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Thursday, July 21


Prophet Bushiri: He is not just a prophet, he is also a business man with speed


Major One Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is factually a living testimony. 

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, a young South African based Malawian prophet,  is not just a prophet, preacher, teacher, father,he is also a successful businessman, rated among-st one of the wealthiest worldwide.  His net worth is unknown but it's estimated at US$150 million.

Looking back at the life of the man of God, popularly known as Major One,we go back to how it all started.  As a young man growing up in Mzuzu,  a town 356km from Lilongwe, the capital city of Malawi,we see a unique young school kid, doing exceptionally well in all his studies, as well as in extra-mural activities.  He was not just a leader but he was also different from other kids, prophesying not just to fellow school kids, but to adults as well. He showed leadership skills from a very young age. He started his ministerial work in 2002.

As the years passed by, Major 1 started venturing into several businesses.  He started by owning and operating the first ever television channel that's independently owned in Malawi. Through hard work and determination, believing in himself , not forgetting endless days and nights of prayer and fasting , Major 1 managed to achieve what nobody had ever achieved in that country of Malawi.As his television channel called Prophetic Channel grew, so was his church growing not just in the warm heart of Africa,Malawi,  but also worldwide.
Because of the great demand by his followers,  especially in the southern region of Africa,  Major 1 eventually relocated to South Africa permanently in January 2015. As he continued with his massively growing ministry,he continued to run his businesses which include gold mines,  oil wells, hotels,farms,electronic and telecommunications companies ,more properties and investments including the latest instant messaging  application called Bushiri Buzz which is growing massively in just over two months since it started.

Major One runs four church services every week and for every church service that he runs, he preaches and teaches his followers how to get out of poverty to his thousands upon thousands of followers who come every week from locally as well as different parts of Africa and abroad. He set aside Monday service, called the Diplomatic Service,  just for aspiring and established business people, as well as scholars in different academic levels. The main point being to preach the Word of God and also to teach them how to make it in life,sharing the secrets of how he and his wife Prophetess Mary made it to be where they are at, today!

Major one has produced 400 billionaires up to so far from his church, God of major one doesn't attract billionaires he produce them.Indeed the whole world is blessed to have a source of  inspiration where both the young and old tap into that wisdom that he imparts to his followers. This really shows that the God of Major 1 is a wonderful working God who can take you from nobody to somebody, only if you believe.With hard work, vision and determination,  everything is possible and the sky is the limit.


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