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Wednesday, August 17


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 76


Chapter 76
I woke up tired. It was around 11 am. I usually don't oversleep. I just don't oversleep. Mordecai was still fast asleep.
I could hear him snoring softly; I moved slowly out of the bed. I didn't want to wake him up. I went out to make a phone call. I had to call my boss and lie about yet another doctor's visit. Having told him my medical problems, he understood. In fact he even suggested that I should take days off till I was fit to get back to work but being me, I assured him I would manage. Clearly I was failing so I told him I would actually take those days off.
I felt my head buzzing.What a crazy night we had. What time did we finally go to sleep though? I was actually sore between my legs; man we fucked forever last night and into the morning. I smiled thinking about it, that was a wild time. We felt like teenagers once more.
We literally did it all over the house -on the kitchen floor, leaning over the stair banister, the couch, against the wall. We ended the night in the shower. We had the hottest, steamiest sex ever. I mean ever.
Well I haven't had some like this since years back.
I decided to make some breakfast. My body was actually telling me that i was too weak for such but my soul was like ' girl he deserved it'.
I decided to actually do all the stuff he loved ; pancakes with strawberries,bacon,eggs, sausage and toasted bread, raspberry almond scones, waffles with bananas and salted caramel sauce and cappuccino. I didn't leave anything out. I went all out.
When I took the tray to our bedroom he was wide awake, grinning from ear to ear.
" That smells nice babe," he said kissing me on the forehead.
" oh my gosh Ria you did all these for me?" He asked and I nodded.
" babe are you sure you didn't drive to some restaurant while I was sleeping" he continued already digging in to the mouth watering breakfast.
We ate together talking about sweet nothings to each other.
" wow babe im impressed. Wow" he took the tray to the kitchen smiling. He just couldn't stop smiling. Ever since we moved in together I hardly made breakfast for him let alone lunch or supper. We were usually eating out and when we wanted proper home cooked meal we would go to my mother. You can't blame me, we had a helper back at helderwyk so I didn't do anything there. I had someone helping me here but she wasn't cooking and with the twins at my mom's, she only came for cleaning.
Well that was about to change. I was going to be cooking for this guy.
"Thanks for the meal babe" he said nibbling on my ear, and placing his hand on my breast.
'Babe after what you did to me last night, really?" I whispered.
"I promise this is the last time" he said continuing with what he was doing.
I gave in and let him do what he wanted.
In the afternoon, Mordecai had a meeting with his lawyer at Midrand and i decided to accompany him, he had his own car but we used mine. We got there just in time for his meeting.
The trial was kinda stressing me because at this stage it seemed like Lucy had the ball and threatening her wasn't gonna work. I was scared that we might lose the case. It was a simple thing. Most people would rather side with a victim even when they are not sure of what happened. I mean I would have done the same if he wasn't my husband.
We always hear stories of lecturers forcing students to sleep with them in exchange of marks.
The protest that the student started against my husband was serious and could impact the outcome of the trial. Let alone those women Lucy was paying to fabricate lies against my husband.
I may have not done law but things weren't looking good on our side. Mordecai had no witness whatsoever except the video he said he was still going to acquire from the club or whatever.
I was really scared.
The lawyer on the other hand wasn't even helping other than repeating that things weren't looking good for us. I wasn't even sure were Mordecai got this guy but the least he could be doing was give us some ray of light. We needed it.
He said he was still digging information that could discredit Amanda. I doubt he could even find any dirt on Amanda.
I didn't even know she existed and she appeared to be a good character.
Lucy did plan this properly. I had to give it to her.
After the meeting we went for lunch. We were drained. I wasn't even that hungry.
Mordecai got a call from Allan concerning the video that might be his ticket out of jail and he said he was rushing there. He wanted me to come along but I decided not to go. He said the club was around Midrand so it wouldn't take much time.
I continued eating my lunch and I saw Lucy, Amanda and Lerato approaching. I was hoping they didn't see me which was inevitable because they were actually facing me.
"Oh mrs high and mighty Martins" Lucy said taking a seat opposite me. The other musketeers did the same.
I was now wishing I left with Mordecai.
"Rumour has it that Mordecai finally kicked you out of his house and took the car. You were seen with bags being a johnny walker at Tembisa. Not that I'm surprised, they said you sent the kids back at Tembisa because things were already hanging on thin thread. What goes around comes around sisi." She continued sipping the juice I had on the table.
This girl had zero chill hle. Where was the respect though?. I kept quiet and continued eating my lunch.
Lerato saw me with the bag the previous day so she probably told her all these. I'm pretty sure I was the topic for the night.
" I'm sure once Mordecai has been locked behind bars, you won't even afford to eat out" Amanda added scoffing.
" You look and sounds like an intelligent girl Amanda.This sister of yours will ruin your future since she doesn't have one." I said smiling.
"Leave my sister alone. I'm actually gonna lay charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm against you. It will be a shame to see the twins growing up with no parents. I told you I was not to be messed with" Lucy said.
" You sound like a broken record Lucy. Right now I'd love to finish eating in peace hle" I continued eating
" Leave the poor girl alone, she is still nursing her broken heart after Mordecai tossed her aside like a used condom" Lerato uttered.
Mordecai saved me because he arrived. He greeted them, much to their dismay and sat next to me. They didn't move or acknowledge his greeting.
"Babe, we are going to bali for an urgent vacation" he said holding my hands.
"Bali? Like indonesian bali?" I asked in awe.
"Ofcourse. Anything for my beautiful wife" he kissed me, took my hand then we walked out.
"He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies. Psalm 23:5"

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