People who laugh at your humble beginning, tell them “Watch the space” – Major 1 - Mzansi Stories

Tuesday, July 12


People who laugh at your humble beginning, tell them “Watch the space” – Major 1


They will be saying : you go church every service but your life aint moving.

Starting things is difficult and requires patience. A lot of people have failed to accomplish things because of so many distractions associated with humble beginnings.

The most of it all is what others say when they see you struggling to get established. They make you believe you cant do it and they talk a lot behind your back, mocking you saying you are chasing impossible dreams.

We have the story of David in the bible who was mocked by his brothers and friends when he took up the challenge to fight Goliath. One thing I love about David is that he never cared what others said about him. He knew his fight, it was against Goliath and not what others said about him.

If you are having these humble beginnings, keep moving forward. Big dreams do not come cheap, they require your total concentration. People might say you cant do it, when you do it, they will ask how you did it, and you will tell them with a smile over your face the God you worship made it happen for you.

I speak to you now, if people laugh at what you are doing, calling you all sorts of names and telling you that you are chasing impossible dreams, just answer them that “Watch this space.”

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