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Saturday, July 9


Dygo-Ring of Lies, Secrets & Betrayals Chapter 3


Let me be honest... I will be lying if I say I was not smitten by the way Kev addressed me. Hell yeah.. For a split moment I had goosebumps. But it was short-lived. I remembered the pain this man had caused me. I switched off and went stoned dead inside.
Lots of questions just played in my head. Did he really regain his memories? And if he did, does it mean he remembers everything? The good and the bad? Or only certain things? A part of me thought what if he remembers and all this ordeal had changed him? What if Kevin really was back and he’s a different man?
In as much as I want to believe that this person will change, realistically, they never will.Kevin was no exception.

It’s important that you recognize and accept that no matter how happy a person can make you feel or charm you, if they also bring out the worst in you, they are the wrong person for you.
When someone is toxic, and brings you down to your lowest low, they will hurt you again.
You’re not weak for slipping into familiar patterns, you’re human. But ultimately, your happiness is in your hands. You deserve a love that exists on one entity of happiness, not on both misery and ecstasy.
And you should never settle for less than you deserve. I was not about to fall in such emotional roller-coaster.. Not with Kevin....
I snapped out of a train of thoughts running through my mind and answered.
Nna: Hey stranger
Kev: How was your birthday? Hope You had fun.
Nna: It was nice thank you. Oh you remembered?
Kev: Well not really! A little birdy reminded me so I thought I should call and wish you an awesome one. I was also told that today, four years ago we got married.
Nna: Yeah, so you didn’t remember, you were reminded? And what’s with the honey dripping sweet names you were calling me? Did your little birdy tell you to address me that way?
Kev: Not really. I have been going through some of our communication and video clips. And I was fascinated by how I used to call you. Bobowapeloyaka.. You know, it kills me that I am unable to remember such special times.
Nna: Well, It is what it is Kevin. Unfortunately life goes on.
Kev: I guess hey. Speaking of life going on, I need to see you and discuss some stuff with you.
Nna: Okay. When?
Kev: How about tomorrow afternoon?
Nna: Sorry, I have plans tomorrow evening and Saturday. Maybe Sunday, after Church..
Kev: Plans? What kind of plans? Cancel them!
Nna: Excuse me?
Kev: I said Cancel them! We need to talk. I will come to our house tomorrow afternoon and we are going to sit down and talk. Cancel whoever you have plans with. I need to come see you!
Nna: Whoa Mister! You don't get to order me around.
Kev: That's what I am doing.
Nna: You must be drunk.
Kev: If I’m drunk how is that your concern! You cancel your plans and wait for me tomorrow.. I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. Oh by the way, don’t you forget you are still my wife!
Nna: Nxxx. You gotta be kidding me. Me still your wife?. You have a nerve. You have no right to me Mr. And oh the last time I checked you didn’t want to be married to me. As far as I’m concerned I am single and available. So sorry. I actually have a date tomorrow and I’m not going to cancel it for you.
Kev: Wa jola Obonolo? Is someone fucking you Obonolo?
Nna: That’s none of your business. I have to go. Goodbye Kevin
Kev: Bobo! Obonolo.... this is not over! You hear me! Don't you dare push me.. You hear me! Don’t you dare make me angry!
I hang up without replying him. Who the hell does he think he is? Now he feels drunk in love? Ordering me and interested on my Life? Gaah! He lost the rights to dictate to me the day He listened to his sister and signed those divorce papers. Yes I tore them up, but He still went on and said He wanted out. So what’s his fucking problem? I was not being funny or anything. I already have plans. Milano wanted to take me out today but I had to reschedule because my family already planned taking me and the kids out. So we agreed on Friday after work. So to just cancel him because of Kevin was not going to happen. Not especially after demanding me to do so.

