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Wednesday, August 24


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 78


Chapter 78
What I was hearing sounded creepy and scary. Who does that though?
" ah babe I'm sure its nothing huge. I understand " I said trying to ease the situation.
" what do you mean its nothing Ria? Your husband is a snob and he thinks he can do whatever just because he has money, " Ayanda sounded so disappointed from how I handled things.
"You are a snob too Ayanda. Let Mordecai be. He had a reason for whatever he did, and as for you. You loved money more than me. If you should excuse us. We got things to get to" I held Mordecai by the hand and we went to our room.
" well thanks for standing for us back then." He said the moment we got in, trying to kiss me on the neck.

I pushed him away. Yes I stood up for us but I want to know why you paid Ayanda. Was he even the only one?
" I did it for us Ria." He said coming closer for yet another kiss. He wasn't taking this whole thing serious.
" There was no us back then, we were friends. How could you go around paying guys to mess me up. Making me believe that they were assholes" I asked sternly.
" because had I not do that you wouldn't have dated me Francesca. You kept on going on and on about how I was a bad boy and stuff. How I changed girls like my underwear. Most of it wasn't even true but who was I kidding. You never believed me. I actually went all the way out to make you believe that I was a man enough for you. I tried annoying your boyfriends when you took me to those double dates of yours and the girls I came with were all paid for to act like I had girls or whatever and clearly it didn't work that is when I resorted to paying off the guys you dated. Yes I paid off that first guy you dated, harry, Ayanda or whoever seemed interested in you. Just don't take it the wrong way. I wanted you to see me as a man you could see yourself with" he retorted.
" I just can't believe you did all that. Man I had a crush on you back then and I just thought I never stood a chance with you while you also thought you didn't stand a chance with me. Whatever you are telling me is so hard to believe though." I smiled touching his chin.
" I know right. All the girls I have dated threw themselves on me. Rochelle for instance or Lucy but you didn't which was sexy." He started kissing me.
I kissed him back and well we made love. It was the order of this vacation. If those symptoms I had back then were not true about me being pregnant then I guess I was going to get Pregnant . we have just been having sex like it was going out of fashion.
Next day I only went out for lunch. I spent the morning with my babe.
Just after sitting down for lunch, Ayanda came and sat next to me. It was like he was waiting for me.
" I thought you were never gonna come out of that nest of yours? " he smirked.
" what do you want?" I asked.
" just to have lunch with an old friend." He answered.
Mordecai's POV.
Just after Ria left I decided to follow her. I didn't trust Ayanda close to my wife. I wore a hat and glasses just to make sure none of them sees me. I wanted to hear what he was feeding her.
The last thing I needed was having Ria cheat on me. That would kill me. It would drive me nuts. I was willing to prevent it before it even happens. I got a table a bit closer to theirs and pretended like I was reading a newspaper. I just had to make sure that Ria never sees me because she could even spot me wearing a clown suit.
" how sure are you, that you are not missing out if you haven't actually slept with anyone except your husband.I may have messed up seeing the money Mordecai gave to me but i realised later what I was missing out" Ayanda said to my wife.
" I'm not missing out on anything Ayanda. Whatever Mordecai provides is sufficient for me. There is no need for me to go elsewhere looking for something else. i dont even want to hear your sob stories." She snubbed him which brought a smile on my face.
" The least you can do is give us a chance. I was young back then and I messed up. I tried contacting you but your weird husband cut all ties I had with you. He even threatened me. Ria I messed up as much as he has messed up. I know you are staying with him because of the twins. He is not an angel and you know it." Ayanda continued. I felt like I could just stop him but Ria would hate me for sneaking up on her every now and then.
" yes and I have accepted that.I don't want you to tell me about it. Ayanda let me be. How do you even know about my twins?" She asked a bit concerned.
" because I never gave up on you and I'm not planning to. I tried talking to you but it was like Mordecai paid people to make sure I didn't get to talk to you. Why couldn't he let you choose what you wanted for yourself. He doesn't even give you that chance Ria. He got you tangled in his little world that all you think about is him. " he said.
" yes and I'm fine with it" she answered back.
My woman was doing great. There was no way she was gonna cheat on me with Ayanda. I smiled at the idea.
" can we just have lunch someday, well... when we get back home because I know he will be watching you like hawks here. Please just give us a chance to do that. Just lunch. " he asked taking her hands into his.
I looked at Ria, she looked as if she was thinking about it. This woman better not even think about it. Ayanda was troublesome. Lunch for him meant fucking her. He was gonna do everything in his power to avenge me for taking her and keeping her away from him. . I have never imagined Ria fucking another man. That doesn't happen in my vision and I swear I was gonna kill somebody before it even happens.
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