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Saturday, July 9


Unscripted love Chapter 71B


I decided the best way to reinvent myself was to get new friends and get rip-roaring drunk. We waited in line to get into Black Door, a club that had my new jaded friends in a tizzy. Amanda, or Manda as she liked to be called, was texting rapidly on her phone beside me, while Taylor attempted to straighten her skin tight dress.
We’d struggled to agree on my outfit until I settled on Manda’s favourite red dress. It wasn’t too slutty nor conservative. It was tight above the waist and dipped low over my cleavage, and swished merrily over my knees every time I moved. Coupled with Tay’s black heels, I’d say I cleaned up nicely for a girl that wanted nothing more than to get on the first cab in sight and go home.
“You could try to look more excited,” Manda huffed, tucking her phone into the blue clutch she was carrying. Manda was the sexiest out of the three of us. Raven black hair framed a small and pixie like face, and with a healthy set of assets and light skin, she was what society defined as a beautiful black woman.

I jumped and waved my hands. “Woohooo!” I cheered, tone thick with sarcasm.
Manda put her hands on her hips and glared at me. “Manje? [and now?]”
“We are waiting in line. Not much to be thrilled about.” I answered and busied myself with my phone.
Taylor was still fidgeting with her dress. Groaning, Manda smacked her hands away from the skin-tight black dress that accentuated her curvy figure. Taylor’s dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes were smoky and subtly sexy, hinting at the Portuguese side of her family. She was gorgeous, but like me, she’d just come of age and this was her first club experience.
My phone rang in my hands but I didn’t answer my mother’s call. People waiting in line were too loud and rowdy, I wouldn’t have been able to lie about where I was.
“Are you ignoring your boyfriend?” Taylor asked.
I wasn’t ignoring Brother Solomon, I didn’t even know where we stood after our last conversation. We were chatting on the phone about a movie he wanted us to go and watch and when we got off the phone I automatically said, “Alright, talk to you later, I love you, bye.” As I always said to my family and close friends on the phone. I startled myself. “I mean, I didn’t mean what I just said. I wasn’t thinking. I don’t love you. I mean, you are a great guy and everything but it’s not like that. I mean-” He’d abruptly hung up on me, not interested in what would be a never ending rant to explain away why I told him I loved him.
Before I could give Taylor a reply, we were in front of a very intimidating man dressed in black. He waved us in and Manda frowned. “He didn’t even check our IDs. What’s the point of waiting in those long lines at home affairs if they don’t check?”
“You need one to write your matric exams, duh.” Taylor snorted as we walked into the club. The club was spacious, but it was packed wall to wall with gyrating bodies, couples that were literally dry humping each other and the occasional straggler. They reminded me of penguins huddled in the cold, only everyone was intoxicated. Music pounded throughout the place, and the intoxicating smell of alcohol and debauchery was heavy in the air.
Taylor moved to snatch us a table, but Manda grabbed both our wrists and started dragging us to the bar. We hopped onto three stools, scooting closer to each other to keep from rubbing against our neighbours. My dad called and I let it ring. Almost immediately after the screen went black a message came in from him informing me that Sister Thando packed her bags and moved to Brother Levi’s house. He also said he was coming back home with my mother the next day. I didn’t know if that meant they were back together or coming back together because mom no longer had a place to stay and I really didn’t care at that moment. I was out because I wanted to have fun, not wallow over my parents situation in public.
A bartender, with a colourful tattoo sleeve and a nose ring gave us a sexy smile. “Hello there ladies, what can I get for the most beautiful women in the club tonight?”
“Your number?” Manda suggested with a wink.
“I’ll have a gin and tonic, please,” Taylor said.
“Umm, I’ll have Hennessey.” My order earned glares from Manda and Taylor but I wasn’t sure why. I’d been watching music videos and it seemed like the ‘it’ thing to drink for cool people.
After we placed our orders, I spoke to Taylor while Manda and the dark skinned bartender flirted it out.
“So how are things with Gavin?” I enquired.
Taylor gave a dreamy sigh at the mention of her boyfriend. “He got a promotion at work and he’s planning a surprise for our one year anniversary.” I smiled at her obvious happiness.
“Men always evoke the mushy girl in you until they show you their true colours.” Manda chimed in.
Taylor: Don’t mind her, she’s still licking her wounds after he recent breakup with Scelo.
