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Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 5


I redialled Milano’s numbers. His phone rang once and he picked up!
I just asked him where he was. He said he was still on the main road not far from my place. He went on talking about how bad traffic can be such a nightmare especially on a Friday of month end . He then asked me where I was going and if I was tied up and whether He should go back to his place. He kept asking if we must cancel or reschedule our outing blah blah.
It was then when I realised that indeed he lost sight of my car and in fact he didn’t get to see who the driver was . Thanks to the drunk driver, Milano would have followed Kevin thinking it was me. Thank goodness. I relaxed and took few breadth.
Oh well Perfect! So there was no point telling him the truth. Actually not telling him about Kevin being around doesn’t really count as lying right? I thought to myself. If it does, A little white lie wont hurt. Akere? I didn’t want to mention Kevin’s name to Milano.
Besides trying not to ruin the mood for the evening and deciding not to let Kevin’s unexpected visit interfere with my plans, I remembered that Milano and I agreed way back that under no circumstances we would not talk about our partners or should I say exes when we are together.We said only when we are ready to tell it all.
So ny excuse for lies was justified. I was not ready to open up to Milano about my ex. Especially that night. As long as I was going to make sure that the two don't meet, then no need for me to mention my ex.
Oh speaking of exes, as Milano and I got closer, he told me that he and his wife separated and that the wife moved back home. He didn’t explain much. Milano was private like that. Never divulging too much especially about his family. I knew that about him, and I must say I knew so very little about his family and I didn’t even try to ask lots of questions because he always find a way to ignore me or close off. I tried couple of times when we first met and he had always avoided the subject or tell me that there was nothing much to say or talk about his family. Although he promised that one day he will tell me in full details about that particular subject, I was okay.
I also learned not to open up so much about my family but at times I would find myself telling him about my childhood life as member of the crazy O’Family, my varsity times, mama's baking, teachings etc.
The one thing I never discussed with Milano was the Tau clan. That was off limit. I only told him that I was separated and that my husband moved out.
We were just good friends who cared for each other. We agreed that relationships were just too complicated at times.So we were not going to try and uncomplicate them by spending our time discussing them and crying over split milk. Our friendship was just enough for us to keep it platonic.
So when Milano asked me if I was going somewhere or if we should cancel, I told him that I was home waiting for him to pick me up. He asked me who was driving my car. I just heard myself saying that it is Mamo, my helper using my car. I quickly asked how far he was and that he should hurry over and pick me up as I was impatiently waiting for him and ready to go. Honestly speaking, I was not thinking clearly about lying to Milano. I guess I just didn't want him to feel awkward about picking me up while knowing that Kevin was around. Also, I wanted to just go out for a change and have fun and not have to deal with Kevin.
I called DK and told her to tell Kevin that I went out with a friend. I didn’t get into too much details but I told her to wait up for him as he left with my car and how he had a little too much to drink. I asked her to prepare the guest bedroom for him. I rushed upstairs to freshen up and powdered my face, put on a little perfume and some lip-gloss and went outside the gate to wait for Milano. I didn't wait long, Milano arrived shortly after. I quickly jumped into the passenger seat and ordered him to drive off.
I must say I was praying that Kevin doesn't show up. I didn't want drama. Luckily Kevin doesn't know Milano’s car and also didn’t know that I was not using my car tonight. So his stunt of taking my car and hiding my stuff in his car didn’t work because I had my clutch bag with my bank cards and my cellphone... and that was all I needed to go. So somehow I was relieved.
Milano took his pretty time reversing the car. He was busy complementing me and telling me how beautiful I looked and how blown up he was. I was not hearing him at all. I was panicking and anxious. All I wanted was for him to fly his car and leave Dainfern at once.
Finally he was driving out of my street into the main road.
Just as we got to a robot before entering the main road, I saw my car in front of us. Both cars reached the red robot and stopped at the same time. From where Milano’s car was, I was able to clearly see Kevin. I was so sure that Milano saw it. But if he could look in front, He will definitely see it and also see that the driver is not a woman but a man.
I needed to destruct him until the robot turns green. Out of nowhere, I pulled my “slutty dress” a little up and took Milano’s hand and moved it on my thighs. He was hesitant and surprised by my sudden awkward behaviour. He looked at me and wanted to say something. I just lifted my body towards him and kissed him. The kiss lasted a good few minutes till the car behind us started hooting at us to go. I pulled away and checked if the coast was clear. And it was. Kevin drove towards home.
I was embarrassed by my low stunt but I kept my cool. Milano was looking so confused and surprised. He kept quiet.
Just as Milano drove off he said something.
Milano: Wait a minute! Just before you go all sexy on me, I thought I saw your car approaching the robot!
Nna: Ehh my car? In front of us? Nah I didn’t see it hey!
Ooh shucks! I hope Milano didn’t see the driver.I thought to myself. I knew if he did then I have to come clean and tell the truth.
Milano: I really think I saw it. And I could swear it was a man behind the wheel.
Didn’t you say your helper was using your car?
Nna: Yah..I said so.. she is
Milano: Maybe we should U-turn and go check if your helper is Okay! The way she was speeding earlier, I got so worried, Now seeing a man driving your car? Something is wrong!
Nna: No! Let’s go. She will call if there's anything wrong.
Milano : Well if you insist. But yoh your helper must be build like a man.
We laughed at Milano's statement about my helper. Deep down I hated the person I was. Kevin really brings out the worst in me.
Ooh how I hate lies.. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I just prayed that this dude doesn’t insists on a U-turn... So help me God.. I can’t afford Wrong-turn. Not when I know two- fingers will be waiting at Home...
Luckily Milano continued driving off, but somehow seemed worried. For a good five minutes or more, there was silence in the car. Obviously I crossed the line of friendship we drew. And I had no explanation why. So I just laughed at him and told him that I just wanted to be naughty and that I was sorry for making him feel uncomfortable and awkward. He nodded and said I took him by surprise but he liked what I did.
We agreed that it was a spare of the moment type of thing and should not have happened. And would not happen again.
We got to Gold Reef City, walked around first then had our dinner. We chatted about this and that, having so much fun. Although at the back of my mind i was thinking about what will happen when I go back home. I was hoping that Kevin would be gone and that I will not have to explain myself to him. I owe Kevin no explanation.
Milano paid the bill as I headed for the bathroom. I had my phone on silent knowing that Kevin would keep calling me. Boy I was right, I had like ten missed calls from Him. I ignored them and went back to Milano. We went to the car and drove back to Dainfern.

