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Wednesday, August 17


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 74


Chapter 74
Rianze's POV
This whole debacle was taking its toll on me and Mordecai wasn't even helping. It was like he was making matters worse. For once he could have just listened to me and maybe the whole thing could be over by now but nah, he just couldn't trust me.
Having the media involved in this thing was his ticket to jail. He wouldn't Even know what hit him while he was still playing the victim card.
I bade everyone goodnight and went to my room. I wasn't sleepy or anything. I just wanted to be out of Mordecai's sight. I lay there with my eyes fixated on the ceiling thinking about my boys. This was not the kind of life i wanted for them but i was also thinking for the future. If i failed to beat this cancer then they wouldnt have hard time adjusting to being around my mom.
My problem was Mordecai, he would definitely want full custody and would probably end up marrying another diabolic woman like Lucy or worse he would remarry her.
This guy could surprise you. I laid there until I fell asleep. In the morning I was woken by Mordecai.
" babe, I prepared breakfast for u. When last did you have it in bed" he said smiling, handing me the tray. He kissed me on the forehead. I wasn't in the mood for such but I didn't want to disappoint him after the effort he made. I ate while he said besides me reminiscing about all the good times we had together. It was refreshing and I was chuckling most of the time.
I immideately ran to our bathroom feeling nauseous.
" babe are you OK? " Mordecai asked following me.
I couldn't reply as I started vomiting.
" babe. Should I call a doctor? I mean can i bring you something?" He asked clearly panicking.
" I'm just vomiting. It's not a big deal. I'm sure its the side effects of the treatment " I smiled trying to assure him that I was fine.
I have never actually vomited because of the treatment and I was praying that it had nothing to do with pregnancy. Mind you my periods were late. I didn't say anything to Mordecai because I knew he would blow everything put of proportion.
Mordecai tried convincing me to go to the doctor but I didn't budge. There wasn't anything more they could do except giving me stuff that I felt were making things worse or telling me about the endless tests that needed to be done.
My doctor told me that he was booking me for surgery the following week for the removal of the cancerous tissue. I underwent chemotherapy first to shrink the tumour. I was scared. Who isn't scared of surgery though. However after the whole procedure, I would be able to know if all was well or not.
I spent the day shopping with my girls. It was a therapy I really needed. After shopping I went to see my boys. They were so excited to see and couldn't stop asking when they were coming home.
When I got home I found Mordecai at the lounge. Roger was nowhere in sight.
" I am leaving you" I said as I put my paper bags down.
" what do you mean by that." He asked clearly confused.
"I want a divorce. my lawyer will bring the divorce paper as soon as possible." I picked my bags and walked up the stairs.
" Ria,you can't just decide in the middle of nowhere that you want to leave me. You can't do that. Who does that.?" He said following me.
" Telling you wouldn't have made a difference because you don't listen to me. This is the only way I'll get things to happen because talking to you won't help." I opened my room and put the bags down.
" What's the reason for this divorce.? Who put you up to this? Is it your girls, they were busy feeding you nonsense I see. We only have few issues that we need to sort out.please don't do this. For our babies sake."
" My kids will do just fine without u Mordecai."
" Your kids? They are my kids too. Don't do this Ria. I don't want to see us entangled in a court case over them.please don't do this " he pleaded.
"What's going on here. What's with noise guys" Roger asked entering the room.
" she is leaving me" Mordecai sat at the bed with his hands on his head.
"What? But why Ria. This guy loves u. Please don't do that"
" love me? We are here because of the twins, other than that I don't even think he would have asked for forgiveness after what he did with Lucy. He doesn't care about anybody but himself" I started packing some of my clothes in a bag.
" but you know that's not true Ria. I love you. God knows I do. I might have a funny way of showing it but I do. Please don't leave me" he begged
" yeah right. I have just been miserable here and its going from bad to worse. You are not actually doing something about it. Call me when you are ready to be a grown ass man." I took the bag and left.
"Ria please don't leave. Mordecai do something. We can't have this.You guys love each other." Roger shouted.
I didnt want to leave but i had to do this. A little break was what we needed maybe.

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