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Tuesday, July 19


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 7


One lie it's all it took. One lie I told is what brought me here. One lie I told has caused all this mess. The one stupid lie I hidden caught up with me. The one lie I faill to tell thinking I was protecting him is the very same reason he was lying wounded or even dead in his car. Million scenarios played in my head. Milano doesn't deserve all this. Kevin shouldn't have shot him.
I looked towards where Kevin was still standing. Like a zombie holding the gun. He looked like he was not even aware of what he had done. I asked him what had gotten into him and what had he done. He didn't answer.
Instead he walked towards where I was, grabbed my hand and pulled me up. He then dragged me back to our yard. I tried fighting him to let go so that I could go check if Milano was ok, but he held on to my hand so tight. Nor matter how much I tried I could not escape him. Another thing he was still holding a gun at me threatening that if I ever try anything funny, he won't hesitate to pull the trigger again. Scared as I was, I could not risk to be shot, remember, I didn't know what he was capable of. He just shot an innocent man. After all this mad man was behaving nothing like the Kevin I knew.
As he continued walking and pulling me, I also continued wrestling him to break free with no luck. I kept begging him to at least allow me to go check if he was not badly hurt or worse dead or if he needed medical attention. Still he refused and kept saying the bastard deserves to die and if I wanted to be alive I should not mention anything to do with that guy.
I was scared for Milano, I was worried sick about him, his wellbeing, whether he was hurt and how bad he was. Did the bullet got to him and where did it hit me? Was he bleeding and how much.. etcetera etc.
I really needed to know. I needed to figure a way to break free from Kevin and sneak out to go check Milano. Poor guy didn't deserve all this.
When we reach the gate I asked Kevin to let go of me. I told him I wanted to go inside my house and he should park the car properly. At first he didn't want saying that I wanted to go back to my boyfriend. I faked to have short breadth, insisting that I needed to sit down and gather my strength to breathe. I assured him that I won't do anything stupid. He carried me to the house and put me on the sofas by the lounge and walked back outside. I heard him locking the entrance door from the garage.
I tiptoed towards the main entrance door and peered outside the driveway. I could not see clearly but I was able to hear the car sound. Right there I had a plan. I ran upstairs to my bedroom, ran my shower and locked the door and ran back downstairs.
Just as I reached the end of the stairs, I saw underneath the entrance door from the garage, the lights going off. I knew Mr gunman was about to enter the house . My head was spinning. I didn't know what to do, who to call and what will I say to whoever I would call. I redialled Milano’s number, his phone didn't even ring. It went to voicemail.
This was such a mess. A million scenarios played through my mind. I really didn't know what to do. I had two options. To wait for Kevin to get inside the house and sneak out to check Milano and or anonymously call an ambulance or the police or both.
Whatever the choice, I needed to be sure of my story. What if I called the police or even the ambulance only to find out that Milano was dead? How will I know when they would be here and who will explain or give statements?

