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Friday, July 22


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 8


Lies grow, they never stand alone, they need more lies to support the first lie. So, if you don’t fess up immediately…it grows like a cancer. It cannot be stopped
If you’ve ever been lied to, you know how difficult it can be to ever trust that person again. You can’t help but wonder why a friend or family member would treat you so badly or withhold such information. Nor matter how good or bad. It’s not a nice feeling to be lied to.
Being raised in a Christian home by such a God -fearing Mathapelo my mom, lying was one of the worst crimes you can ever commit. Mama hated liars and it rubbed off on all of us. She used to say when you lie, even if you think others will never find out, you will almost certainly create a barrier of hurt in your relationships, being in a marriage, friendship or siblingship.
She further said unfortunately, when the other person finds out about your lying, and they usually do, it’s nearly impossible to regain trust.
She used to say we should ask ourselves what do we want our relationships to be based on? Lies that you tell, in order to protect yourself, or someone else or to avoid conflict or to avoid embarrassment or because you don't want to hurt someone’s feelings Or do you want relationships to be based on a commitment to honesty and integrity, regardless of the hard times?
When I made that conscious decision to tell the policeman nothing but the truth, I knew it was not going to be an easy thing especially because I will be telling the police about the man I have loved with all my heart, the father of my kids. Hard as it was, I had to come clean, I had to do the right thing.
It is true, when you continue to lie, it’s like putting a giant rock on your back and having to carry it around everywhere you go. It is a relationship destroyer that ends up destroying you. Lying destroys us because it takes us into a vicious cycle that is extremely difficult to get free from. Once you tell a lie, you usually have to lie again to cover up the first lie, and you feel even worse.
I was not going to live my life covering up lies. Not especially one that could or have destroyed an innocent life. I was not about to let Kevin drag me down and make me choose protecting him over telling the truth. Nor matter how hard it felt.
The policeman looked at me and asked me if I wanted to say something. I froze for a moment and nodded. He asked if I perhaps remembered something about the shooting. I looked at Milano’s car and knew in my heart that I had to do it.
I cleared my throat and started by saying I know and kept quiet. Then the policeman asked me What exactly do I know?.. Do I know the car, do I know the victim or do I know who shot at the victim...
Just as I was about to answer his questions, my phone rang. It was vibrating silently in my already shaking and sweating hand. I thought it was Kevin looking for me after perhaps realizing the running shower that was not stopping. I decided that I won't answer it if it’s him especially be' of what I was about to do. I decided to check the caller Id and then switch off the phone so that He doesn’t continue to torture me.
My heart almost jumped out of my body. I got so scared. The policeman looked at me and asked if I was okay because I looked like I saw a ghost. He said I should go ahead and answer my phone and then we can continue afterwards. I was shaking, but I had to take that call.
Nna: Hi, uuhm hello...
Caller: Hey! Can you talk?
Nna: Yaa I can. Are you okay?
Caller: Well, I am not too bad, but I'm so alive. Thank God
Nna: Ooh Milano, I am so happy to hear your voice and that you are alive. I’m really really ...
Milano: Shh don’t talk... don’t cry.. I’m okay. I am just worried about you.
Nna: What have I done to you Ohh God.. I am really sorry for everything. I thought you died or hurt. I’m so really sorry..
Milano : I know Nolo. I really do. Are you sure you are okay? Did he hurt you? Where is he, and where are you?
Nna: No. He didn't hurt me, well not physically but obviously emotionally. I’m actually outside on the street talking to the police about the shooting.
Milano: No Nolo. Did you call the police?
Nna: No I didn't. The neighbours did. I sneaked out to come check on you, and found them already by your car and you were already in an ambulance. So I want to give a statement about what really happened.
Milano: Nolo, don’t!
Nna: Don’t what Milano?
Milano : Don’t talk to the police. Don’t say anything.
Nna: What are you on about? The police need to know what really happened. You have been shot Milano. And I know who did this and he needs to take responsibility for what he did. I can’t let him get away with murder. It’s not right Milano.
Milano: Are you listening to me? Don't say anything Nolo. I am alive, I am not dead. I am shot but nothing bad. Please don’t do anything that could hurt you. I’m flattered that you want to do the right thing but, think about it, He could be convicted of attempted murder and face jail while I will be out of here in a week or two. I can’t let you do that. Please I’m begging you. Don’t do it Nolo. I wouldn't want you to resent me for such decision. I also won’t feel right knowing your husband and father of your kids is send to jail because of me. So please I know what you are about to do is hard but I also know it will be more harder on you and the kokoberries if you follow your heart and do the right thing. Please DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO ANYONE!
Nna: No Milano. I’m tired of lying. Look what lies did to you? Yes it’s hard but I have to do the right thing. Kevin needs to pay for what He did. Besides, I already told the policeman that I wanted to tell him about the shooting.
Milano: Nolo. Listen to me sweetheart. We all pay for our debts somehow, someday. He will pay for his. But don’t be the one who throw him in to the lion’s den. Don't let me be the reason he pays for his debts. Just tell the policeman that you wanted his contact just in case you hear or remember or find out anything about the shooting. I know what I am asking you is too much, but I beg you to do it. If not for me or for him, then do it for your children. No child should grow up without the presence of both their parents. Ask me I know. Nor matter the reasons, the innocent kids will suffer for your decision and might grow to resent you.
Nna: Oh Milano.! Why are you protecting the person who nearly killed you? What if the police finds out the truth? What’s going to happen then? And also Kevin won't learn anything. I have protected him way too many times. I feel like I’m condoning his bad behaviour.
Milano: Trust me when I say “It takes something so bad to change a man”. Just sit him down and tell him your intentions about handing him over to the police and give him ultimatum. After this, I promise you, He will think twice before he can do anything that could throw him away Forever. Don't stress about the police. For the fact that they didn’t see you or suspect you or have any proof, they won’t pin this on you or anyone for that matter. I will tell them that it was a question of me being at a wrong place at a wrong time. So no case, no investigation. Relax. Just go home and be safe. My battery is about to die. If we get cut off , we will chat tomorrow. Promise me you won't say anything and that you will go home.
Milano and I continued chatting. At some point during our conversation Milano asked me if I believed Kevin’s behaviour was normal or out of character? I told him that for as long as I've known him, this was the first time I' d seen him like that. He was really behaving so out of character. Milano said he suspect that Kevin could be depressed and not aware of his behaviour especially after the trauma he suffered during the accident. He said this was his cry for help and I should get him all the necessary help he needed instead of wanting to throw him to jail. I must say I was not too keen about what Milano was suggesting. Maybe I could stop telling the police about what happened but helping Kevin was the last thing I would do. I tried before and he threw it on my face. His family must help him. Not me.
Just as I was about to ask Milano which hospital he was at, we got cut off. I looked towards where his car was. And saw a tow vehicle busy with Milano’s car. I looked for the policeman that I was talking to earlier. Then he reappeared and walked towards me. He said he just received a call. The guy that was shot here has regained consciousness, so he had to rush to hospital. He took out a business card and gave it to me. He just said if I remember anything or hear anything at all, I must call him. He said goodbye, just turned and went to his car.
I slowly walked home. I would not lie to say I was relieved or I was shocked. I had mixed emotions and feelings about the events of the day. My chat with Milano kept playing in my head.
I might not like the idea of not coming clean, but at least it was not my decision. My conscious was clear. I was just in awe about how selfless Milano was and how some of the stuff he said made a little sense. Yes I could have easily let Kevin be arrested and all, hell yeah I still can smoke Kevin but Milano is right, how will that help him? How will that help Milano and how will that make me feel? Milano insisted that he didn’t want Kevin arrested and said he thinks Kevin needed help instead.