Manda: Tay, just because Scelo couldn’t figure out how to keep his dick in his pants doesn’t mean I am broken or anything. Honestly, I hope he managed to show the poor girl he had bent over the toilet at school a better time that I usually got. That boy wouldn’t know what to do with a vagina even if it came with an instruction manual.
Taylor and Manda exploded into peals of laughter.
By the time the bartender returned with our drinks, Taylor and Manda were falling all over each other with giggles as they went on and on about penises. I failed to find the humour in what was being said. Taylor lifted her gin and tonic in the air. “To new beginnings!”
“To new friendships,” I added.
“To bigger penises!” Manda tittered.
An hour later, we were properly smashed and I got the shock of my life when I got the bill for my drinks. I told the tattooed bartender that my boyfriend was on his way to settle the bill and frantically called Brother Solomon to come to the club and bail me out. He threw a hissy fit about me being out at two in the morning and grudgingly agreed to come and pay the bill that was far more than I got in six months.
Taylor motioned us over to the dance floor, but we had to drag Manda from her stool, where we feared she’d crawl over the bar and stick her hands down the bartender’s pants like she said she would. I couldn’t recall why that would have been a bad thing.
We danced, our bodies flowed with the beat. Lost in the crowd of revellers. I felt a sense of peace wash over me. Maybe I’d been too hard on myself and caged myself in instead of letting go and living my life to the fullest. Maybe now I would truly be happy all the time, not just in small pockets. I waved my hands in the air like my friends and let the music and alcohol take control.
Although in my opinion our dancing was fabulous, it was possible that we looked like birthing chickens. “I love you guys.” Manda screeched, waving her arms above her head. I think Taylor tried to say ‘ditto’ but ended up screaming “dildo!” I made a note to google what that was.
I panicked when I felt hands snake around my swaying hips and a person grinding against my body. I moved forward, away from Mr Grabby and he pulled me back. “It’s me.” Brother Solomon grunted in my ear. “You lured me out here so we might as well have some fun. I haven’t been in a club in a very long time.” He said.
A couple of drinks later, Brother Solomon was in his element. I watched as he danced with my friends and other girls, they all jockeyed for a position around him and I could tell why. He was confident and took control, his body moved smoothly with the music. Manda took most of his attention, dancing fluidly around him.
Tay locked hands with me and raised my arms over our heads while we twisted our hips to the music. I felt another set of hands slide to the side of my hips and a warmth of a body pressed on my back. I turned my head and saw the tattoo sleeve of the bartender who’d been serving us drinks all night. I continued dancing with him for a minute, until his hands began sliding up my torso and grazed the side of my breast. I stepped away and shook my head.
He put a hand on my shoulder and leaned in to my ear to be heard over the music, “You’re so pretty. I wa-”
With an indignant shriek, Brother Solomon shoved the bartender off me. “Get your hands off my woman.” I was taken aback at Brother Solomon’s possessive behaviour, I didn’t know he cared that much.
The bartender retreated with his hands up in surrender. “Chill, bro. I didn’t know she was with you.”
I felt queasy like I was going to throw up. Knowing that there was a long line to get into the bathroom I ran behind the bar and regurgitated my dinner in a bin.
“Are you okay sunshine?” Brother Solomon asked and handed me his drink to wash down the taste in my mouth. “Let’s get out of here.”
“What about my friends? Can you drop them off?” I asked as I stood and smoothed out my borrowed dress.
“They will find their own way home, I am not a taxi driver.”
I paused to consider his response but he took my hand and led me out of the club and into his car.
We joked and laughed all the way to his place. I drank more than I should have and he was sweet enough to help me up the stairs on his front porch, still stumbling and laughing. When we finally got to the front door we fought to unlock the door. Both of us struggled with our intoxication. He was finally able to concentrate long enough to push the door open.
“My hero.” I cooed pushing past him, dragging my hand across his chest as I entered his house and walked straight to his room. I collapsed horizontally onto the bed that had bed covers and pillow cases this time and he did the same.
“I think I’m gonna puke again,” I muttered. I pulled myself off the bed and stumbled through his room and into the bathroom. I tripped over something in the dark and fell. “Oh Jesus!” I yelled and came down with a thump. Something that I, of course, found even more hilarious.
