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Tuesday, July 19


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 6


I’ve watched too many movies where people had guns pointed at them. I must say, never in a million years did I imagine one pointed at me. So for the first time in my life, I had someone pointed a gun at me, the father of my kids. The man who was meant to die for me and give anything and everything to protect me ,yet I was now standing before him with a gun pointed to my chest. .
I'm telling you, I don't know if I peed myself a little, or went on my periods on that spot or if I was sweating. All I know was that, there was some liquid dripping down my thighs. I was scared. It was so surreal.
My emotions went from disbelief, where I couldn’t believe what was actually happening and where part of me wondered whether I was dreaming or had somehow been transported into the middle of some action movie, to fear, as my imagination painted scenarios of me slumped against the wall or my car and clutching onto my chest as blood gushed out, to frustration, because I felt a total lack of control over the situation.
Then suddenly there was unexpected calm, when I realized that panic wouldn’t help and that Kevin would never pull the trigger on me. But I needed to remain as calm and apologetic as I can be and not undermine him. My best bet for not getting shot was to wait out the storm.
My stomach just twirl. I have never been so afraid of Kevin in my entire life. I had no idea if he was aware of what he was doing. I wondered how he even remembered where he had hidden his gun, and the combination to open the safe through his memory loss. Could it be that Kevin has regained his memory and knew exactly what he was doing? If not, where did he get this gun?
I walked closer to him, begging him to put the gun down.
He lowered the gun and asked me : Who is that Bastard? Where did he go? And are you fucking each other? Those type of questions”
I knew I didn’t want to upset him or make him more angry. I had to think twice before answering and made sure whatever the answer, he wouldn’t feel like I was patronising him. I softly said it’s a colleague and we had a work function. I then asked him to give me the gun and come with me to the house. Yooo, the guy wouldn’t hear none of what I was saying. He snapped and said I was making a fool out of him. And lying about work function. He said he saw us earlier wrapped in each other's arms, and that alone, told him that I was sleeping with the guy .
Seeing him so furious and crazy, scared the sh#t out of me. I decided not to say anything further or get all defensive. I didn’t want to make him more angry. I had to make sure he is softened up. He asked me same question of whether I have been sleeping with other men since he lost his memory, his life and everything... Not that I felt sorry for his misfortune or anything but he did this to himself, he chose to walk away from us and be with his family and now he think that he can just rock up and point a gun at me and asked me such stupid questions? Kevin is mad I tell you. If it was not for the gun he was holding I would have told him where to go fuck himself....
Instead, I moved very closer to him and told him that he is the only man I’ve ever slept with in all the years we’ve been together and that no other man has touched me. But that was the honest truth. For some reason he calmed down.
I must say, scared as I was, a part of me was not too afraid that he could hurt me. I was scared for the poor innocent guy who didn’t except this, nor deserves to be a victim of my lies. My main focus was to make sure Milano doesn’t pass by while we were still waiting there. I needed to pull Kevin back into the car or inside the yard where we wont be visible for Milano to see us.
But I was wrong. It was a little too late. Kevin must have seen Milano’s car driving down the road through the mirror because he just said I pushed him too far and that today he will show me and my boyfriend who he really was. I tried to hold his hand, the one without the gun, but he pushed me and walked to the street, facing the direction where Milano’s car headed to.
I ran behind Kevin, calling his name and begging him to calm down. He could barely walk properly, you could see he was so wasted. As I was following behind him, I was praying that Milano had drove away and won’t be driving past our house. I saw the car lights. It was not clear whether he did a U-turn or he was driving further away down the street. The light was a bit far. Far enough giving me ample time to pull Kevin..
With the strength that I don’t know where it came from, I managed to pull him off the street, closer to the yard, obviously with so much difficulty. Just as I turned, I could see Milano’s car lights getting closer. I knew then that I had to pull harder and fast. Kevin was wrestling me and swearing at me. I was not bothered. All I wanted was for us to get inside the yard and for Milano to just drive past the gate and go without seeing us or worse before Kevin can break free from me and cause a scene.
I managed to get us behind the perimeter wall. Then Milano did the dumbest thing, I heard his car slowing down right in front of the gate. Luckily he didn’t stop, but he was probably looking inside the yard wondering why the car was still parked awkwardly outside when I assured him that I will sort it out.
I must say I felt some kind of relieve hoping and thinking that Kevin won’t have to go bananas on Milano. I had to focus on calming the mad Kevin down, taking the gun from him and parking my car inside. I must say Kevin’s swearing and shouting, was so out of character. So unlike him. I begged him to give me the gun. He surrendered. I gave him my clutch bag as I walked towards the car to park it inside the yard.
Few steps away from Kevin, I heard him talking. When I turn around, He was holding a phone! I continued walking towards the car until I heard him speak.

Kevin: Ooh yeah! You are still flippin' outside my yard? Doing flippin' what? No man fucks my wife and gets away with it. I’m going to flippin' blow your brains off and crash those balls. You piece of bullsh*t.
Holly Molly. Immediately I knew that Kevin was answering my phone and I suspected that it was Milano. I wanted to turn back and grab the phone away from him, but it was too late. Since Kevin had my bag, he must have felt the phone vibrating and opened the clutch and took out my phone and answered. From what I heard him saying, it became clear that Milano thought he was phoning me to say he was still outside, possibly waiting for me to move the car. Unfortunately Kevin answered, and that spelled disaster because the mad man was now aggravated.
Obonolo Dire Tau, why did you get yourself into this mess? Why did you lie to Milano in the first place? Look what lying did! Guilt covered my entire being. I hated what I did and how my “white lies” had landed me in this awkward and somewhat dangerous mess.
I must have frozen in place beating myself up. Thinking about what ifs, why didn't I and wishing I had been honest with Milano from the beginning. But it was too late, lies have a nasty way of catching up with you. Milano now knows the truth and probably was disappointed at me . Kevin was swearing at him and accusing him of all sorts of nasty’s. I don’t remember what happened next. While I was wondering and thinking and standing frozen, Kevin was already in front of me. He somehow grabbed the gun from my hand and gave me my phone. He paced faster to the street. I ran behind him. We made it almost same time on the street. Just when I look few metres away, there was Milano’s car idle. Kevin was still swearing . We were walking towards Milano’s car, I was trying to stop Kevin but he pushed me aside. As I stumbled across the street, I quickly dialled Milano’s number. I was warning and begging him to just drive off. I kept saying He’s coming to your car. Please go. Please go.
Milano was just asking me too many questions and I kept telling him that I was okay and that he should go and that I will explain everything. Kevin was now closer to Milano’s car. I increased my pace to catch up with him while talking to Milano, who was just being hard-headed and not listening to me . Milano must have seen Kevin approaching the car because I saw his car slowly moving off.
In less than it took for me to hang up, I heard a gun shot. Kevin was standing still firing another shot towards Milano’s moving car. I screamed my lungs out, running in a slow motion behind Kevin. I could still hear the sound of the two shots in my ears.
I looked further down the street, Milano’s car had stopped moving.
I fell down to my knees in despair . I could not fathom what just happened.
Oh Modimo wa me! What in your Holy name just happened?

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