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Saturday, July 9


Unscripted love Chapter 71A


[Hi. Finding time to post during hell week is a bit tricky. This is the first half of this insert. I will try and get the other half done inbetween meetings I have scheduled until 21:00 today.]
New Beginnings
I was unaware of the tears that had been streaming down my face until I felt the warm, wet, saltiness at the tip of my lips. I stared wide eyed at the man who I loved with my body and soul, conjecturing how it could have come to this. Wondering what made him do such a heinous act.
“I-I cannot be-believe you.” I spat through my trembling lips. “Wh-why the fuck would you do this to me?” the words fought their way through the lump in my throat. It felt like a dagger straight to my heart, the fact that he was tormenting me like this. The pain was overwhelming, to the point that I nearly blacked out at the sharpness. He gave me a lost, fragile expression and took a wary step towards me, as if he were afraid that I would break.
“Baby… Thando please let me explain.” Levi started. I was tempted to hear his bullshit explanation but I’d been in this situation before and I knew better now. I wasn’t that naïve, gullible little girl that was dating Sandiso. My tolerance for horse shit was zero and cheating was a deal breaker. I told this mother fucker that I would leave if he ever cheated then he had the nerve to pull this shit.
“Fuck your explanation and fuck you!” I spluttered, my arms flailing in every direction, trying to understand how Levi could have betrayed me like that, in the cruellest of ways.
“Thando, baby please just listen.” He begged, stepping much closer to me. We were now only a few feet apart, and it was clear from the determination in his eyes that he had every intention of trying to bullshit his way out of it.
“Alana and I were just talking. I felt terrible for the way things ended between us and I wanted to apologise to her. It isn’t nice knowing that you broke someone’s heart and the least I could do was apologise to her.” I inhaled sharply at his words, dread resting like a heavy rock in the pit of my stomach.
“You had to apologise behind a locked door!? Your apology was so important that you couldn’t even take my calls? Do I look stupid to you?” My lips trembled from the rage that filled me.
“Let me call Zain. He will tell you that he saw me like five or ten minutes before you came. We weren’t even in the room for long.”
“He is your brother, of course he is gonna lie for your ass. First I find out that my father’s haffer is the one that ran to the media to spite him, now this. What is it with men and bitches and whores? You know what actually, I am angry at the wrong person. I should be angry at myself for being stupid enough to try and turn a fuck boy into a family man.” I sneered.
“Nothing happened between me and Alana. I swear I did not have sex with her.” His bare denial of that which was obvious sent me to a realm of anger that I never knew existed, my fragile heart was hopelessly trying to beat away its pain.
“Sbahle will let you know when your baby is born! If you want to see the baby send me an e-mail and we can make an appointment. I don’t want you calling my phone or texting me. We are fucking done. Fuck you! Fuck your ring! Fuck this stupid ass marriage.” I turned my back to him and marched towards the door, letting a harsh shudder run through my body. Broken-hearted and miserable I tried to open the door and cursed out when I realised he’d locked it after pulling me inside.
“Open this door,” I hurled.
“I am not opening that door. I am not going down for shit I didn’t do. In hindsight I shouldn’t have spoken to Alana but that’s all I am guilty of; talking to her.” His voice couldn’t sound more broken and his footsteps sounded in my ears as he walked towards me. His tone sounded perplexed with an edge of vexation. Hearing the exasperation only heightened my own anger. I felt dizzy and stumbled backwards to get some distance.
“Do not come any closer. If you dare tell me you didn’t have sex with her again I hope you choke to death on your own saliva.” I spat out angrily.
Disregarding what I’d said, his hand roughly gripped my wrist. He spun me around and I bumped into his firm chest. “Leave me alone or I will call the police.” I warned, my voice laced with venom.
“Baby please just listen. You know I wouldn’t do that to you. Please just calm down and listen to me.” He growled pleadingly. One of his strong arms snacked tightly around my waist while the other tried to wipe away my tears.
His eyes burned as he gazed at mine. My arms were dangling on my sides and we were now completely immobile while I was secured against his body.
“I gave you my whole life, you selfish demon!” I scorned.
Levi: Listen, Zain has cameras all over this house. Let me call him and we’ll review the footage. I don’t think he has cameras in the bedrooms but you will see that Alana and I weren’t in this room for long.
Me: What’s that supposed to prove?
Levi: That we didn’t have sex.
Me: Since when do you need ‘long’ to have sex? You are done by the time a person bats an eyelid.
“That is some below the belt hurtful shit and you know it.” He bit out. He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the bathroom. “Look at the shower, its dry. The bathtub is also dry. I-”
“Let me finish. If I fucked her then I have her smell will be on me.” He said as he unbuttoned his jeans and lowered his pants.
“You want me to smell her pussy on your dick? You are crazier than I thought.”
“I don’t know what else to do to make you believe me. Just smell me.”
Like a crazy ass fool I bent over to smell his penis and it smelled like his shower gel. I looked inside Zain’s shower and confirmed that they didn’t use the same brand. I turned to the sink and it was also dry. I gripped the edges of the marble counter harder than necessary, trying to catch my breath and regain my composure.