Just when we got to the house, my car was parked right in the middle of the gate. Partly inside and partly outside. Milano looked at me and asked me if my helper drinks alcohol because the way the car is positioned only a drunk person could pull that off. I just shook my head and said nothing. All that was playing in my mind was how to get rid of Milano without waking Kevin or making sure the two don’t see each other.
Initially he wanted to wait for me to get the car moved and parked properly before he could leave but I insisted that I will be ok. I told him that he can go and lied that I will deal with my helper, who is probably passed out in the car. Milano was not a pushy person, thank goodness because he just asked me if I was sure I would be ok. I nodded and gave a fake grin saying I got this.
Truth was, I knew exactly what happened here. Brother man must have came back to find no sign of Obonolo and decided to camp out to wait up and see who will drop me off. Pity he was drunk in sleep. And with Milano agreed to drop me off and leave, I was planning to tiptoed past the car and wait for Milano to drive off before I could wake him up and get the car parked properly.
In a rushed way, I climbed out of Milano’s car and waved him goodbye. Knowing Milano, He wanted to come out and give me a hug. I just told him to go and walked towards the gate. As I looked back, Milano was running behind me. He said he would not leave without his hug.
Without wasting time I just opened my arms and we hugged. Deep inside I wanted to pull away and run inside the yard before Kevin wakes up to see me wrapped in another man’s arms. Finally he pulled away and kissed me on my forehead and went back to the car, blowing kisses to me. In any normal time I would have perhaps enjoyed Milano’s affection and tenderness but with Kevin an inch away from us, I was irritable and anxious. I heard his started car engine starting. I was so relieved that finally He was leaving..

Instead of reversing right where I got off, Milano drove further up our boomed street, probably going to reverse his car at the end of the street. I thought that was too risky because He’d have to pass by. I didn’t want him to see me so I planned to quickly get inside the yard and wait behind the wall for him to drive off before I could come out and deal with Kevin.
Just as I tiptoed passing the car, into the yard, our front censored light went on, obviously its brightness hitting right into the front of the car, possibly on Kevin’s face. I don’t know if Kevin did it on purpose by parking like that and depending on the light to alert him of any movements on the gate or it was just a coincidence. I continued tiptoeing hoping that Mr Tau was dead asleep. Boy I was so wrong. Just as I pass by the passenger side, and peeping through the car window , there was Kevin wide awake.
I was out of breath, adrenaline and exhilaration racing through my veins.
But, immediately Kevin opened the door and jumped out of the car. I don’t know how and when I hit a U-turn, but I saw myself face to face with Kevin.
Holly Sh#t. What the hell?
There in front of our gate stood Kevin Karabello Tau, with a gun in his hand.

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