I looked up when the light came on and I was greeted with Brother Solomon’s face only inches from my own. “Are you okay?” He asked in between laughter.

I tried desperately to explain to him that I tripped but I simply could not stop laughing to do so. We sat there and laughed at his stories, until he suddenly put his hand on my shoulder and we both stopped abruptly.
“Futhi, are you pregnant?” The tension in the room was suddenly think and tight. I blinked a few times in his face before glancing at my shoulder. “I, uh, I don’t know. I haven’t had my period and it’s never late.”
He nodded and brushed his thumb over my flat stomach.
“Brother Solomon?” I whispered softly, almost apologetic.
“Don’t call me that. Call me Sol or baby.”
I blushed at his suggestion. I’d never called anyone baby before, the thought made me feel giddy.
He leaned forward slowly, tentatively. He was cautious, and even through our drunk minds we both knew why this was wrong. I couldn’t breathe, let alone lean into him like I yearned to. His lips finally met mine, light as a butterfly. He pulled just a millimetre to let us both reconsider his notion.
“You are so beautiful, baby. I love the braids, the new dress, you’re pretty.” He told me.
My mind was hazy, and I wondered if he could hear my heart beating through my chest. “Baby.” I breathed almost pleadingly and he kissed me again, stronger this time. I couldn’t pin point exactly why I was crying suddenly. It could have been his actions showing me that he accepted our child, it could have been the warmth and affection I felt, it could have just been because he made me feel alive.
I knew when he cupped my face in his hands he could feel the moisture too. We broke the kiss and with shaky hands I began fumbling with the buttons on his orange double collar formal shirt.
“Futhi.” He softly assured me.
We locked eyes and I steadied my hands. Slowly, one by one the buttons came open. I pushed the shirt off his shoulders and stared at his bare chest. He had a slightly bulging pot belly and a small amount of chest hair. I put my hand to feel if his heart was moving as fast as mine. Feeling it thunder heavily under my pal made me feel slightly more at ease.
He moved his hands over my breasts and I quivered under his grip. He studied my face, looking for signs to stop, but I didn’t give him any. I closed my eyes and unzipped my dress. He reached behind me and snapped my bra open. I gasped as my breasts fell free but he covered them with his hands and we fell back to the bathroom floor.
“Are you okay? Do you still feel like vomiting?” He asked, barely above a whisper.
I shook my head. The tile floor was cold on my bare back, it was another cruel reminder of our tasteless rendezvous. He fondled and kissed and nipped at my neck. I suddenly realised he should be careful not to leave a mark because my parents were coming home but the realisation made me only grab and hold onto him tighter.
“Sol” I moaned into the crook of his neck when he bit my shoulder. He travelled across my shoulder, leaving sweet trails all along my shoulder and then across my collar bone. I gasped and arched my back when he suddenly drove his mouth down onto my breasts.
“Oh, baby.” I moaned and turned my head away. Pretending to be oblivious to him and his playful tongue. I almost didn’t realise it when my own hands found the loops of his suit pants and pulled him closer to me just like I’d seen Manda pulling him to her when they were dancing.
He lifted his head and we caught one another’s gaze again as he pulled the borrowed dress off my body. He slowly worked it down over my hips and legs, pulling my panties with it. He sat up and watched me, cold and exposed on the bathroom floor, taking in my naked figure. I couldn’t stop the tears, but I didn’t want him to stop. I slid my fingers through his belt loop again and tugged, needing desperately for our bodies to collide again.
“No, not like this. Not here.” He said and slid his arms under my back. I could feel heat radiating off his skin and wrapped my legs around his waist. He lifted me easily and kissed me as he carried me back to the bed.
I let myself fall back onto the bed as he undid and removed his own shiny silver trousers. I reached for my purse and fished out a condom that Manda slid into my bag earlier that evening. Manda insisted that we all carry condoms just in case anything happened.
Brother Solomon chuckled and took it from me. I closed my eyes, ready to feel the pain and pleasure from him ripping me apart again. He pushed my knees apart and I felt my body shaking with anticipation. When I felt the heat of his breath on my sacred places I was confused. My body realised what was happening before my mind did. I gasped and my hips buckled at his tongue splitting my slit open and delved into me.
“What are you doing?” My voice shook.
