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Tuesday, July 5


Prophet Bushiri: Hell was made for the devil and his demons not you


Heaven is for us all, so make a solid choice to surrender all to Jesus!

Hell is a place came into existence for the devil and the angels rebelled against God not you!!!no no no......

You are designed for Paradise not Hell, so be careful that the devil will never do anything that will disqualify you to see Paradise, Heaven is your dwelling place.Every child has the right to their fathers 's property.

Its no longer me living, but Jesus Christ is living in me.

Three days He was in the tomb preparing me not to die and not to perish for ever and on the third day He came out of the tomb and went with my life in the presence of God ...Colosians 3:3
Disappear so that God appear in your life,Decrease so that God increase in your life.Come and experience the power of God with us at EGG church based in Pretoria show grounds(Tshwane).Your life will never be the same again after meeting a Major Prophet by scope of work.

Our church services goes like this

Monday's        Wonderful diplomatic service to push you to another level of prosperity from 18:00
Thursday's       Powerful youth service    18:00
Friday's            Deliverance service         18:00
Sunday's          Sunday service                 18:00

Or you can tune you TV to prophetic channel because distance is not a barrier.

Stop assisting the devil to destroy your life and resist him.


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