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Tuesday, August 2


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 71


Chapter 71
I have to give it to Lucy. That plan was well executed but that doesn't mean she has won. She can't keep on winning every time. No ways.
The next morning I woke up in a happy mood. I suggested that Mordecai should go out with his friends. I had a plan of my own.
Just when I was about to bring it into action, Christy buzzed. I let her in.
The boys were at Tembisa. Well that was what I was good at, shipping the boys off when problems arise.
Maybe I'm just a bad mother.
We sat down and talked about stuff while watching reality shows.
"People actually think that they can walk all over you as long as time allows them just because you are too nice. You know what ?I'm putting an end to this. I swear I am." I said sipping on my coffee.
"What are you talking about Ria?." Christy asked.
"You know very well what I'm talking about. This girl can't just keep on acting like im her punching bag." I said focusing on the tv.
" I'm your friend Ria, and whatever stupid plan you have. I'm not gonna allow you to go ahead with it. I can't watch you go to jail." Christy reprimanded me.
"Who said anything about going to jail?" I asked.
I was not going to allow anyone to stop me from teaching that girl some lessons. Christy left and said she was going to meet up with Nandi. I told her I wanted to sleep although she tirelessly begged me to come with her. She finally gave up and left.
I wanted to text Lucy but decided it was going to be incriminating so I called her. She picked up on the second ring.
Lucy: Mrs monareng hello.
Oh I didn't know she was married already.
Me: hi Lucy, I want you to listen carefully dear.
Lucy: who is this?
Me: I need to cut a deal with you. I'm sure you know our address by now. Please be here in 40 minutes or lose out at a chance of ever being rich.
I didn't wait for her to reply but hung up.
At exactly 40 minutes, she buzzed at the gate and I opened.
" oh that was fast, I suppose you didn't take a taxi or a train" I said faking a smile.
" ofcourse not, my husband brought me here. You know mandla? The one who was faking to be Amanda's fiance?" She said making her way to the couch.
I faked another smile again but deep down I wanted to jump on her throat. This girl was too much.
" oh congratulations on your marriage my dear. Do you want coffee perhaps? Or maybe wine" I asked grinning.
Gosh this was like some play where we were acting. Those people were sick though, scheming to get money from us.
" of course not dear, I'm here for business and business only." She mumbled.
" what kind of a business will that be without coffee in between" I said that going to the kitchen. I came back and gave her a cup. I started talking about what I had to offer.
" well you see, Mordecai's dad had offered you guys 20 million if you drop the charges" I said sternly.
" Get out of here" she jumped excitedly.
This lady was crazy. I'm sure if Mr Martin was to be involved in this, he would offer her a mere 5000.
" of course Lucy. All you will have to do is sign up a contract and you will be 20 million richer". I smiled. I was even getting tired of smiling to this Lucifer.
She finally drank the coffee out of excitement.
That was all I was waiting for. It didn't take time for her to get drowsey. When she finally passed out, I dragged her to the basement. Well she was still a skinny ass so it wasn't that hard. I tied her to the chair and after some time the drug was starting to wear out. I pour water on her to wake her up fully.
" oh my gosh. What have you done to me, you witch. Where am I? Where the hell am i? " she shouted trying to free herself.
" ah shut up already. No one will hear you. If you cooperate, you will soon be home" I smiled busy cleaning my scissors.
" what are you going to do to me, you evil woman?.somebody help me!She continued shouting
" well why don't you just stick around and found out" I said slapping her.
I was going to batter this girl up with my own fists.
She was screaming her lungs out as I battered her. I would take a break and go watch TV or do something else then come back again and ask her if she was ready to call her sister to drop those charges. She was still reluctant. I wasn't moved by either the blood coming out or her begging for mercy. She had to do it. I wasn't going to back up. My hands were sore so I had to bring a belt.
Mordecai's POV
I was actually the biggest fool walking on the face of the earth. I couldn't believe Lucy have played me for a fool once again.
She really wanted my head and wasn't going to rest till she get it.
The problem was Rianze always had to be dragged into this. She didn't deserve it, especially after what she was going through.
I couldn't sleep that night. My head was all over the place.
In the morning Ria suggested that I go out with Allan so I can try to keep my head off things.
While I was busy chilling with Allan I received a call from Christy. I immediately picked up fearing something had happened to Rianze.
Christy: Mordecai I think something is wrong with Ria.
She said immediately when I picked up.
Me: what do you mean.?
My heart was now beating faster.
Christy: she has gone crazy and I think she is going to do something bad to Lucy. I didn't think much about it in the morning but now it has hit me. Her phones are off, her mom doesn't know where she is. And Lucy was last seen in the morning.
Ria: OK calm down... Maybe she went to the doctor and ......oh my gosh do you mean she might kill Lucy?.
Christy: she sounded like a possessed person in the morning. Please find her. Go check at home.
I immideately told Allan that I had to leave. When I got home. It was really quiet. I went around the rooms looking for her. It looked like she was around. The TV was on, there was also a fresh coffee on the table. Something was odd.
I searched all the rooms and she was nowhere in sight. I heard some sounds from the basement and ran there. I couldn't believe my eyes when the first thing I saw was Lucy tied in a chair, all bloodied up. Her face was not a good sight for a mother who gave birth to her. She was in deep pain and looked weak. Rianze got up when she saw me.
" why are you back early babe" she said touching my chest.
" what the heck is wrong with you.what has got into you?" I took her hands off and went to untie Lucy.
" don't even think about that Martins. Not even in your wildest dreams. Don't forget you are the reason this is happening" she said getting serious.
I stopped.
I looked around to see if there was a gun but there wasn't, just some scissors and a knife. That was better.
" what are you going to do, kill her? Then what Ria? What's gonna happen after you kill her?" I asked facing her.
" I'm not gonna kill her. I'm going to show her that I'm one woman she should never mess with" she said smiling.
" she already got the message. Please" I pleaded.
" no she hasn't. She is going to drop those charges because if she doesn't you will go to jail" Ria said taking a scissor.
" Ria please. Don't even think about that. Whatever it is you want to do" I pleaded once more.
" Mordecai help me! Please help me" Lucy mumbled crying. Her voice was even faint.
I just stood there.!

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