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Tuesday, August 2


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 72


Chapter 72
Mordecai's POV
Do you know what it means to come home at night to a woman who'll
give you a little love, a little affection, a little tenderness? It means
you're in the wrong house, that's what it means.
Henny Youngman.
I suppose I was in a wrong house because the woman who was in mine was unknown to me. She was a stranger who had vengeance written all over her face. I know what they say about hell having no fury like a woman scorned. My Ria was not capable of beating someone to a pulp. Let alone torturing them.
I tried talking to her but she wasn't listening. After some time she finally gave in and we went upstairs.
" we can sit here and talk all day, Mordecai. But if it has nothing to do with getting that evil woman to drop the charges then we are wasting our side" she said pacing up and down.
I decided to send a message to Christy and told her everything was fine. I didn't want the whole thing to blow out of proportion.
Just as I was about to sit down, someone buzzed at the gate. I looked at the camera to see who it was and it was none other than my troublesome brother.
" I'm not letting him in" I said sitting on the couch.
" why the hell not. Where do you want him to go to?" Ria asked staring at me.
A noisy person like my brother was the last thing I needed. I opened for him and the first thing he did when entering the house was to go hug my wife. That was another reason I didn't want him next to my wife. He was too upclose and personal with her.
" hey big bro. Whats up with the grumpy face. Come give me some sugar" he said opening his arms for a hug.
" what sugar? What's wrong with you" I asked ignoring his open arms.
" don't tell me you have forgotten that episode from Regular show where rigby was...."
" Oh OK. Its fine " I cut him in and hugged him.
" don't ever talk about sugar or whatever. Stop being dramatic" I said sitting down.
" yeah right. You are too uptight. I haven't seen you guys in ages. You should be excited to see me." He said sitting next to me.
" we are and I'm sure the boys would be way too excited to see you. We can get an uber to take you to Tembisa now" I said faking a smile.
" OK what's going on here.why are you trying to get rid of me?" He asked.
" probably coz I have held Lucy hostage in the basement" Ria blurted.
" Ria!!!" I shouted.
" you what? Oh my gosh! That is just amazing. I have always wanted to do some creepy things like that hey." Roger said smiling.
" its not a joke , its better if you excuse us until we sort this thing out." I said sternly.
" I'm going to see this. I don't trust ya all have guts to do such a horrid deed."
" come I'll show you " Ria said leading the way.
I didn't go with them. I just sat there and waited for them to finish whatever they were doing down there. After some time they came back.
" Oh my gosh, you guys! I have missed so much. Why didn't you call me when all these was happening so I could see it first hand. ? " Roger asked the moment he sat down. I knew that Ria had told him everything. The problem with my brother was he turned everything into a joke. He was busy saying stuff and giggling with Ria.
"Stop it guys, this is not some sort of a joke you can laugh about all day. This is serious." I shouted.
" OK fine, I wanna go see my twins now, can you drive me to Tembisa. I think you guys need some fresh air out there." Roger said.
" nah you guys go ahead, I need to rest ".
"OK then. Asta LA vista."
He left with Ria. I was glad they left. I needed some piece of mind and quietness.
They came back around 8pm while I was dozing off in the couch.
" we had a great day. The twins really wanted to come back but seeing that we have a hostage situation, I convince them they will come back home soon" Roger said as he walked in. This guy never kept quiet. He could talk all day.
" well that is going to be sooner because I dealt with the hostage situation of yours." I mumbled.
" what do you mean you have dealt with it. Don't tell me you have killed her Mordecai " Ria said freaking out.
" isn't that what you would like Ria?. You would love it.well I let her go".
" you what?" They asked in unison.
" yeah you heard me. I let the poor girl go"
Ria laughed a bit." What do you mean poor girl?. You have just ruined your ticket out of jail young man. You don't know that woman. " she walked out .
That hit a nerve. Ria might have been right. All Lucy promised was that she was going to drop the case as soon as I let her go. Taking her word for it was not good enough but kidnappings her was not OK too. We could both end up in jail for it.
" but you know that ex of yours can't be trusted. I'm sure she doesn't even trust herself. I personally think you have just took a shovel and extend your own hole, the one you dug when flirting with Amanda " Roger added taking the stairs.

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