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Tuesday, August 2


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 97


After cruising around and khitha spoiling me to the core we went home, i was just so happy.
Later that evening vuyo came he lifted me up and spun me around then kissed me briefly before putting me down
" you have just made me the happiest man on earth
Wooow i love you and will forever hold you dear for this Angel you surely are an angel" he said
He was all smiles

Me: and thank you for making me a real woman, you have restored my worth and my life back to womanhood and i will forever be grateful for that
We hugged i really was grateful to him, i was declared barren by my own ex husband and he changed that, he restore my pride and mended my already tarnished image
Me: gosh you crazy i don't think she can even hear you yet
Him: he is my blood i bet he can feel the connection
Me: so you think its a He
Him: i know its a He, his gonna be daddy's little prince
Me: i think its gonna be a girl.
Him: you wish
Me: mom knows best
Him: in this case i know am right, but nomatter what gender i will love this baby regardless
Me: me too
Him: so when is your next visit, i will really love to come with you
Me: woow really
Him: i cant let you do this alone, we created this wonderful creation together
Me: you are one of a kind
I told him my next Appointment
We chatted a bit, then i later walked him out
We got in his car and he handed me a plastic full of goodies
He kissed my forehead and drove off promising to visit me the next day
Few months passed and the news of my pregnancy had spread around
I was now clearly showing but i was not that big, the vomiting had stopped
I changed my whole wardrobe in to dresses
Vuyo was with me every step of the way. He was just one of a kind. We were not dating but he was the strongest support in my journey
My friends and family were there. I had the best support system i could ever ask for
" you sure don't look that huge for a 6months pregnancy" Sibu said
We were gallivanting around the mall holding hands like a happy couple
Me: mxm you need to stop pulling my leg
Sibu: am telling you the truth, you look way sexy for a pregnant woman
Me: i know you are lying, i feel like a huge elephant and my feet hurts like hell
SIBU: Unana ka tata, don't worry bhabha we will be done soon then we can go relax at the park
Me: i hope it will be sooner, you dont want me collapsing on your watch
Sibu: don't worry bhabha i got you.
He had a grin on his face
Me: and that, what is it for
Sibu: what?
Me: the grin on your face
Sibu: am still trying to install the idea of seeing you pregnant in my mind
I mean how the hell did this happen. I was there when the doctor told you that you will never conceive, la laitie must have strong swimmers to have undone what the doctors said. He did in one day what his brother has been failing to do in years
What if la chap uluyolo is the one who is impotent
Me: thats impossible, he got DK pregnant remember
SIBU: what if that bitch is just lying, what if she is not carrying yolo's baby
Me: i assure you yolo is responsible for that pregnancy
Sibu: how are you so sure.
Me: because yolo was the one who had morning sickness
He is responsible for that pregnancy no doubt
SIBU: its funny how things happen and the way God plan them too
Me: meaning?
Sibu: meaning that maybe yolo failed to get you pregnant because he was never meant to end up with you
And i was happy to know that you were single again, i thought i got my chance to mend what i once broke
But then i found out you were pregnant
But you know what the funny thing is though
Me: what
Sibu: i still have this strange and funny feeling that you and i will end up together regardless of everything
I still feel that we were meant to be
Me: you mean to tell me that you don't mind raising someone else's kid
Sibu: your kid is as well mine
Me: well then maybe in future we will be together but for now am taking a break from men
Am just tired of heartbreaks, i need to focus on myself and my baby
Sibu: i hear you....owh shit here comes trouble
Me: what is it
Sibu: just check on your left
I quickly looked on my left and my face frowned in that instant. I felt disgusted at the first glance i felt like the ground could open and swallow me
The couple walked to us
Its a good morning 1cm mini skirt
Y'all should have a blessed Sunday

Insert 97  continues
By the look of things they were really coming to us
But the funny thing is Dk tummy was flat, did she give birth already.
" isn't she suppose to be heavily pregnant" sibu whispered
Me: exactly the question i have in mind
Sibu: maybe she gave birth already
Me: that fast, she doesn't even look like someone who just gave birth
They finally reached us
" owh so is true, you are indeed pregnant" yolo said as soon as they reached us
"Molweni nakuni" Sibu said sarcastically
I just kept quiet and brushed my tummy
DK: see honey i told you that she is a witch, she took my baby away from me. She caused my miscarriage so that she could get pregnant
She is a heartless evil bitch. We all know that she was barren. I loose my pregnancy and then boom news of this witch's pregnancy spread around
She stole my child, YOU ATE MY CHILD MOLOI KE WENA
Me: am sorry what now?, i did what, Lady that's just uncalled for, i left the house for you now didn't i. What more can i possibly want with you or your pregnancy
You two should Just leave me alone and take your bitter asses and go drown yourselves to the nearest sea
I took a step attempting to go but yolo held my hand a Sibu quickly grabbed his
I turned looked at his hand and then his face with a " nigga get your filthy hand off me look"
" please don't Do this, atleast lets talk about this
Don't take my child away from me, don't punish him for my sad sins please
Am sorry i made a mistake cheating on you
Am sorry for everything that happened
Things can get back to how they were. I can take DK out of our life for good as you can see, she is no longer pregnant she got a miscarriage three months ago
Can't you see that DK'S miscarriage was GOD'S way of getting us back together
Please forgive me and come back home, i promise we will be a happy family" Yolo said letting go of my hand
I look at him, so he was That naive, he actually thought that i was carrying his child. So he didn't know meaning that Vuyo never told him
I actually laughed real hard that now everybody was starting to think that i was going crazy
Sibu also joined in the laughter
" ai bro i gotta tell you, you've just made the biggest fool of yourself
You my man are the joke of the century, you must have a brain the size of your useless dick" Sibu said still in stitches of laughter
Dk: you need to watch your tongue, stop insulting my man
Honey lets go
YOLO: DK you can go without me
Dk: what, so you really gonna beg this bitch, you are choosing her over me
YOLO: yes, i made a mistake and i wanna fix things with my wife
Me: POC (point of correction) ex wife and i...
" but she killed our son" Dk said
Yolo: are you sure that she did, i love her she is my wife and is carring my baby
Me: whoah stop it with your nonsense take your wife and go mourn your miscarriage because this baby am carrying in here is not yours.
YOLO: baby i know you don't mean that, you are just angry
Me: i absolutely mean it this is not your child
Go and make another one with your wife here
Cause this is not your child
Yolo: what are you saying
Me: go ask your Twin brother am sure He would like to tell you who the father of this baby is
Sibu lets go please
We walked away leaving them standing there like statues
SIBU: That guy's mind is just something else
Me: tell me about it. I really don't know why did i even get married to him
I took my phone out of my bag, it was on silence and i had tons of missed calls from a number i didn't know a few from Khitha and Dave
I showed the missed calls to sibu
Me: omg i wonder whats wrong
SIBU: Maybe they are just wondering where you were
Me: but i told them where i was going
I opened the text message that was sent by KHITHA
IT said i must come home immediately
Me: you need to take me home, i think something bad has happened
SIBU: fine lets go
We went to Sibu's car and he drove me home

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