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Tuesday, August 30


A Walk On Love's Dark Side Chapter 80


Chapter 80
The court started with the state presenting its case. The list of witnesses was almost my whole class and some people who used to work for my father.
" Mr martins used to touch me inappropriately or spank me when no one was watching"
" oh he used to sext me every now and then. My boyfriend even threatened him but that didn't stop him"

I looked at Ria and all I could see was dejection. She was defeated.
" well I have to admit I undermined Lucy, damn this girl might send you to jail" my dad said sipping coffee during recess.

" you have to do something Mr Martins. This is bad. I can't stand this anymore. I can't have my husband humiliated like this in front of everyone. " Ria said with tear- filled eyes.
" guys I tried, OK. But I couldnt find my way. The only way out is to have Lucy disappear " my dad continued sipping his coffee like what he was saying was an easy thing.
" well it will come back to haunt us, we will be the number one suspects dad"
" not if she dies in an accident, then Amanda will chicken out without Lucy being her backbone "
" well as much as I feel defeated. We can't have that right now. Babe let's just have faith" my wife hugged me.
When we got back to court,it was Lucy's time as a witness. She went on and on about how I was a pervet during our time of marriage. She even told the court what Ria did trying to get her to drop the charges. She said I even put her up to it because I was manipulative and ruled as a dictator in my relationships.
The judge was a woman and from what I heard she hates rapist and usually give them longest jail term. I kept looking at her when all these witnesses were talking and I could see she hated me already.
The lawyer I hired was just useless. He was making the situation worse. I was starting to think Lucy paid him too.
The court was adjourned and we were meeting again on Thursday.
Thursday was Adrian and aiden's birthday. We planned to have a family celebration that night and then a huge party with their friends on Saturday.
No...this wasn't happening. Thursday was the day I was gonna testify for my own defense and Amanda was also going to testify.
I could be taken to jail If found guilty and would then wait to hear my sentencing.
When we got home the twins ran to us.
" mom, dad we have an idea for our birthday party next week." They both said in unison.
" we would love a Ben 10 theme"aiden shouted.
" no no no no no! Not again. Mom we can't have Ben 10 theme. Aiden we had a meeting about this" Adrian retorted.
" yes but you wanted spiderman. Gosh that is so 2000 and late. Mom try reasoning with your son, will you?."
" OK guys maybe you should go back to the drawing board and discuss these ideas. Dad is tired. He wants to rest " Ria tried taking them upstairs
" um no babe. I need to listen to this. Come tell me all about it guys." I said sitting on the couch. I wanted to spend as much time as I can with them.
They jumped on the couch as well.
Witness after the other lied through their teeth. Some were even faking to cry. I wondered how much Lucy promised them. It was a whole army recruited to destroy me.
He promised me high marks if I had sex with him"
" OK so we were thinking on using regular show as our theme but we thought it would be weird because Mordecai has the same name as yours dad" aiden giggled .
" well guys you love regular show. I think it would be a cool theme. Pops, will be the cake, one of you will wear Mordecai's costume while one of you will be Rigby."
" I want to be Mordecai " Adrian shouted.
" no. I was born first so I'm Mordecai " Aiden shouted.
" ya all can be Mordecai " I smiled going up the stairs. I wanted to take a shower then rest.
" babe are you OK? " Rianze sat next to me just after I was done taking a shower.
" I'm gonna miss my sons fifth birthday Ria. For the first time in my life I will miss their birthday" I couldn't help the tears coming out.
" oh Mordecai. We have to do something. You might not be found guilty " Ria was also crying.
" you know the chance of that happening is second to none, what do I tell them when they are all grown up. That I failed them? I brought this to myself. I had a beautiful woman next to me but I invited the devil in our lives" I said trying to remain strong.
" don't beat yourself up babe. We all make mistakes. No one is perfect and I mean no one. Have faith "
" but I can't stand the fact that I'm might miss their birthday. Why can't they just move this whole thing to Monday. I don't wanna miss their birthday. I can't."
" what do you mean miss our birthday dad?" Adrian asked standing at the doorway.
" how long have you been standing there" his mom asked.
" long enough to hear that dad will rather go somewhere else than attend our birthday"
" Adrian it's not that " i got up and went to him.
" don't touch me" he moved a step back.
" you promised to be there for us no matter what dad. You promised to attend our birthdays, soccer matches, graduations or whatever. That was last year if it doesn't ring a bell. Last year on our birthday , you promised." Adrian was crying.
" baby, it is not...." Ria didn't finish her sentence because Adrian ran down the stairs. She ran after him.
I wanted to go talk to him but I would just be making things worse.
The moment when your kids start to despise you is the moment you realised that you have failed as a father.

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