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Sunday, August 21


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 77


Chapter 77
Upon hearing the news I should have felt elated but that feeling of joy refused to come my way. I thought he might have just said it to despise those three back there.
" babe are you OK. What did those two do to you" my husband asked opening the door for me.
With my husband, chivalry was not dead. We could be arguing but he would still open the door for me or give me a jacket if it was getting cold." I'm not sad hey. I'm just glad you pulled that Bali joke with those three back there " I said smiling.
He laughed for some time." Babe it wasn't a joke or anything. I meant it. We are going to Bali, this weekend "I screamed in excitement. It was real. I was going to Bali. As much as I wanted to be very ecstatic about the whole trip, I started worrying about the financial part of it. We couldn't afford it, not even the flight.
" babe stop worrying my dad paid for all of it" he said as if he was reading my mind.
Bali was magical, I just couldn't stop googling the place and admiring it.
I drove to my mom's place to deliver the news.
" oh I'm so happy for you baby. Good things happens when you persevere" she said hugging me upon hearing the news. I had to tell Christy and nandi too, they were all happy for me. We were leaving Friday morning.
I couldn't stop humming packing our bags. Mordecai offered to prepare supper for us. The next morning I got up earlier. The 14 hours flight wasn't that bad with my husband around me. We were just talking about this and that, especially how far we have come.I just couldn't wait to get there and when we finally got there. I just wanted to kiss the soil or run around around like a crazed 16 years old. It was just an amazing feeling.
His father paid for the honeymoon suite so the first thing we actually did when we got there was to have sex. It even felt different, it was sex in Indonesia after all.

The next morning,I decided to go have breakfast outside our room. I wanted to see people. Mordecai said he was going for a swim first. After eating my breakfast, I sat there watching people walk about ,minding their own business.
" wow, are my eyes deceiving me or what I see before me is true" a voice said behind me.
I didn't turn to look but I could hear that I recognized it from somewhere.
Eventually the owner emerged from behind it was Ayanda.
I got up and hugged him.
" oh my gosh Ayanda. What the heck happened to you. You look all grown up. Damn boy" I said sitting down.
" I'm nothing compared to you. You look like some business woman who owns the world. You look amazing and matured. Most of my exes are washed out and tired but you are on another level."
Ayanda was my ex from varsity. I actually never saw him ever since we broke up back then. I had to admit he looked matured.
He sat down with me and ordered his own breakfast. I didn't want him to. I tried telling him that I was there with Mordecai but he kept on talking about this and that. He just never seemed to shut up. I guess that was one attribute about him that never changed.
" you still married to that snot nosed punk who thinks the world evolves around him?"
" he is not like that Ayanda. He is a good guy". I defended Mordecai
" since when are rich people good? There is just a lot you may not know about him hey. I'm just saying" he added.
This guy was starting to scare me now. I decided to brush whatever he was saying off. There couldn't be anything I didn't know about my husband.
I decided to change the topic. I have been spending most of my days worrying and it wasn't good.
We talked about Ayanda instead and he said he was running some business or something. We were reminiscing about what went down back in the days but I made sure we never really talked about us or me finding Ayanda cheating on me with those girls. Instead we talked about student politics or Lecturers.
We were busy laughing and joking around when Mordecai emerged out of nowhere. I just saw him standing,not amused at all.
" what kind of a circus is this" he asked somewhat annoyed.
" babe meet Ayanda, you know that crazy ex of mine from varsity right" I said smiling but he brushed me off.
" I know this guy but what I don't know is why are you being cosy with him"
He was getting angry and I could feel it. I just didn't want him to cause a scene around people.
" I don't get why this is such a big deal. He is nothing but an ex from years ago. Why are you getting all worked up?" I asked pissed off.
" babe its not that, I was just asking. Sorry if it came out the wrong way" he smiled.
He couldn't fool me even if he tried.
" well maybe your dear husband is actually scared that you will find out that he paid me to mess our relationship back then and I might not actually be the only one" Ayanda smirked.
I was a bit confused. I was totally confused.
" but why? " I mumbled.
Ayanda looked at Mordecai but he looked down.
Why would he do that?

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