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Tuesday, July 19


Unscripted love Chapter 74 - A


#74 A
The Pain On My Sleeves
The blanket around my shoulders didn’t provide any comfort. My teeth were clattering like there was no tomorrow and every part of my insides was frozen to ice. I gawked at the wall, my brain barely registering the sounds of the occasional nurse tiptoeing around me. Every time I tried to move pain throbbed in my abdomen, but I was so used to it by now that I hardly even noticed. Something hot dripped on my hand and I realised that I’d been crying again.
A hand stroked my shoulder and I jumped, almost falling off my bed.
“I am sorry, Futhi, I didn’t mean to startle you. My name is Detective van Acht. Doctor Smith is one of my friends.”
That traitor. I narrowed my eyes to focus on the Detective’s face. He looked old, maybe the same age as my father. A smile was plastered on his face which signalled “friendly,” but my mind proceeded with caution. There was movement behind him and I strained to make out a young woman with a wide, fake smile.
“I know this is difficult for you at the moment, but can we ask you a few questions?”
I wanted to scream at them to leave me alone. “I’m sure Doctor Smith told you what happened.”
He gave me a crooked smile. “I know, but I would like to comb through a few details with you.”
I glanced around for my mom and dad, hoping for them to come to my rescue, but they were still not there even though I’d called and told them where I was. I shook my head to get the fuzziness out of my brain before I turned back to van Acht and the woman.
He lowered himself to the empty chair next to my bed while she sat on a chair at a much safer distance. I tried to control my trembling hands when I tucked the blanket tighter around me. He noticed and covered me with a blanket that was bunched up at my feet.
“Thank you.” My voice was still hoarse and no longer recognisable.
“Futhi, you are here because you tried to commit suicide and there were complications with the abortion?”
I nodded.
“Your boyfriend gave you the abortion pills without your knowledge?”
I closed my eyes and the image of a dead baby that flashed in front of me turned my stomach into tight knots. “I am young and I am not ready to be a mother.” I sounded like a broken robot.
“Am I correct in stating that you wanted to have an abortion?”
A sorrowful sob escaped my throat when I remembered what had happened the previous day. My baby was dead. This was part of my story now and I couldn’t erase it or go back in time and ask more questions about the pills before taking them.
“I didn’t want to have an abortion but I understand the reasons why Solomon chose that path for me…. for us.” Tears streamed down my face. “I wouldn’t have chosen this for myself.”