Whatever decision I could make, Kevin will be in deep sh!t. The question remained, what do I do? I was caught in between doing right by Milano and sinking the father of my kids into deep trouble... Or, protect the father of my kids and let an innocent man perish outside, few metres from my house.
While I was frozen in place, thinking what to do, I silently prayed God to protect and shield Milano from any harm. I was thinking if Kevin shot him, he's probably bleeding to death or cold dead in his car. Those thoughts didn't sit well with me. I heard Kevin opening the door leading into the house from the garage. I was already by the front door facing the driveway.
As soon as he closed and locked the door, I quietly unlocked and opened the main door and then pulled it slowly so that Kevin doesn't hear any sound. I remembered that my clutch bag was somewhere by the garden. I walked to where Kevin was when he answered the call from Milano and there on the floor, I spotted it. I took out my remote control and opened the small pedestrian gate.
Barefoot as I was I paced to the street towards Milano’s car.
As I finally reach the street and was able to see further down towards the car, I was met by two police cars and an Ambulance that was now driving off. A thud pounded into my heart. It didn't look good at all. Something bad happened. Kevin killed or wounded Milano.
I was sweating like hell as I continued walking towards the crime scene. Few metres away I spotted two policeman talking to a woman and a man. As I got closer, I recognized who those people were. It was Mr and Mrs Watson, our next door neighbours. An elderly white couple in their early fifties. Mr Watson, a very sweet and very quiet man. He used to jog with Kevin when we arrived in Dainfern and Mrs Watson, let’s just say she’s one hell of a nosy and inquisitive woman.
She spent her time outdoors, doing her gardening, while checking out who passed by. She knew a lot about what happens in our block. How, beats me! So we were not too close, but we sometimes make small talk whenever she’s outside her gate. One time I was taking a walk with the twins and she stopped us and asked me where my husband was, if perhaps he bought a new car and stopped jogging because it’s been long since she saw him. That's the kind of nosy I'm talking about.
Milano’s car had stopped few metres before their gate. So I thought they must be the ones who called the police. I could just imagine her curiosity and entitlement to give statements and want answers etc.
Upon seeing her I headed straight to them. I was interested in knowing what she would be saying happened to Milano. All I wanted was to know if he was ok and alive?
Just before I reach them, the one policeman walked towards me, leaving the other policeman with the couple.
Police1: Evening mam, can I help you?
Nna: Evening Ntate
Police1: Are you one of the neighbours’ who called us for help?
Nna: Hmmm. Me? No no.. I did not call
Police1: Oh! So what brings you here this time of the night barefoot?
Nna: Ehh I heard some gunshots not more than twenty minutes ago, and I thought I should come out and check. What happened? Who was being shot? Did you manage to arrest the culprit?
Police1: Ok mam! Relax! It seems like a random hit and run. We have no lead just assumptions.
Nna: What about the driver? Is he alright?
Police1: Mam, How did you know if the driver was male?
Nna: I didn't know. I don’t know. I just assumed it's a man, given the make of the car. Is it a man? Is he hurt?
Police1: Ooh I see. It’s a male. I don’t know about his injuries. When I got here, he was already wheeled into the ambulance. But it seems he got shot, there’s blood in his seat. Anyway let me get on with my work here.
Nna: Ooh okay, I hope he is okay. Do you by any chance know which hospital they have taken him to?
Police1: Mam, why are you so much interested in the guy? Do you know him?
Nna: No..no officer I.. I don't know him. I’m just making conversation . I was just asking. Anyway let me go say hi to my neighbours and let you do your job.
Police1: Thanks mam. Goodbye! You need to be careful, there’s a mad man on the loose.
Yeah right.. A mad man indeed around.. inside my house.. (I thought to myself) as I went to where my neighbours wer still standing. I greeted them and just shoot with questions. My nosy neighbour went on explaining what they thought happened.
They asked me if I didn’t hear the shouting and gunshots. I just told them that I only heard gunshots. Just after blatantly lying about not knowing what happened, Mrs Watson came closer. She said she wanted to say goodbye as they were going home. I was about to say I was also about to go back home when she suddenly said something unexpected.
Mrs Watson : Mrs Tau, was there something wrong with your car?
Nna: No why?
Mrs Watson went on and said around eight they passed my car parked awkward on our gate. When they came back, less than half an hour before the shooting, it was still there. Apparently Mr. Watson was worried and she suggested he come to find out if I was ok. He was planning to come after giving their dogs food but upon hearing what sounded like a woman shouting coming from our side followed by the gunshots and screaming , they thought it was me being hijacked. She said few minutes later her husband went upstairs to try and check from up if he could see if my car was still parked there. He said he saw it was moved and sadly saw this one almost next to their gate. That’s when they called the police and the ambulance. She said she was relieved I was okay.
I maintained my story. I knew nothing and heard nothing but only the two gunshots.
Mrs Watson went on and on. I was getting impatient and irritable. I asked about the person that was taken by the ambulance. She started describing how bad the poor guy was and how she doubt if he will make it to see Saturday morning . Her husband stopped her saying she should not exaggerate. She went on saying how one of the paramedics said He was not looking good blah blah.
I really couldn’t stand there anymore with my neighbours and listen to what they were saying. My guilty conscious got the better of me. I said my goodbyes.
Just as I walk away policeman 2 stopped me. He came closer to me and said he hope I won’t mind answering a few questions. I shook my head and said that I don’t mind. He asked me if I there was nothing I saw or heard or suspected before the gunshots and if I didn’t see anything unusual. I just said NO. He then asked me where do I live. I pointed to the direction of my house.
He went on asking questions and I kept answering, lie after lie. The policeman finally gave up and thanked me for my time.
I walked towards my house, feeling like crap, feeling so so guilty. I hated the person I have become in less than a day. I have never felt so bad in my life. To deny knowing the guy who just dropped me off from a wonderful dinner, the innocent guy who just wanted to make sure I had fun, the innocent guy who cared about me and my wellbeing, the innocent guy who had been nothing but supportive and loving towards me and my kids during my worst time.. But instead of ensuring that I tell the truth, I chose to be a sell-out, a coward, a traitor and a Judas Iscariot.
My heart started palpitating wildly in my chest over the thought that the man I was denying to know could be fighting for his life and here I was pretending to not even know him nor withheld the information about who did this to him. My heart thumped inside my chest, getting louder with each passing minute.
I couldn't continue walking. A part of me wanted to just do the right thing, no matter the cost. I thought of Kevin and then Milano....
I stopped and looked back. Before I knew it I was standing in front of the policeman 2.
Do I tell the truth and nothing but the truth? Or what?
Tell me family: What would you do if you were in my shoes

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Thomas Rampa
19 July 2016 at 06:45 delete

Truth shall set u free , you can't correct wrong by another wrong , anyway Millano may still survive nd live to tell d truth nd maybe , just maybe exagerate a bit , more lies doesn't mean you love ur Lavoo or maybe protecting him.

Tnx for twin set

20 July 2016 at 02:51 delete

the truth shall set you free Bobo...Tell the truth

22 July 2016 at 19:49 delete

Better tell the truth...Now...what happens when they search his phone Calls history? You were the last person he called and last call received on his phone, it's your number... Do the right thing or the consequences will catch up with your faster....

Thank u Mmakananelo