my surprise,  his car was parked inside and mine was gone. Really? Is this some kind of joke or what?  I went back inside to get my phone from my clutch bag and call him. I left the clutch on top of the server not far from his study. Hee banna.. my clutch bag was gone. I realized what he was playing at.  He thought he was preventing me to go out by taking my car and my bag?, Huu shame. He's gotta be kidding .

I used the landline and called him. He picked up and said He went to get himself something to drink and that he will be back. He asked me what I would like to drink so that he could buy for both of us. I ignored his stupid question and asked him where he put my bag and my cellphone and he said they are in his car and that he has the car keys with him. I was so pissed off. I went to check if Mamo managed to win with the twins. Luckily they were upstairs bathing. I don’t know what she told them or promised them but whatever it was really worked.

Just as I was walking back downstairs to wait for that drunkard Kevin to come back so that I could get my belongings, I remembered that I had a date and that in the next few minutes Milano will be here to pick me up. I quickly rushed to our landline to call him and tell him about my situation.

Just as I was about to dial Milano’s numbers, I remembered where Kevin's spare car keys were.  I took off my shoes and literally ran upstairs and grabbed them. I ran back downstairs to the garage, opened his car and right on his seat was my clutch bag. I quickly grabbed my bag and took out my phone.  I had two missed calls from Milano.  I was breathing hard from the marathon I just had. I quickly dialed Milano’s number.

His phone rang twice and he picked up on the third ring.

Milano: Hau Noloberry, where are you rushing off to?
Nna: Hahahaha.. can you really pick up that I was running?
Milano: Haaiboo, You were flying woman. Where are you rushing off to? Do you have some emergency you are attending to? Are you okay? Are the kokoberries okay?
Nna: Emergency? My kokoberries are okay. I’m also ok. What are you talking about?

Ohh holly crap! I completely forgot that Kevin took my car and possibly he and Milano must have crossed path. I played dumb trying to figure out what I would tell Milano if he asked about my car and the driver.

Just as I was planning for a suitable answer I heard Milano shout “fuck”

Nna: What’s wrong,
Milano: Nxxx! I just did a U-turn by the robots before your street to follow you but this drunkard woman cut in front of me. Now I can’t see your car anymore. Let me call you back.

The phone went silent before I could stop him and tell him that I was home. He hung up on me.

Holly molly.. U-TURN? To follow who?  Me? I felt a chill down my spine. I had to think fast and stop this man. Probably the reason he hung up on me is because he is trying to catch up to my car.

Milano can’t follow my car. He can’t follow Kevin. Modimo! Obonolo this is not good.

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