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Tuesday, August 2


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 93


Insert 93
A week passed and i was still living with Vuyo, i was much better than my former state
My bruises we healing well and unfortunately luyolo was still roaming around the streets
He got out on bail
He actually sent me a text message last night telling me that he will not sign the divorce papers because its not what he want
I never responded to his delusional message
All i know is that i wanted a divorce and i was gonna get it whether he likes it or not

Iyaqhela le chap
how dare he, what kind of an animal who beats a woman like that" my brother shouted
He clicked his tongue
Fine lines form from his forehead, his ears so red
Sweat dripped from his face, his jaws were tighter than that of a lion
I had never seen Dave so angry
I watched as he paced around Vuyo's lounge
" its ohk bro, just let him be. I know someday he will suffer for this" i answered sincerely
DAVE: but still he needs to be taught a lesson or two
And oDabawo nabo are busy calling a family meeting
Mxm family meeting my ass
that nigga needs to be taught some manners
Who does he think he is laying his filthy hands on you
Damn am so pissed right now
How can the family agree on meeting with this beast
Me: ah am just not looking forward to that meeting
I just don't have the strength to fight anymore
Am so tired, i just wish he could just leave me alone and be happy with his newly found wife
DAVE: don't worry i will handle this, am here now
You don't need to face any of these alone
In fact i won't allow you too
Mxm why am i even still talking
He grabbed his car keys from the table
" where are you going" i asked with so much curiosity
DAVE: to fix some stuff, will see you tomorrow
I love you, and know that you are not alone in this
later lil sis
He quickly kissed my cheek
" Dave you don't have to do this,,,Dave
LUYANDA COME BACK HERE" i called out but he was already gone the door had already shut close behind him
" dammit, i just hope you wont do anything stupid " i slammed the sofa hard with my fist
" trouble in paradise" vuyo said coming from the room
Me: Dave just rushed out, am sure he has gone to luyolo
I just don't want him doing anything stupid
What if he kills him, he would go to jail for god sake
And we had just found each other i don't wanna loose him
And if he gets hurt or arrested i will never forgive myself
This whole mess is just my damn fault...
VUYO: WHOO you need to calm down
He sat near me and brushed my back because i was already in tears
Yeah am a cry baby i know
Me: am so tired, i just want everything to end, i want a normal and pain free life is that too much to asked
I gasped
VUYO: i know Angel, i just wish i can take your pain away
I want to make everything better
But am here now i won't let you suffer
He tucked me in his warm embrace
I got lost in the midst of all that
Its been a while since i've been touched
his cologne drove me insane
As we broke the hug our eyes met
The room became smaller suffocating us, he stared deeply in my eyes
I got lost in his soul, i needed a shoulder to cry on and he was here
He cared and thats all i wanted
Like a magnet we drew closer to each other
" owh my god, what the hell am i doing" my conscious battled
But the bitterness in me said " go for it, after all your husband also cheated on you"
Before i knew it we were kissing passionately
Tongues buried deep in each other's throats
My knees weakened, butterflies filled my tummy
The kiss sent chills to my spine
Then vuyo suddenly stopped
" am sorry, i didn't mean to take advantage of this situation" he said
Me: please kiss me
( i blurted out truthfully)
I know this was bitchy of me but am afraid to say i wanted him as much as he wanted me
Vuyo: are you sure
I didnt respond, instead i pulled him closer and we kissed intensely
The kiss got heated up, before i know it our clothes spreads across the lounge
I was left with my white bra and its matching panty
And vuyo was left with nothing but his boxers
He gently caressed my soft skin
Softly he planted kisses from my neck to my stomach
With his other hand he rubbed my breast
I moaned a bit
I felt my princess getting wetter with each touch
After minutes of foreplay i knew i wanted him inside me
I was so wet i just wanted to feel his rod in me
He took of my panty while i took off his boxer
"Are you sure you want this" he asked laying ontop of me
I just nodded my head since i didn't trust my voice anymore
Then he continued kissing me, his hand rubbing my clits
And slowly he thrusted himself in my canal and i moaned louder
Feeling a bit of pain and pleasure kicking in
Nobody even thought of a condom at that moment

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