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Tuesday, August 2


Diary of a restless soul Season 2 Insert 95


Insert 95
The lounge was graced with different individuals
There were two old men which were present during my lobola negotiations,and luyolo's uncle
On the other couch was my uncle, and my father's sister
the was luyolo on a one seater couch then there was Dave and I

I looked at the seriousness on those old men's faces, honestly it was so scary
They looked like they were ready for world war three
I composed myself and listen while they were busy bragging about young couples in marriage and how weak they tend to be and how their marriages never works
They talked about how respectful and submissive a wife is suppose to be to her husband
They talked about how women suffered in the olden days at the hands of their husbands and inlaws and yet they never divorce, they stayed strong and attended the needs of their husbands without questioning their authority
I so much wanted to answer their bullshit stereotype conversation
What they were saying made my stomach turn
Its just disgusting for parents to want their kids to suffer all in the name of Marriage
Yes marriage is created by God, and God doesn't like divorce
The Same GOD who doesn't condone abuse
If something is not working its just better to let it go
Don't stay just because you think you have too, or just because you are afraid that people will laugh at you and call you a failure
Don't stay because you wanna please someone, don't stay because you feel obliged to do so
Its ohk to make someone happy, but you don't wanna loose yourself in the mist of that
Don't sacrifice your own happiness at someone else's expense
Finally they stopped with their crap and shifted the attention to us
Old men 1: ndisatsho wena Dlamini this kids will have you running around like a headless chicken
Bebe belibala ukuba umendo awuthunyelwa gundane
It didn't come as a surprise to me waking up to a surprise visit from ku nyana wethu apha emalengeni
Old man: From the time he drove through the gate i just knew that something is wrong
YOLO's uncle: that's why we saw it best to set up a meeting
Because my nephew seemed broken by your daughter's behaviour
So we came here to get both sides of the story and find a way forward because as we all know that uNonkanyiso(the name i was given klo luyolo) lo usengumfazi wakwa Mdingi, her dowry was paid for her in full.
Old man: thats why her behavior was just uncalled for
She is a married woman, who shouldn't just pack her bags and run at the first sight of trouble
Then there was a bit of silent
My uncle breathed heavily before speaking
Uncle: we hear you nina bakwa Mdingi
And we assure you we knew nothing about this
ATHE never told us anything
We were just as surprised when you called telling us about the meeting
Or am i wrong maRhadebe
Dabs: uthetha inyani, Angela never called me or tell anything
Infact we talked on phone two days ago and she never said anything
She never mentioned a thing
The old men looked at each other
Old man1: well this is strange because our son came to us few days ago. He told us that him and Nonkanyiso had an argument and a bit of disagreement then Nonkanyiso packed her bags and left
Old men2: and a married woman don't just run away at first sight of trouble
She sits down and reason with his husband and if things gets beyond her control she calls the elders for help
Couples disagree all the times and they sit down and solve their differences
"Uxolo ngothetha but i have to say this is a pile of bullsh*t excuse my french
Did this son of a bitch tell you exactly what he did to my sister
If he did then i will be damn to sit here and listen to y'all calling his barbaric behaviour a mere disagreement" Dave said angrily
I slowly squeezed his hand as i felt he wanted to stand up
Yolo's incle: my boy you have to watch young tongue
Old men2: akanambeko tuu lo, kwedini we are your elders you have to respect us
DAVE: RESPECT is a two way thing, until this Dog learns that my sister is not a playground i will respect no one
DAVE: you did not just say that rubbish to me, nigga i dare you repeat that ish you just said
Yolo tucked his tail in-between his legs and kept quiet
I wondered what Dave really did to him
Dave: i thought so
Uncle: boys just come down
We need to get to the bottom of this
Dabs: Angela do you mind telling us what happened that led you leaving your house
I took a deep breathe and gathered all my strengths
Old men1: whatever he did doesn't justify you leaving you marital home
Old me2: exactly my brother
I look at this old shameless men like they were deranged,how can they sit here and actually shit with their mouths. Do they even have the slightest idea what their precious son did to me. The pain he subjected me in.
" did your precious son tell why or how i left
Did he tell you how he got his mistress pregnant and still had the guts to bring and sleep with her in our house right under my nose
Or did he mentioned the part where he beat me into a pulp and locked me into our bedroom since i decided to leave because he brought his mistress home to live with us. Did he mention that huh" i said already drowning in tears
The whole lounge went in turmoil after that statement
The old men started mumbling and shaking their heads
They had embarrassment writen well all over their face
Old man1: inyala lodwa eli
I took out pictures of my battered face and tossed them on the table just for control
They all look at it and gasped for air
Me: thats how i was like when his twin rescued me from his house
Luyolo: Athe am sorry abo...
"Kwedini thula!!! Ihlazo lantoni eli" old men2 shouted with his husky voice
Old man1: the nerve of this boy, he did all this then he come to us running
If we knew all this we wouldn't have come
Umdaka kwedini, uve ngabani uba uyabethwa umntu obhinxileyo
Uncle: now that we've seen what kind of a monster your son is can you take him and kindly leave our house
Dabs: sis you are an excuse of a man, to think that i actually liked you i feel sorry for that slut you got pregnant
Now leave
They tried asking for forgiveness but my family didn't barge
They just threw them out
"Owh and wena asshole you better sign those divorce papers or else you will have me to deal with" Dave instructed at the door
After that he slammed the door close
Dabs: owh nana you should have told me, izapha
She opened his arms and squeezed me in a warm hug
I felt right at home, so i just cried my eyes out
She warmly brushed my back

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