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Tuesday, August 2


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 96


Insert 96
Its three months after the meeting with yolo's family.
After that crazy encounter they asked for forgiveness and agreed to the separation
I had returned to my father's house but Dabs and my uncle had left a week after that meeting
Life was really hard, well dealing with a broken heart is always a challenge
Luke tried taking me out more, he said he was trying to get me back to the dating market

ZINTLE was back in Pretoria and had moved in with Nhlanhla.
Luyolo called me like an obsessed bitch so i ended up changing my number
I never talked to him again, i was just glad that he finally signed the divorce papers all thanx to Dave
Mam Nomcebo stopped working a month ago, she said she had personal emergencies to attend to back home so she left pretoria.
IMI was now in a daycare and vathiswa was still working for us
SIBU had again become my best of friend this few months, Since we worked together. We ate together and left work together most of the time
Like before we ever dated he was there for me, he made me laugh infact i was so surprised that he still had the humor in him after all this years
i seldom talked to Vuyo, infact i tried so hard to avoid him. Well that's because i had so much mixed unexplained emotions towards him
Sometimes i would find myself so mad at him for no reason and at times i will miss him like crazy that i would even cry
My moods were just all over the place
It was a cold Tuesday morning i didn't go to work and Imi had just left with her transport for daycare.
I was so pleased about how close her and Khitha were this days
It was just so cute seeing Khitha wArming to the idea of being a mother. I had just exited the toilet
I just nodded my head and wiped my mouth since i had just vomitted. This had became part of my life this few weeks. I vomited alot even at work.
Beside the throwing up, was my persistent hunger, i just felt the need to always eat but i never seemed to get full.
I had became a bit more curvier and wider. My breast had become fuller and tender to a touch
" you know ( she paused and smile) i was exactly like that during my pregnancy" Khitha said
I kept quiet, dumb stricken for a while to long
Me: so i must... No its a joke am barren
I can't be pregnant
In my situation its just impossible
Khitha: but you do know that doctors are not God right
Me: but still khitha, i can't be, can i?
Omg if so why now
I haven't been intimate with a guy for a while now
I have.....owh no Vuyo
KHITHA: wow girl you are so naughty so vuyo is the Daddy
Gosh luyolo would burst if he hears this
Me: you need to come down, we not even sure if am really pregnant yet. This could be a false alarm for all we know
KHITHA: Then why are we still here, lets go find out
Me: WHAT!!
KHITHA: get ready girl we are going to the gynecologist
Me: but...
Khitha: if you don't get in that room and get ready i swear i will drag you in myself
Me: fine ( i raised my hands and surrendered)
I went in my room, took a quick shower and wore an above the knees black dress with a black and white cardigan and black leather ankle all star
I took my clutch bag and exited the room
Khitha was already waiting impatiently for me in the lounge
We told Vathiswa that we were going out
Khitha: we are taking my car
Me: fine lets get this over and done with
We exited the house, entered khitha's car and she drove to the doctor's office
When we got there it was a bit packed but we waited for our turn
After what seemed like forever we were finally called in.
The Doctor did the tests and yes i was indeed 12 weeks pregnant meaning that Vuyo was indeed the father
I was overwhelmed with emotions, after hearing the news and that heartbeat my heart jumped with happiness
I was so delighted i placed my hand in my tummy just knowing that i was capable of caring a life inside me felt like a dream
Tears of shock and joy filled my eyes but mostly they were tears of glory. I gave GOD the glory for blessing me with the fruit of the womb proving my enemies wrong
I couldn't believe that i finally get to be a mom
Khitha: ncooh sis welcome to motherhood
Me: i haven't even given birth yet infact am not even in the second trimester
Khitha: who cares, you will be a mother soon that's all that matters
I smile in-between the tears
Me: so after all this pain God has finally decided to bless me
Although this pregnancy came about wrongly am still so happy to be a mom
I swear am gonna love him or her
Thank you so much Lord i lack words to thank You
KHITHA: its ohk, stop crying already
So when are you gonna tell Vuyo the great news
Me: i really don't know, i have no idea am scared
Khitha: well in that case i have a perfect idea
Give me your phone and the scan picture
Me: what are you gonna do
Khitha: just give me what i asked for
I gave her the picture and the phone
She firstly took a picture of the scan then did something on the phone
Khitha: am done
Me: you and your plans, what did you do now
Khitha: here see
I took a look and khitha had sent the scan to vuyo with the caption " our precious creation"
Me: owh no you are so crazy
Khitha: well i just made things easier for you
Me: mxm you...
My phone rang it was vuyo
" its him, crap what am i gonna say, should i even answer" i said in a panic mode
Khitha snatched the phone and answered it putting it in a louder speaker
Vuyo: Angel tell me its not a joke, is this what i think it is
( excitement shoot through his voice)
Vuyo: please tell me its true please lord let it be true
Khitha: yho come down bro
Vuyo: mxm khitha is this one of your stupid pranks ( in disappointment)
Me: no its true, it not a prank am three months pregnant the doctor has just confirmed it
We are gonna be parents
VUYO: wow really, this is the greatest news ever
But i thought you weren't able to conceive
Me: well then it turns out that God had other plans
VUYO: i just can't stop smiling, can i please come and see you after work
Me: yeah you can come
Vuyo: thank you, shit i can't believe this
Khitha: well believe it ke coz it has already happened
We talked a bit before hanging up, i just couldn't wipe the smile of my face

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