“I didn’t have sex with her.” He pleaded once more and it was like a kick of a dying horse. “We hardly even spoke. If you go to the closet you will find my jacket. I changed because it reeked of weed and I didn’t want the smell on me, that’s the only reason why my jacket came off.”
I marched to the closet and recognised the jacket I helped him pick out. I didn’t smell it because the whole house smelled of weed. He put his hands on my shoulders and I pulled away. I didn’t look at him, I just asked him to open the door because I needed to be alone to think.
“Don’t go babe. Let’s just go to sleep, we will talk about it tomorrow morning.”
“You think this is going to go away tomorrow morning?” I asked, almost amused.
“Thando just listen to me.” He shouted. “You are so used to being with people that lie, cheat and abuse you, you can’t even see reason. Look at the bed! You know I can’t get the covers this straight, you’ve seen the jacket, you’ve smelled me and everything points towards one conclusion but you refuse to see it.”
My lips trembled from the ire that filled me as I cried from the bottom of my stomach, guttural and breathless. I was angry at Levi and my parents. My mother betrayed my trust by telling my father about the abortion and I was failing to understand why my abortion was tabled for discussion during pillow talk with that wilder beast, Forgiveness.
“Let me out!” I screamed as tears fell and sunk down to the floor, held my knees to my chest and I cried. Levi squatted in front of me and mumbled and explanation I did not want to hear. I hated him so much yet he was the one I needed to comfort me. When he sat down with his legs on either side of me and pulled me in for a hug I didn’t fight him, I just folded into his form.
“I want to be in an exclusive relationship.” I sobbed. “I am not the woman that forgives a person for sticking his dick in another woman anymore. I am no longer the type of person who blows it off as just a mistake or something that he did because men have a weakness. I don’t see sex with another person as a mistake. It is a choice one makes knowing what he was doing and who he was doing it with.
I’m not the person who hides behind the words, “They should get a second chance,” or “Maybe they’ll change.” If you fuck someone else I will leave you and I will take half your shit and your child while I’m at it.”
“Ours,” he said.
“You said you were going to leave with half of my things and I was just clarifying that it’s ours.”
That silly boy always knew what to say to tame the dragon.
“Have you guys eaten?” Levi asked after a moment of silence.
“No, I spent the evening shoving my things in black plastic bags and carrying them to the car while screaming like a lunatic.” I sniffled.
“I think I went temporarily insane when my dad told me that Forgiveness was the one who ran to the papers because he broke up with her. I don’t think I can forgive that man for this.”
Levi gasped. “Why the fuck would he tell her? What else does she know about you?”
“I have no clue, pussy must have been so good it had him spewing family secrets. All I know is that I don’t want to see that serpent or his wife anytime soon. I am done with them.” I sighed as lone tears trickled down my face.
“So your stuff is in your car?” He asked as he wiped my tears with the jacked that was still in my hands.
I nodded my response. “Whatever I could get my hands on…. I want to get out of here. This loud music with people screaming like demons is giving me a headache.”
Levi chuckled, “heavy metal is an acquired taste. Does this mean you are moving in before I pay lobola? I guess you aren’t trying to appease your parents anymore.”
“My uncle wants two hundred thousand for lobola. I actually do not have time for people that hide behind tradition and culture when they want to exploit people so he can go fuck himself. My give a shit jar is empty. Buy ten chickens and drop them off, tell them that’s what you are willing to offer.”
Levi laughed as he stood up and helped me up. He laughed even louder when a pot rolled out when he opened the passenger’s door. I tried to tell him not to laugh but his laugh was infectious. We just stood next to my stuffed car and laughed and laughed like we were high on something. He was drunk, I must have been affected by the marijuana fumes we’d been inhaling.
“Let’s go home. I’m driving.” I finally said.
“Home…. I love the sound of that my milky bar.” He smiled and picked up my pot.
“Don’t be cheesy.” I laughed.
“But you like cheesy.”
I couldn’t argue with that. I didn’t really know what to think but he was the only thing that made sense in my life at the time.

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