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Tuesday, August 2


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 94


Insert 94
I woke up the following morning with guilt hanging over me, i felt like a cheap hoe who jumps from one brother to the next,
What got into me last night, why on earth did i open my legs for vuyo.
I sat up straight yesterday's event played in my mind, i wanted him as much i didn't even think twice before sleeping with him. I actually enjoyed his touch i let him caressed my body
How could i have been so heartless, am a married woman for god sake

I wasn't worried about pregnancy because i've known myself to be barren the only thing i was worried about is getting infected with horrible diseases.
Got out of the bed, i was wearing vuyo's baggy t-shirt with no panty
It just felt weird waking up in vuyo's bedroom
Although yolo has wronged me it was so wrong of me to do the same thing he did
They say two wrongs don't make a right
But then again i did give luyolo a chance to make things right and instead he decided to bring home a pregnant girl, i mean he slept with her right under our roof how stupid can one be to forgive such
and now that i have messed up too the was no need for us to fix out relationship because now it was beyond repair
We were both devils in a sheep skin
After last night incident i seize being a victim
I was nolonger the one being wronged, we had both wronged each other but even if so i wanted nothing to do with Luyolo. I might have also cheated on him right now but i didnt want him back so i was really not looking forward to today's meeting
I held on the door handle about to open the door but Vuyo beat me to it
"You are up already, you ruined the surprise please go back to bed" he said walking in, he had a trey of breakfast with him
I never contested i jumped right back to bed.
" here you go, breakfast is served ma'am " he said imitating a waiter
Me: mmh scrumptious, it smell divine. What do we know he also cooks
You are just a full package ain't you
He chuckled
Him: you can say that, so tea or coffee
Me: mmh somebody is in a jolly mood toaday, coffee please
Him: the fact that i woke up with you by my side is enough to elevate my mood
Being in your presence alone is enough to build my happiness
Me: you make me doubt my choices, am really starting to think that i married the wrong twin
Him: maybe you needed that, maybe you needed to be wrong in order to be right
I told you i was gonna wait, and i waited
And i am ready to wait for eternity if thats how long it will take for me to be with you
I am willing to wait
Me: you have a heart of gold, i hope you know that
But i hate you putting your life on hold just for me
You need to live and enjoy life because its too short
I don't want you to wait forever
I know what we did last night complicates things and i cannot say what happened was a mistake because we both know it wasn't but for now it will stay there
Am just not ready for a relationship
Him: i know and thats why am willing to wait, i will wait no matter what you say
Looking at him i could see how much serious he was
I heard the sincerity in his voice when he spoke. It was just clear that he meant every word that he spoke causing me to admit defeat and surrender my arguments
Him: so milk or not
Me: milk please
He did everything then handed me the trey. I placed it on my lap and started eating
I already knew how good he was when it comes to cooking so the food being this delicious didn't come as a surprise to me
Me: you need to stop staring at me
Him: sorry i cant, i just enjoy watching you eat
You are More cute when you chew
Me: yuck, nigga you gross
Him: shawty you cute
Me: mxm i tend to forget how crazy you can be
He just winked and laughed showing his so ever beautiful dimple
This guy was just handsome. Him and yolo were identical twins yes maybe on the first glance that statement was applicable but when you really watching the different becomes more visible
Vuyo was more lighter " yellow bone lighter" his face had more flesh and was a bit roundish compared to yolo's but their dimples and smile were almost the same
My eyes had moved from his face to his well build body
His packs were clearly visible through the muscle vest he had on
Him: geez and now look whose staring
His voice had become the distraction i needed because i was lost in his body
I came back to my senses and continued with my food
"Can the ground open up and swallow me already, am really not looking forward to this meeting" i said getting in the car
" don't worry you are strong, don't let them bully you just stand your ground and am sure Dave will handle this" vuyo answered getting on the driver's side
He was driving me to my father's house for the meeting
Me: speaking of Dave i hope he didn't do anything stupid last night
I will hate it if he gets into trouble because of me
And i tried to warn him not to go but he is just so stubborn
Him: just like someone i know, i guess it runs in the family
Me: are you saying am also stubborn
Him: owh no, you just don't do what somebody tells you to do
Me: mxm uyaphapha shame
Him: then am lucky to be blessed with wings
I just hit his shoulder playfully
We drove all the way in laughter
Atleast i got to forget the lectures that awAited me
We parked on the front gate, few cars were already there
Me: i guess kulindwe mna
him: just go get them, i wish i can go in but am not invited to the party
Me: i also wish my invitation got lost in the mail or something
Him: you will be fine
Me: see you later then
He kissed my forehead
" don't forget to smile, it makes your enemies wonder
You got this" he said
Me: thanx
I got out and walked in the house
I knocked once and Vuyiswa came to open for me
Her: hi sisi
Me: hey are they here yet
Her: ewe they are waiting for you in the lounge
Me: owhk then
I went to the lounge, they were busy talking but the moment i walked in the room became dead silent and all eyes were on me
Luckly i wore respectable and covered my head because with all the uncles here shit was about to go down
"Molweni" i said and they all greeted back
I went to sit next to Dave, i was just glad that he was fine
My eyes met with yolo's who looked like he was hit by a train
His face was swollen he just looked like a wreck
" what did you do to him" i whispered in Dave's ear
Him: i gave him a taste of his own medicine
He whispered back
I just smiled, my brother was something else
The conversation started
This was really gonna be a long day

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