The two officers exchanged a glance.
“Tell me more about Solomon. Is he your fiancé?”
I bit my lip, trying to make sense of what would happen to him after this conversation. I wanted to lie but it made no sense to cry to God all night then wake up in the morning and go back to lying. I wanted my relationship with Solomon to be based on truth.
“I’m not really sure what we are.” I said with a slight quiver in my voice.
“How old were you when you started having sex with Solomon?” His question was so crass. My mind screamed to stop the questions, a pounding headache numbing my senses. I wanted to go home, hide under my blankets and not be stuck in the hospital with a bunch of strangers asking personal questions.
“How old is Solomon? How long have you been dating?” the Detective abandoned his question when my answer wasn’t forthcoming. With a sigh, I closed my eyes. I just wanted him to leave and let me handle the situation on my own.
He smiled. “Relax, I’m just trying to get a better understanding of what happened, that’s all.”
“Solomon is 35. We’ve only done it twice. I was seventeen the first time it happened and that’s when I must have conceived.” The words were pulled out of me by an invincible force that knew that I had to cooperate with him if I ever wanted him to leave me alone.
“That’s helpful Futhi, you are doing great.”
I gave him a weak smile. “My parents cant find out about this….. please do not tell them.”
“You are an adult, I will not tell your parents anything that you tell me. A report was filed and I am obligated to ask questions, that’s all…..Now, let’s go back to the abortion. Do you know where Solomon got the pills?”
I shook my head.
Detective: So you told him you were pregnant and he went to get them himself?
“No, he had them stashed somewhere in his house. He gave them to me after we did ‘it’ again and he told me they were morning after pills.” A shudder ran through me and I choked on the words, hard to believe that I was talking about myself.
The Detective’s eyes bulged out of their sockets. “He had them readily available in his house. Is he in the medical profession?”
“No. He is a well-known Evangelist.”
A scream for the doorway interrupted his line of questioning. “Futhi, on my God, my child.”
I turned towards the voice, the whole room blurred from my tears. “Mom!” I wanted to run to her, but my legs were not under my control. My arms flew up when she flung herself on my bed and pulled my head against her shoulder. I wept, feeling halfway safe for the first time since the whole ordeal started.
“Shhh, honey, everything will be alright now. Thando told me about what happened with Solomon and I have friends who are nurses that got me access to your file, I know about the suicide attempt and abortion. You are alive, that’s all that matters.” The words were muffled by her tears.
“I’m so sorry, mom, I didn’t listen to you. I was hurting and he was just there, I don’t know what happened or how it got to that. I am so, so sorry.”
“Do not worry about a thing, honey. No one blames you. That devil took advantage of an innocent little girl.” She turned to the detective. “You must arrest that scum. He drugged my child and raped her!” A cry escaped her mouth. “There was so much blood. I thought I’d lost you forever, Futhi. I love you so much.”
“I just want to go home.”
She stroked my hair and looked up. “Can I take my daughter home?”
I raised my head and turned to van Acht with pleading eyes. He couldn’t even hold my gaze. “I’m sorry, ma’am, but there are still a lot of questions that I need to ask her.”
“Can’t this wait until tomorrow? As you can see Futhi is exhausted and she is in shock.” My father glared at van Acht with venom.
“She has been through enough.” My father said sternly.
Fresh tears pricked my eyes. I couldn’t understand why my parents still cared, why they weren’t shouting or beating the life out of me or disowning me like they did my sister when they found out she was pregnant.
Van Acht twitched, no one usually dares to disagree with my dad when he brought out the Mufasa voice. “I totally understand, sir. We can postpone the questioning for now but I’m afraid that Futhi has to come to the police station to identify him in a line-up as soon as she is discharged. As you know, Solomon impregnated a ten year old girl and he has been arrested for statutory rape.” I stared at the Detective with an open mouth.
My father took a sharp breath. “I thought- I thought those were vicious lies aimed at discrediting the man of God. He said he didn-”
“YOU KNEW!” My mother screamed. “He got Futhi drunk and stole her innocence! It’s your fault. This is all your fault Mayihlome.” My mother jumped in and clutched her hand over her mouth, all eyes turned to me with pity. I must have had the word “RAPE” written all over my forehead. Was it even rape? In the end I was a willing participant but how could I tell my parents that I willingly had sex with the man they cast as the perfect candidate for my sister?
Van Acht cleared his throat, taking control of the situation. “We will likely add a rape charge and a charge for giving Futhi abortion pills without her knowledge. We will obtain a search warrant to search his house to see what he has stashed in his closet.”
The female cop squeezed my mother’s shoulder. “Don’t worry, I’ll make sure he’s locked up for a really long time. He’ll never be able to hurt your daughter, or anyone else again.”
“I put all my hope and trust in you in this moment. I want that rapist to go to jail and rot there for all of eternity.” My mother croaked.
My phone beeped beside me and I glared at the message that popped up on my lock screen. “I broke my promise and told mom about Solomon getting you drunk and raping you. I understand if you hate me for it but you will love me for it in the long run.”
Sister Thando was so sure it was rape but it wasn’t so black and white in my situation. She said no and stuck to it, I said no but I eventually went along with it.
Too many things were happening all at the same time. I didn’t know what to feel or think. The sting in my chest was unbearable when my lungs came up for short of oxygen with every breath I took. I felt like I was about to choke. My arms wrapped around me as I rocked back and forth, sobs mixing with low whimpers. My father’s hand weighed a ton on my shoulder when he placed it on my shoulder. My lips formed silent words, but no sound escaped. He tried to pull me into his arms, but I slapped him away, unable to stand his touch.
“Go.” I lowered my eyes when a few tears trickled down my cheeks, my breath heavy again. “Everyone, please leave me alone. This all just a big misunderstanding.” I bit my trembling lip, trying to give my words some firmness.
My words fell on deaf ears as my parents took that as an invitation to step closer to me and grab each of my arms. The painful glares they exchanged when they noticed the deep cuts on them stabbed painfully at my insides. At least they could see my pain that I now wore like a scarlet letter on my sleeves. At least they could see that in the midst of their pain, I was in pain too.

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