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Saturday, August 27


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 79


Chapter 79
I left the table before they could see me, I wasn't gonna sit there and continue torturing myself. It was pathetic.
I was a grown ass man who wasn't supposed to be doing that. I just had to have faith in Rianze.
She wouldn't cheat on me. I mean we have been having a good thing going on recently. We were good.
She came back later and I just made small talk over petty things. I wasn't gonna ask her about Ayanda.
Our holiday was over and we were just not looking forward to go back home. The trial was upon me and Ria was kinda scared of the surgery she would be undergoing.
We consoled ourselves with the fact that we would be seeing our boys.
When we landed at south Africa,We decided to go to Tembisa. We got there in the morning and the boys were just preparing for school.
" Adrian come look! Its mom....and dad!" Aiden shouted seeing us enter the gate. Adrian came along running and they both went to hug their mom.
" mmmm it's clear I'm not the favorite here ,boys. Therefore I'm taking back my presents " I said pretending to go back.
" no dad. We love you too" they all ran to me. Aiden held on my left leg while Adrian was busy pulling my right.
Ria laughed taking the bags inside the house.
" boys your transport is here. Its time for school" Roger shouted but the two ignored him.
" I don't want to go mos" Adrian said folding his hands. Aiden did the same.
" just tell the driver they are not going. I'll call the school and tell them something came up" Their mom said taking their school bags. They all ran to hug Ria upon hearing they are not going to school.
" you are spoiling these kids too much Ria. You always give them unnecessary days off and it's backfiring coz they just don't like going there no more" Ria's mom said hugging her then me.
" how was the trip guys. It looks like it did you well." She asked.
" it was just what we needed." I answered smiling.
" but mom I have to spend time with them. Tonight I'm going to the hospital, tomorrow is surgery. I might not even wake up"
" don't say that my child. God has it all under control. Come here" Dinah hugged Ria once more before she left for work.
We spent the day at Dinah's house playing with the kids.
They were making us watch cartoons, play hide and seek , soccer among other things. We were actually tired but Roger just wanted to go on and on so we left the three playing and went to take a shower.
I had to prepare Ria for the hospital. We waited for her mom to come come back then left. The doctor ordered her not to eat so we didn't grab anything to eat. I didn't want to eat in front of her.
I spent the night at the hospital. Ria didn't want me to leave. She was so agitated, I wondered how she would have been acting if they were gonna open up her head.
I slept by her bedside and was woken up when the nurses said it was time for her to go to theater.
I spent few hours just waiting. I was unsettled but the doctor later told me everything went well. She was wheeled back to her ward. I let her rest as i went home to freshen up and tell them it all went well.
She spent a day more at the hospital and was then discharged.
Thursday was my trial, I didn't think Ria was fit to attend it but who was I kidding, she said she was coming whether it rains or pours.
I asked her mother to try reasoning with her but it fell on deaf ears.
" babe I hope you have changed your mind. The doctor said you must rest remember" I said Thursday morning when I woke up.
" I'll go crazy sitting in this house doing nothing and the same doctor you are talking about said I must mobilize " she answered going to the shower.
I had no choice but took her along. We were 10 minutes earlier.
I saw my dad enter although he never said anything about attending, Dinah and the family as well as most people I considered friends were present.
" mmmm I can see you are back from Bali. It was definitely the last one you will ever have young man." Lucy said standing in front of where I was sitting.
" please leave me alone ,will you?"
" of course I will. Oh and before I forget..I'm gonna use that assault as piece of evidence against this case. Your wife thought that I was gonna press charges against her but she has a thing coming. I will tell the whole world how she tried to get me and my sister to drop the charges... I have been planning this thing for a long time Mordecai and you guys think that I'm just an airhead who is a school drop out. when I heard you took a job where my sister was, it showed me that God is real. Putting you in jail will hurt Rianze more than she could have ever imagined and I'm about to make sure of that. Now let me go, take a seat and watch the drama unfolds" with that being said Lucy left.
" dont worry about her babe" Rianze held my hand.
Well at this stage I was panicking. Jail has always been my biggest fear and a guy like me was never cut for it.

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