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Wednesday, August 17


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 75


Chapter 75
I decided to leave the car back there and used a meter taxi.
When I got home, I found my mom at the gate with some woman. I greeted them as I entered.
" Hau , are you bringing more clothes for Adrian and Aiden? Like really, you guys? Those kids have more than enough stuff here already. Unless you actually don't want them anymore in sandhurst" my mom said following me to the house.
"They are mine mom"
" What do you mean they are yours.? Rianze don't tell me you are back?" She asked staring at me.
I just looked down.
"Ndazile. Awunoqubeka uyenzalento Rianze" (I knew it, you can't keep on doing this Rianze)
" But mama I...."
" But mama what? I agreed to stay with the twins because I thought you guys were working on your relationship but no..you are ruining it. I'm pretty sure the main reason you are coming with this bag here, is lucy. Why do you keep on letting her destroy what you have. Woman if you don't stand up for this marriage you will wake up to find it all gone. I can assure you!! Rianze, mtanam. You have been acting like a victim ever since the lucy saga, making Mordecai look like the devil. The poor guy is trying, but you just can't see it because he is just not good enough for you anymore. " she said in a high pitched voice.
"That is not true mom" I defended myself.
" What is the truth then. Did he cheat again? Did he say he doesn't want you anymore? What did he say? If it isn't about this court case then what is it? " She asked sternly.
I kept quiet. She took out her phone.
"I'm calling him " she said dialing the numbers.
She didn't answer me because she walked up the stairs and left me standing there.
My phone rang, I was in no mood for phonecalls but I answered.
Christy: hey you!
Me: well if you want to give me another lecture about marriage and what not, can we do it later.
Christy: ( she laughed a bit) well atleast you know what you have just done is wrong.
Me: why aren't you people keen to hear my side of the story? You heard the story from Allan who got it from Mordecai. I'm your friend. You have to get it from me.
Christy: marriage is not easy but you can't run everytime you feel the heat. You can't always be on the right side my friend, never. You guys need to stop playing this game.
Rianze: I get it my friend.ill fix it. I have to go now.
I said hanging up the phone. I didn't want to hear more lectures. I just stood at the lounge with my bag like a guest. I knew I wasn't welcomed so I couldn't just take my bag to my room. It was getting late and my kids were nowhere in sight.
" Mama where are my babies" I asked as she surfaced from the kitchen.
"They went to the cinema with Becca and their grandpa" she answered and went back to the kitchen. I asked if she wanted help preparing dinner but she refused.
I decided to just watch tv. I heard a car in the driveway and immediately got up. I may have seen my babies earlier on but I just wanted them around me.
I was just disappointed seeing it was mordecai and Roger.
" Oh you made it just in time for dinner guys" my mom said hugging them.
Just when we were about to sit down, the twins entered and immediately ran to Roger. When he was around we didn't matter.
We sat down and ate dinner. It was great,joking and laughing as a family.
" Rianze and Mordecai, I think its getting late and you guys should leave." My mom said clearing the table. This woman though, she never told me anything about this.
" Oh and Roger,I heard Aiden and Adrian saying there is something they would like you to help them with"
I could see what this was all about so we bade people goodnight and left. Roger stayed behind.
We got to the house in silence. Nobody was saying a thing to one another.
"Um I'm going to sleep" I said going up the stairs.
" so you are planning to play this game till when Ria? You don't even want to talk but run whenever it suits you" he shouted coming closer to me. It was evident that he was angry.
" you just don't respect me Rianze. I'm your husband and I demand some respect around here."
He pushed me against the wall and that sent chills to my spine. I could see he was angry and might even hit me but instead his lips locked against mine.
I went weak all over, my knees almost buckled. Probably because it wasnt what i was expecting from him.I forced them to lock. To be strong.
I responded to the kiss and my body, thirsty from not getting some, tingled all over when he touched me. He unbuttoned my shirt but seeing it was taking forever he tore it apart then reached from my breast. It was scary but sexy. he sucked the first one, then the other one. sucking, flicking, and gingerly biting them in a way that quickly started driving me crazy with pleasure. In less than a minute, he yanked my skirt up over my hips, and I could hear him unzipping his pants. I felt his cock sliding inside me. He started to thrust into me then he stops.
"You’re beautiful Rianze. ,” he told me under his breath.
Then suddenly, he was thrusting so hard that my pussy could hardly contain him—he was plowing me, fucking me deep, groaning with abandon, For a moment, the room seemed to lose its air. This wasn't the husband I was used to. There was so much strength and passion in what he was doing. I saw affection glint in his eyes, and a smile hovered at the edges of his lips as he bent over to kiss me.
The painting that was on the wall crashed to the floor and shattered but he didnt stop. His thrusting became more frantic and powerful . With that,Mordecai arched his back and thrust the full length of his cock into me as he came , filling me with a force I’d never yet felt from him and through my own orgasm i felt his cock spasm, adding more heat to my already burning core. When I recovered enough to think of what had just happened, I felt like I had just been taken to a different place. This guy deserved to be called Sir Martins or I could just kneel down like a true venda woman and show him some respect cause he sure did deserve it

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