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Tuesday, August 2


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 73


Chapter 73
Mordecai's POV
OK fine I was wrong. I shouldn't have released Lucy without consulting Ria first. I was just scared that she was breaking the law and we could both end up in jail. My kids needed a parent. I didn't have a plan on how I was going to go about everything. I just thought letting Lucy go was the right thing.
I went to the bedroom and found Ria sleeping. I was glad, I wouldn't be getting any lectures on how wrong i was with the decision I made. It was going to be a song that never ends.
"Are you even telling me the whole truth?" She asked when I was trying to slip in between the sheets. I should have just went to the spare room and slept there.
" I have a feeling there will be surprises later. You know I won't even attend your trial. I'll rather spend time with my kids than being humiliated in front of the whole world. " she continued.
" what will people say if you not by my side? They will believe I did it and you know it. You can't do that. We can't have that " I replied.
"Oh watch me. I tried being on your side in the best possible way but you threw it back to my face. Now that woman you released from my hands will actually testify that we held her hostage trying to make her drop the charges. Now tell me, what will people say? They will definitely believe you did it and tried covering your tracks.you don't even have any hard evidence to prove your honesty. Cirmustancial evidence will actually land your ass in jail."
" justice will prevail Ria. It always will" I said trying to sound optimistic.
" what did you just said? Oh my gosh Mordecai wake the hell up and come back to reality. In reality justice hardly prevails. There are a lot of people across the globe who are in jail for things they didn't do. But this justice of yours is silent when all that happens. You will end up in jail preaching this justice story of yours."
" Ill fix it. " I said taking my phone and dialing Lucy. She didn't pick up.I tried Amanda.
Amanda: what do you want Mordecai?.
Mordecai: I want us to fix this. Lucy is leading you astray and it won't end well.
Amanda: blood is thicker than water Mordecai and I have nothing to talk to you.not after what your crazy wife did to my sister.
With that said. She hung up.
I didn't say anything more to Ria but just slept. The next morning I decided to go to work. I was definitely gonna lose my mind if I just stayed at home idle.
I got to work and people were clearly talking about me. I couldn't walk past anyone without getting weird looks. It was evident that they all thought I was a rapist. I just couldn't be in such environment. I decided to go out and have some drinks. Home was not the place I wanted to go to. I was tempted to call my dad because clearly I was failing to sort things out by myself.
As I continued gulping my beer, I received a message from Allan. I was reluctant to open as I thought he would be asking me about my whereabouts.
After couple of minutes, I decided to read it. I couldn't believe my eyes. He said he found the club Amanda was at the night she claimed I raped her and there was a video footage. I was praying there was a concrete evidence on these claims.
I immediately got up and drove home. I wanted to share this with my wife. There was a light at the end of the tunnel.
When I got home, she was eating dinner with my brother. They were laughing and getting all cosy. I bet they wouldn't laugh like that had I been around.
I went to kiss her on the cheek as I greet them.
" babe there is a video that shows where Amanda was the time she claimed I raped her". I said excitedly.
" oh that's something. Have you seen the video"? She asked staring at me.
" um well... I haven't but.." I didn't finish my sentence because she cut me in.
" well apparently the students have started protesting against you. The rapist lecturer as they dub you. And there has been talks that you have been suspended "
" where did you get that lies. That's all lies. " I shouted defensively.
She laughed a bit. " you are all over the news Mordecai and apparently some students are gonna come out and testify against you"
" what?They will testify lies against me"
I clearly undermined Lucy. She was prepared to ruin me.

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