Wait a minute! That man is poop drunk. Nor wonder he was bulldozing me. Yaa that explains the phone call and the entire conversation. Really!
Kevin kept phoning again. I was not in the mood for his nonsense. I switched off my cellphone. Rethabile was right, Karabello Kevin Tau was out of order. He needs help.
I took my bible read some scripture. I prayed for Him, I prayed for myself and I prayed for the Tau to handle this mad man and get him all the help he needed. They are the reason he is so messed up. I switched off the lights and got inside my sheets.
Friday went fast. I had back to back meetings. Before I knew it I was packing my desk and heading home to get ready for my night out with Milano. I got home, played a little with my kokoberries and then headed to my bedroom to get ready. I quickly ran my shower and went to take out some clothes for the outing.
Earlier when I got to work, Milano teased me about my outfit. I was all dressed up in a formal suit because I had meetings. He said he hope I was not going out with him looking like that. Heeheee.. We laughed and I told him that I will go home after work and change.. He said I should blow him up. He said he always see me in suits and Jeans on Fridays, so he would love to see me in a different type of clothing. He said No jeans and suits for a change. He even offered that he will come pick me up
instead of driving all the way to Gold Reef City by myself. So our fun night out was planned for 19:00 pick up.
So as I stood there wondering what to wear and whether it will blow him as requested, I remembered the red little number I bought the night I went to Rosebank with Richmond. It was a number number... I immediately took it out and placed it on top of my bed. I hopped inside the shower and ten minutes later I was out drying myself. I went back to my bedroom and dressed up. Hot hot I looked! If I had to say so myself. That Sotho man will be blown shame.
I put on my make up and looked at myself in the mirror one last time before I left the room to wait up for Milano.
Oh, did I tell you that I cut off my dreadlocks? Oh yes after my grandmother's funeral, we all gathered ko Brits after three months for the cleansing ceremony ( dikapolo) . You know culture mos. After Kano' s funeral Makgolo told me to wear something black ( either a shawl, black knob on my shoulder or headscarf ) for at least three months as a symbol of my mourning period . I didn’t argue with her and my in-laws as they also agreed that I should. I might not believe in them but I chose to mourn my son that way. I opted for a black shawl. So when Makgolo passed on, I was still in mourning period, so the elders agreed that according to culture I cant mourn twice. So I should not wait for my cleansing to take off my Shawl. Since it was the end of mourning period for Makgolo, those who opted to mourn by wearing black were all taking off the black attire. My remaining grandmother ( Makgolo’s sister ) forced everyone to cut their hair and kept saying Makgolo would have wanted that. So since I loved Makgolo and didn’t wear black for her passing, I made the decision to cut off my dreadlocks. Besides I was not in the mood to rebel or argue with the elders. That’s how I spotted a bald look.
So Obonolo rocked a very short hair and looked exceptionally hot. I received a whole lot of compliments after spotting a new hairstyle.
Just as I grab my clutch bag and ready to go wait up downstairs for Milano, My phone rang. I picked up immediately without checking caller Id.
Caller: Hey Noloberry.
Nna: Hmmmm, is that my new name now? (blushing)
Caller: If you like it or you feel it and or better yet look like it, then it sure is your new name..
Nna: Milano Lesego Lebitso, flattery won’t get you very far...
Milano: Haahaaa... You think? Anyway Mamela Noloberry, I’m running late, by half an hour so don’t rush titivating yourself. Be ready by 19:30 sharp!
Nna: Oh I was done, but it's cool, I will see what I can do to move time.
As we hung up I was already by the stairs. I decided to go check up on Mamo and the kids. Before I took the shower she asked if she could go to MacDonald to buy them McFlurry Ice Creams. The kids have developed this bad habit of crying for me whenever I leave them behind or they leave me. So trip to MacDonald was just a way to bribe them. I was hoping they were back so that I could spent few minutes with them before I leave.
Just as I reach the end of the stairs, Mamo was talking on the phone while DK was just standing in front of the Kitchen door. She looked up and started whistling. Mamo hung up the phone and joined DK. They were clapping hands and telling me how beautiful I looked. I was doing the catwalk towards them blushing ear to ear.
Just as I was about to ask about the kids, DK said something surprising She said it’s been long since she saw the glow on my face. And said I deserves time out for a change. She went on asking why I didn't tell them who I was going out with. But said it was quite a nice surprise. And that “We” should have fun...
I looked at her and asked her what she was talking about and why she felt that I owed them any explanation about my plans.
Just as I was telling them to stop being inquisitive about my date and how it was none of their business, the door leading into the house from the garage swung opened.
As I turn to check who was opening it, I was shocked. My jaw almost dropped down..
Oh hell No. What the heck!!!!!

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