“Let me make you feel good baby, just relax.” He whispered and draped my legs over his shoulders. Did people do this or was he being weird? I wondered as I moaned and shook from the feel of whatever this was. He slid a finger into me and nipped at my clit repeatedly and I teetered at the edge of ecstasy. “S-Baby, oh!” I grunted as something felt like it was running up and down my body.
He didn’t give me time to recover from the feeling before holding my hips firmly to the bed and pushing his member fully into me. I yelled and clawed at his arms. “Oh my God.” I felt like his body couldn’t get close enough to mine, I felt like I needed him more. I felt fire in my stomach.
He grunted and groaned as he trust in and out of me. Climbing fully on top of me. He held onto the back of my neck with one hand and onto my breast with the other. I repeated his name in high pitched cries, bit his shoulder to try to silence myself.
“Cum for me baby, cum all over that dick…. Holy shit.”
His mouth was so foul my jaw fell open in shock. My breath came in uneven pants as he pushed my legs further apart and dove deeper into me, making my whole body practically vibrate.
His pace grew faster and faster, hips crashing into mine more and more as he worked my body into absolute chaos. A cry I wasn’t aware of was shouted into the air as the pressure in my stomach burst, relief flooding through my body. Heat radiated through me as I revelled in my high, my mouth fell open as he let out a grunt and I felt warm liquid pulsing into me.
After a few seconds he relaxed and let out a heavy exhale, pressed his lips into mine once before rolling on his back next to me. I was covered in a sheen of sweat and my entire body was buzzing, fire burning through my veins as I attempted to catch a breath.
He let out a huff of air, almost like a laugh as he wiped his forehead with his hand before dropping it lazily onto the bed. “Nice to fucking see you again, Futhi.” He said, gravel weighing down his voice as he let out a small scoff, grinning in satisfaction. I glanced down the bed and saw his penis without the condom on. I searched for it with my eyes and saw the unopened condom on the side of the bed. I took a deep breath, trying to process what that meant. What had I gotten myself into?
“Baby, you didn’t wear the condom.” I stated the obvious.
“It feels rubbery with a condom, I don’t like them.”
“What if I’m not pregnant already? What if fall pregnant now?” I panicked.
I don’t know who regretted it first, or if either of us had ever stopped regretting it from the moment we started kissing. He found his pants and without saying another word he left the room where I sat naked, crying on his bed.
“Baby stop crying.” Solomon said when he walked back in the room. “Take this.” He handed me a box of pills and a glass of water. I looked at the box through watery eyes.
“What’s miso-misoprostol?” I asked.
“It’s a morning after pill babe. Have you heard of it?”
I shook my head. “No.”
“It’s an emergency contraceptive. Trust me, after taking that you won’t be pregnant.” He cooed.
“How many must I take?”
“Take two.” I followed his instruction and guzzled down two pills.
Solomon: What time is your dad coming?
Me: I’m not sure.
Solomon: Maybe I should take you home… we don’t want him to get there and not find you, right?
Me: Yeah.
“Thanks for calling me and telling me about the pregnancy. I want us to be open with each other so that we can build something solid, okay?”
“I wish we could spent the rest of the day together but I have to take you home now. Your dad might be back any minute and I don’t want you to get into trouble.” I looked over and smiled at his overprotectiveness. “Remember, do not tell anyone about us. Tell Thando or anyone else that asks that we haven’t spoken in a while. I want us to protect what we have and not let people that don’t understand our connection bring their views into it.”
“I won’t.” I promised.
We were both quiet as we redressed, pulling on various items of clothing scattered everywhere in our haste to get naked. I could feel his eyes burning into my skin as I fastened my bra behind my back and tried not to blush. My mind was still spinning with what we’d done.
He lunged forward, pushing his soft lips against mine. I felt his hands grab my waist, pulling me into a fiery passionate kiss. My hands held his face, my stomach was turning, my heart racing and my head spinning.
“Do you think your parents will be there in the next 30 minutes?” he purred, as his teeth grazed my earlobe nibbling it softly and his hand rubbed up and down my back. It felt nice to effortlessly wield such emotional power and have this effect on him.
“No,” My answer sounded more like a moan as his lips moved from my earlobe to my jaw to my collar bones, leaving a trail of wanting from his moist lips.
He pushed me on the bed and crawled over me, his erection pressed against my stomach. “Well then, stay for another thirty minutes.”
He didn’t need to ask me twice.

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