As I entered the house, I knew that Milano was right, Kevin wouldn't survive jail instead he needed serious professional help and he needed it like yesterday.
I tried to call Milano and find out which hospital was he at. I needed to go see him and see for myself that he was not badly wounded. His phone went straight to voicemail. I opened the door and locked. All I needed was a hot shower and a good night sleep. As I pass by the lounge, there was Kevin snoring on the sofa. I went inside, switch off the tv and took a throw to cover him. Right by the floor stood the gun that almost killed Milano. I picked it up and went to his study with the intention to put the gun back in the safe and change the combination. To my surprise, Kevin’s licensed gun was right inside the safe. I wondered about the one that I was holding in my hand. Who does it belong to? Where did Kevin get it from? Yooo so much mystery with Kevin.
I took that gun and headed upstairs. I unlocked my bedroom door, put the gun on my side table. I decided to take a quick shower. I then wore my pjs and bow before my Heavenly father and offloaded the heaviness in my heart. I asked for forgiveness, I prayed for repentance, I prayed for Milano, I prayed for Kevin, I prayed for myself and I thanked God for a man like Milano.
I was woken by a heavy breathing sound. When I opened my sleepy eyes and finally turn towards where the sound came from. I got so scared to see Kevin knelt down next to my bed, holding the gun. I jumped out of my bed and stood against the wall. Kevin put the gun down and came towards me.
I have never been scared of Kevin like I was that moment. I was shaking. He pulled me in his arms and broke down and cried. For a good ten minutes or so. When he finally let go, he took me by my hand and asked me to sit down. He started by apologizing and asking for forgiveness for putting me through hell. He went on about how he had reached a breaking point in his life. And how he want to make things right for me and for the kids.
He told me about how he has been getting some memories back and how most of them are bad things he did to me. He spoke about how his family treated him like a burden, how he ended up doing drugs and drank too much alcohol. And how he went and bought drugs and a gun that possibly killed an innocent man. He said, when he woke up in the early morning, sober, that's when he remembered what He did. He then went outside to check for the car blah blah.. only to find the bullet cases on the side of the road. He went on and on about wanting to end all this mess and how He decided to go hand himself over to the police. To pay for everything.
He hugged me so tight for a very long time and apologized again for the pain he caused me. He then asked me to look after the business, myself and the kids and told me that he will forever regret that day in hospital when he chose his family over me.
He pulled away and looked at me. He seemed so broken and remorseful. I must say Kevin was really damaged and he was so serious about doing the right thing. I just sit there, saying nothing... This man has caused me so much pain, yet looking at him torn and out like that, broke my heart into million pieces.
Tears went down his cheeks, mine too. He wiped mine with the back of his hand and uttered the words that tore deep in to my heart. He said: Shhh... stop crying ‘rato la pelo yaka.. You have been such a strong woman who deserved nothing but happiness. Instead I have made you cry for so many times. Don’t worry anymore. You will never cry again because of me. Please go freshen up and drive me to the nearest police station...
Hmm? 🙎😮
Hurried and Unedited Version. Forgive me

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